Dorm Dec Wednesdays: Our Decorations

I recently bought orange & purple lights from the drug store since they were on sale.  This past Saturday, while procrastinating, my room mate & I decided to bust out some more decorations.  It started off innocently.....then some things that shouldn't have been decorated were & then the decorations got decorated.

Here are the pictures:

Herbert the Halloween Hipster

1. cut a mustache shape from a piece of felt.  (all I had was orange.....)
2. put a piece of scotch tape on the back of it.
3. tape it to the nose region of your skeleton
4. find some glasses & slap 'em on.  Put tape on them if they won't stay
5. marvel at the irony :)

Pretty much, my bike is staying in that corner for a bit since it's decorated with lights.  I think the skeleton hanging there is a bit creepy...but we put him there & that's where he's staying.

Too much? :) :) :) Happy Halloween!

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