Christmas & Snow

Opening the stockings Santa brought:

From left: Grandad, Dad, Gramma
That is a macramé xmas tree in the back ground.  My grandad made that.
Cool craftyness runs in the family

From left: Grandad's belly :), Rudy, Dad, Gramma, Sister, Mom, Brother
look at the stockings on the fire place.  Those are just for show, 
Santa brings our stockings up to the door in the living room where the Christmas tree is.
Don't you also love the wood paneling?

From left: Brother, Sister, Mom, Aunt & my other Aunt is hiding behind the lazy boy.
I was sitting at my grandad's computer to take the pictures of everyone opening present.

Also, the day after Christmas was a SNOW DAY!!!!
That is around a foot of snow there! I couldn't get to work, nor could my sister!
Can you believe it.  I am hoping I can get out tomorrow to go to work.  They closed loads of roads around us so I couldn't get from city to city to work.  

There is a video of the snow over at Cross My Hooks too!

Hope everyone's Xmas was delightful.  I am still stuffed!
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