Dorm Dec Wednesdays: Halloween Decor, Part Two

Yay! It's finally October!  We just had our Oktoberfest celebration here at school & boy was it a pumped up time!

Now that it  is  October, I don't feel so weird about posting stuff about Halloween! This isn't going to be a decor post even though it's Dorm Dec Wed it is going to be a post about a few costumes. Hey, I am stretching the idea of decor as far as I can, ok?  Here's what is going down in my side of town as far as costumes go.

I am going to be Amelia Erhart for Halloween.  Here's what I plan to use from my closet:


  1. A leather jacket. I got one from Target years ago.
  2. Pair of light wash or gray jeans
  3. Scarf tied & tucked like an ascot
  4. Boots.  Mine are a bit taller than this
  5. Aviator cap.  This makes the outfit work.  Why do I have an aviator cap? I saw it at a Halloween shop & had to have it. I also have really short hair, so that works for the costume too!
My roommate is going as Princess Peach. Here's what you can find from your closet:


  1. Poofy pink skirt/tutu.  You can find them at Claire's, a Halloween shop, or a fabric store.  Make sure you wear pink shorts under it.  Some one may see into your magic castle.
  2. A pink cardigan.  Even a pink tee will work! It just might be chilly in Mario World.
  3. Cheap-o crown.  Again, check Claire's or a Halloween shop. Or perhaps your little sister (or yourself) has one.
  4. Gloves.  Cheap-o at a Halloween shop or you might have some from an old costume.  I have some from when I was a "Hollywood Starlet" one year.  What the heck that is, I am not sure.
  5. Teal/turquois earrings. Old, borrowed, or blue would work.
What are you doing for Halloween?

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