Fan Fridays: Frames

Recently I grabbed some frames to frame some post cards my friend grabbed me from a fair.  I grabbed them (well, bought them) from the Dollar Tree.  Unfortunately they were very plain. Fortunately, I am an artist & I think I know how to paint a frame. ;)

I realized I hadn't browsed through Apartment Therapy in a while so I looked for some cool frame ideas in their past posts.  Here are some cool things I found:

While I think I will still need the keys to my parents' house after I graduate, this is a great idea to document my journey as I move from apartment to apartment in my post graduation years.
Perhaps I'll do a rubbing of my key to my apartment this year, since I can't keep the key. I have to turn it in at the end of the year.

The leaf is sandwiched between panes of glass & rubber bands hold it together on all four sides.
This would be super cool with big panes of stained glass as the back drop. 
 Man do I have a load of stained glass after my stained glass class last year.

This is cool. If you find some of these at thrift stores thats great but AT said they got theirs from Ikea.
I imagine, though don't quote me, that those cheap-o hangers you get from department stores that hold pants could be spray painted bright colors & may look like something pretty cool.  Like I said, don't quote me, I haven't tried it.
Also, look at that yellow tray.  That could easily be a recycled frame spray painted yellow.

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  1. I love the key idea! My first apartment's #4 on the door kept falling off so when I left I kept it as a memento. Might frame it after reading this!

    I saw the same "hanger-print" post on apartment therapy and was inspired. I so happen to have wooden frames that look almost identical to the ones pictured, but mine were bought for cheap at the thrift store.

    I used one to hang my calendar by my desk at home and LOVE how it looks! Also, I have a mirror trey identical to the one in the picture but I've kept the metal-part its default gold...for now. The bright yellow looks so nice, I might paint it!


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