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So everyone knows about my love affair with Urban Outfitters & all their stores (Anthropologie & Free People) but I just found a great blog that is about the visual display of some of those stores.

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If you don't want a too personal blog post, I recommend skipping this next paragraph:

Recently I've been exploring the option of staying in school (sort of) after I graduate.  I was thinking about doing an artist residency or a work study program where I would continue my studies in art & learn & perfect certain techniques.  Originally, probably about 3 months ago, I wanted (and still want) to go into visual display for stores after I graduated.  I love the idea of having a steady job in a creative field, having a job that would actually mean something for my degree, & most of all having a place of my own.  I am sick of living in a dorm or campus apartment.  I want a place I can call my own & most of all, I want my own creative space.  I want this creative space so (1) I am able to have my own place to work, keep everything there, & am able to dabble in everything I am interested it & (2) Can finally live by myself, decorate how I want, & call it my own.  I told myself that I would be able to create art & explore my interests while I was working.  But now I am thinking if I got a job I'd not be able to devote time to my art & thus it would get put to the back.  I don't want to fall into a routine of work, sleep, work, sleep & end up doing so few things with my life but on the flipside I don't want the rigidity of school where I'd have to do exactly what was asked of me.  I am thinking that I will end up working then end up saying "ahhh, this isn't what I want to do! I don't have time to make!" then I'll go back to school.  I am interested in ceramics, in paper, & in crafting & want to have a space to explore it all.  I've gone to a few conferences in the ceramics & paper making field and love seeing the students who are in school continuing their work but I also love artists who have a "day job". The point of this paragraph is say that I am really stuck in a rut!  I am being pulled two ways & really equally as well!  I just stumbled upon that visual display blog & fell even more in love with the idea of getting involved in that.

Another of my favorite quotes is:

when faced with two choices, simply toss a coin.
 it works not because it settle the question for you but 
because, in that brief moment when the coin is in the air, 
you suddlenly know what you are hoping for

I'd do this...but I am not ready to know which one I am hoping for & I don't know if I'd like that as the outcome.

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Any way, advice would be appreciated.  What should I do?  Should I pursue both as if I could do both at the same time?

Ok, now on with the new awesome blog I found.  While stumbling around on the blogs I follow I found Ruthi Auda who, from what I gather, does visual display for an Anthropologie store.  How cool is that? This blog has renewed my hope for joining a team like this.  I love retail, I love customer service, & I love sales! I love being about to influence the buyer especially in visual display.  This is such a key part because it helps the customer see the items in his or her own home!

Please go check it out! Gather some great inspiration.

Also, I think I am getting sick! Thanks for sticking through this post even if you just looked at the pictures!

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