Make It Mondays: Little Decoration

This week I am headed to a conference but I am hoping I can squeeze in a few little things to make/work on before I leave (or on the trip).

Last week I posted this tutorial from Free People for elbow patches on a cardigan:

I am going to make two I think.  I have an awesome yellow cardigan that doesn't quite fit right that I think I am going to embellish with the elbow patches and perhaps some embroidery on the front of my own design.  I might add it to the shop....hmm....who knows....

Secondly, I like to work on a pair of legwarmers.  I have a pair in purple (some where) but every time I make them I feel like they look weird.  I know its pretty much a tube, but somehow I just think they look weird on me.  

I love these from Lion Brand (login required, but its freee!)

But this pattern on Crochet Mama's blog seems a lot simpler & easier to tackle while I am so busy.  I need to find a way to work on my crochet with me while on campus.  I don't ever have free time, but I feel like time during a wait for class is a good use for it. But usually, because I value sleep, I get to class right on time.  Perhaps I'll hang around work for a bit (if I don't have other things to do) after I am done & work on some stuff.  Just to set aside some time.

Anything you are working on this week??

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