Trend Tuesday // 5 at Home Spa Day Necessities with Montagne Jeunesse

If there's one thing I miss about my old job, it's the spontaneous spa days that could pop up at any moment.  I'd say it was pretty sweet working at a place that trained aestheticians - facials, spa wraps, etc any time they needed someone to practice on?  I'll take it!  I loved working there because I picked up a thing or two about skin care - not enough to consider myself an expert - but enough to enjoy my own spa days a bit better.  Here' how I have a spa day for myself in 5 simple ways:
A Mini Facial - Most recently I've been loving the Montagne Jeunesse Clay Spa fabric masques (specifically the Red Earth Clay Spa masque).  I think they are super neat because they are just a fabric sheet masque you lay on your face so there's no need for brushes or to dirty up your hands too much.  I also like to include a nice, pampering cleansing method when it comes to masks.  I make sure my face is clean so I cleanse with a gentle cleanser & then apply the mask.  From what I've read around here (here being the great internet) it seems that cinnamon is great for acne - it increases blood flow while also drying out oils & break outs - and cinnamon is one of the ingredients in the first masque I tried from Motagne Jeunesse.  I think the increase in blood flow is true because letting this Red Earth Clay Spa masque sit on my face felt invigorating.  After I've let the masque sit for as long as it's supposed to, I remove it by the directions or with a warm cloth.  A warm cloth or towel opens up the pores on you face, something I love.  Make sure you use a toner after this to restore the PH balance of your skin.  I love using witch hazel because it's natural & gentle.  Then finish with a gentle moisturizer.

Relaxing Bath - Filling a relaxing bath with either bubbles or a scented salt can make all the difference.  The warmth of the water just brings me to a different world!  Especially if there are a few candles around.  I love using different, yet complimentary products to create a relaxin environment.  If I've got a bath salt or other product in the water I often use a lightly scented bar soap to massage my arms, legs, and neck with.  Currently my favorite is a sample from Temple Spa that Zach brought back from a hotel for me.  Ooooh, it's so luxurious!

Fresh Fruit Snack - If you're looking for a light, refreshing, & cooling snack fresh berries are the way to go.  I love the fresh crispness of blueberries and raspberries.  Straight from the fridge adds a cooling sweetness to the warmth of the water.  Again, taking you to another place!

Take a Nap - I'm not a reader-in-the-tub type of person when it comes to my spa days.  I want to be immersed in the warmth of the room & of the water so often I'll close my eyes and enjoy the sounds of the music I have playing.  Be careful when napping in the tub for obvious reasons!  I'm not a deep sleeper when it comes to these naps, just a relaxing cat nap.

Comfy Place to Retire to - After I get out of the tub, I make sure I have my fluffy robe near me & that the bed has been prepared for me to relax more in.  Sometimes that involved turning on the heated blanket to keep the bed a bit warm for me.  Dim the lights, bring in a few lotions, massage my hands (loving this hand cream I got in a Birchbox one month!), maybe do a manicure, anything to just keep the relaxing vibe going.  

Wow, now I just want to get up & relax in the tub!  I love taking time to pamper myself & getting a fabric masque from Montagne Jeunesse in my Violet VoxBox courtesy of Influenster really made me take the time to take care of myself!  If you want more fun pampering ideas check out my MJ at Home Spa Day pin board here & definitely follow Montagne Jeunesse on Twitter, Facebook & Pinterest

How do you pamper yourself?  Have you added anything new to your pampering routine?

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**I was provided with a single Red Earth Clay Spa Masque from Montagne Jeunesse from Influesnter for review.  All opinions are my own & I really like this product.  I went out & bought a few more!  Read my full disclosure policy here.

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