Current Nail Care Routine + Current Holiday Manicure

A long time ago, like two summers ago, I was super into nail polish.  I also was taking the Nail Tech class at the career college I worked for - so I got a little bit of nail knowledge there too.  Currently it's like the arctic tundra up here - meaning there is snow everywhere & it's super cold.  My skin can not handle it!  Namely my hands are dry and chapped all the time.  Skin just flakes off & it's gross.  So I thought I'd put together a little Nail Care Kit that I can keep in my night stand or grab & travel with.  I will be heading down south to visit my family in the next week (yay Christmas!) so I definitely need a little kit to travel with.  So here's what I'm loving to keep my hands soft & nails beautified this winter:
I put this little kit together, like I said, so it's easy to grab & run with.  Normally I keep it in my night stand (a new addition from the what's in my nightstand post here) so I can remember to do moisturize & take care of my hands before bed.  Before this I kept a random bottle of lotion but that seemed not to be enough, adding the cuticle oil has really helped with hangnails & the tender skin around my cuticles.  I feel like that gets super dry as well.  This little kit has everything I need for quick moisture & maintenance all wrapped up in an old Ipsy make up bag - I knew those things would come in handy for something!
The first product here is the Tocca Cleopatra Grapefruit + Cucumber Hand Cream.  This stuff smells divine!  I'm really loving the cucumber scent right now, it's never been a favorite before but I'm suddenly all about it.  I got this in a Birchbox one month & instanly fell in love.  It's hydrating & non-greasy.  I love that it absorbs very easily & I can open doorknobs after putting it on.  Cuticle oil has suddenly fallen back into something I use regularly as well since my skin is dry & flakey.  I also work with paper all day long - touching it every two seconds - so that dries out my finger tips.  I don't if the two are neccessarily related, but I think they are.  So cuticle oil has saved my tender skin from the pain of hangnails.  I feel like the deep moisture of the cuticle oil is amazing.  The current one in my kit is something I got as a part of another nail kit a while (like a long while) ago - it is Swisa Beauty Sensation Dead Sea Cuticle Treatment.
Another lotion in my little kit is something Zach grabbed for me from a hotel he stayed in.  In fact every time he comes upon these TempleSpa packs he snags them.  They also have a calming fabric mist that smells so relaxing - I love to spray it on the bedding when I can't sleep.  So heavenly & relaxing.  This lotion is the TempleSpa Peace Be Still Calming Face & Body Balm.  There isn't a scent description on the tube anywhere  & honestly I can't pin point it, but the smell is so relaxing.  It's a deeper scent & I love it before going to bed.  I've never used it on my face though, I'm scared I will break out!  Then of course for any maintenance that may need to be done I have a small nail clipper & a small box of TweezerMan nail files that I also got in a Birchbox one month.

After all my hard work to get my hands & cuticles refreshed and moisturized it's time for a holiday manicure.  Of course I turned to a classic red & a bit of glitter.
I used my favorite base & top coat from Icing - the Do It All Topcoat - that sadly they are discontinuing.  Honestly, I don't know if you'll even be able to find it.  I picked up the last two on clearance last time I was in an Icing.  So sad.  I then used the Nicka K polish I received in Ipsy bag this month.  I topped my ring finger off with a bit of a glitter polish from Sally Hansen I received, complimentary, in the Violet Vox Box from Influenster.  I like this Triple Shine polish mainly because even thought the glitter is in a blue tinted base it really comes off as pure silver glitter.  Great for sparkly holiday-ness just around the corner!

What are your nail care must haves? How do you battle the cold weather?

xoxo, Moe

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  1. Lovley little kit :) I have super sensitive skin and my hands go through the mill in the winter.
    Merry Christmas!


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