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I've been wanting to get into doing reviews of products for a little while now.  It seems (as it should be) that will a little bit of income you're able to try different things so I've been able to try different beauty products lately & have really been loving it.  You can see my little dive into reviews & beauty related things on my YouTube channel here - but I'm bringing it to the blog as well & you can check out my favorite volumizing mascaras list here.  Anyway, I've been using this Moroccan Infusion line from Suave for a quite a while & have to say I'm in love!  I found a set of shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, & styling oil at Walgreens for $10.  I don't have the original packaging, but here's what they all look like.
I can't believe I love this line because for someone who has an oily scalp, shine is not really what I'm going for.  As a dedicated Pantene user I usually just go for shampoos that have the words Classic or Original in them.  This is the first time I've gone away from Pantene in a long, long time!   I have been interested in trying hair mask that hydrates because the ends of my hair are ridiculously damaged.  From the pulling from brushing & the breakage from tying my hair in a ponytail all the time my hair must hate me.  I've also been interested in seeing what this Moroccan Oil can really do. 

This line claims that the products will give brilliant shine & long lasting conditioning benefits along with a luxurious fragrance.*  And I have to say they are right!  First the scent, especially of the shampoo is amazing.  I've never smelled any Moroccan oil type products before so I don't have anything to compare this too but it just smell so relaxing.  Luxurious is the right word for this ridiculously affordable shampoo.  (I just checked on Walmart's website & the 12fl oz shampoo is $2.88 & the 24 fl oz is $4.88 - what?!?!!?)

When I repurchase this - and I definitely will - I think I will opt for buying the hair mask instead of the conditioner.  I think in my New, Used, & Empties video from October I mentioned that I didn't really know if there was a difference between the conditioner & the hair mask.  After using each for a while I really prefer the hair mask since it's thicker.  It also seems to detangle better - when I throw my hair in a ponytail over the course of a day or two, there's no running a comb through it.  This line really keeps my hair feeling hydrated & less prone to tangling.
I think the key to the tangle-free result is using the styling oil both after shampooing & on dry hair.  Of course, I don't follow directions & put about 4-5 drops on my hand rather than 2-3.  I've noticed that when I used the styling oil when I'm wearing my hair straight I can run my fingers through my hair all day long.  There are no knots or tangles.  It's amazing.  The styling oil tames fly-aways & really keeps your damaged/broken/split ends looking healthy.  I even commented to Zach & made him feel how soft my hair was after using it the first time.  

Since my scalp is oily I only use the styling oil & the conditioner/hair mask on the ends of my hair.  I usually put the conditioner or mask on before I was my face - I use my CVS brand cleansing power brush so I take my time cleansing my face.  I leave the conditioner/mask on for about a minute or two.  This process really made me realize that using the mask had more benefits to my hair than using the conditioner.

Overall I'm extremely impressed with this line.  I've been using the Shine Shampoo & Conditioner but the line also has a Color Care Shampoo & Conditioner.  I did just dye my hair though and haven't noticed that it stripped my color at all even just using the Shine Shampoo/Conditioner.  For the price of this line, you really can't beat it.  If you're looking to dive into some Moroccan Oil inspired hair products, I'd recommend these even if you have oily hair.  The only problem is I can't decide if I'm going to buy the items individually or see if I can snatch up another holiday box!

What hair care items or line have you been using & loving recently?

xoxo, Moe

*all claims taken from the Suave Professionals website under the Moroccan Infusion line found here

This review is not sponsored, I bought this line with my own money & only share things I truly love - purchased by myself or sent to me.  You can view my disclosure policy here.

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