Make it Monday // 4 Vintage & Second Hand DIY Gifts

I think the best gifts are handmade - or in this case, hand assembled.  Giving vintage (or even just thrifted) finds can be a little bit more personal & can sometimes save you a bit of money!  We've been collecting vintage for a while so we've got a lot of things hanging around our house & in 516VINTAGE stock.  (ps. stay tuned for a 516VINTAGE update, there's going to be a lot of refocusing in the coming year & maybe a huge instagram sale with our remaining stock.) But if you're in to poking around garage sales, heading to your local flea market, or popping into your favorite thrift store on Saturday mornings these are some gifts to look out for:
Instant Bar
This is one of my favorite manly gifts!  You can totally do a glammed up version as well with different colored glasses & trays.  This might take a little bit of looking, but if you're a thrifter I'm sure you won't mind!  Find a sliver tray, shaker, pair of glasses, ice bucket, & a decanter - or pick just a few of these to assemble how you wish.  
Assorted Kitchen Storage Jars
We became addicted to gathering different glass storage jars for our kitchen about a year ago.  For ages we just picked everyone up we saw (some for the shop, some for us).  I'm not sure if we're done but we do currently have three of them we store pasta in.  Since you can often find one or two matching jars at thrift stores, etc creating an assortment of your own is really nice.
Craft Case or Sewing Kit
If you can find a sewing box that is awesome but you could also use a train case to assemble your little collection of craft supplies.  If you're lucky you can find a sewing kit already stocked (one of my favorit finds ever!).  But you can also browse the craft section of your thrift store - if you find one, I think a lot of them have little sections like this - for sewing patterns, notions, buttons, and other bits & bobs.  Throw in some nice shears from your fabric store, maybe even a gift card, & there you go!
Instant Mug Collection
Zach loves collecting crazy mugs & our mug rack is full of an assortment of thrifted mugs.  If you keep your eye out long enough your can find a collection of four, five, six, or ten (or twenty, who cares!) mugs.  These instant collections are great if you know someone who wants to start collecting & want to help them along or just encourage them.  Who doesn't want a cabinet of fun mugs?  Even do a his & hers collection!

Giving vintage & second hand isn't tacky at all.  To me it says one of a kind and that you care enough to seek something out for someone.  You might find something that was totally common 20 years ago but is totally unique today!

What are you giving for the holidays?

xoxo, Moe

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  1. Love the idea of the instant bar - that shaker is awesome!


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