Dorm Dec Wednesdays: Halloween Decor, Part Four

Trick or Treat! It's only less than a week away & it's funny how we prepare for this one night of mischief, mayhem, & candy!

Let's be honest, as much as I love the decor, I love the Spirit of Halloween more.  In fact, our annual family pumpkin carving is happening tonight.

Here's a picture of the first annual pumpkin carving:

one of my absolute BEST friends ever, Amanda, as we carved pumpkins in our room when we were sophomores.  She was the very first friend I made in college.

I thought I'd find some templates I may use on my pumpkin this year.  

I think it would be a great party decoration to use pumpkins to carve your address number.  That way  party goers can find your house among the other on the darkest of nights. Here's how I'd do it:

Supplies: Enough pumpkins for your address numbers, 
computer, printer & paper, marker/pen, 
pumpkin carving tools, a lawn, & some time
  1. Find a few pumpkins that seem sort of the same & fit well together.  Measure the 'carvable area' as we'll call it.  That is the biggest area on the pumpkin, where you'd normally carve a face, etc.
  2. On you computer in a word processor (I'd use Word or MS Publisher) find a font that is easy to carve.  I'd say a good san serif or a font that is thicker is better.  If it's too intricate you can't carve it & if it has to many little doo dads, you probably will break something you don't want to.
  3. Fit each number, one number per page, to the size you measured on your pumpkin.  Either print it out to test it or use the ruler guides in the program.
  4. Print out the numbers & cut out the number.  Place the number on the pumpkin & trace it. 
  5. Use your trusty tools to carve that sucker out of there! Put in some flameless battery operated candles in there & set on the porch or lawn.
  6. Do the same thing for initials.  That would be great for a wedding! 

Here are some fun templates:

look at this great faux bois pumpkin
Draw your own pattern or search faux bois in google to grab some inspiration

How about the Facebook Logo?  Speaking of Facebook, why don't you fan With Love, Crochet?

How about a floral pattern or chair from HGTV?

or use sharpies or paint to decorate your pumpkin.  These metallic sharpies look great on white pumpkins.  As seen on Paper n Stitch

Needless to say, I can not wait to carve pumpkins!!  Happy Halloween everyone!

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