Make Up Remover Mayhem // Meijer, Big Lots, Olay, AcneFree

Catchy title right?  Well, the last review was Battle of the Balms so I had to come up with something catchy again.  Today I'm going to share with you some of the make up remover wipes I've tried out and, again, save the best for last.

Olay Fresh Effects Line S'Wipe Out Refreshing Make-Up Removal Cloths
You may remember my rave review of the Shine Shine Go Away Cleanser & then my not so rave review of the Long Live Moisture Satin Finish Lotion.  Well this one falls right in the middle.  These wipes are great for refreshing after you've been active - like at the gym or working in the yard - and for anytime you feel like you need to freshen up.  They aren't that great for removing your make up.  I realized this after using them for a bit to remove my make up & then going to a wedding where we moved the tables around in the heat.  After we got done, I wiped my face & neck down with this & instantly felt clean.  A refreshing clean I didn't feel when I'd used it to take off my make up.  I guess I just felt like it didn't measure up to what I like about make up remover wipes.

From what I remember the wipes were of average wipe thickness (great unit of measure right?) and they were pretty moist.  They didn't dry out in their packaging either.  I don't think I'll ever repurchase these again either.

Meijer Brand Make Up Remover Wipes (Compared to Neutrogena Brand)
These are a pretty affordable make up remover wipe.  Like the title says, these are a generic, store brand of wipes supposed to be compared to the Neutrogena brand.  These wipes took off my make up well , were moist, & were of average wipe thickness.  I felt that these got my make up off well & left my face feeling clean.  While I normally do cleanse my face after removing my make up, these left my face feeling clean enough not to cleanse immediately after.  They also are sensitive enough not to irritate your eyes when removing eye make up & mascara.

If it weren't for the favorite ones I've recently found, these would get repurchased.  They are great for a generic brand, though I've never tried the Neutrogena ones.

AcneFree Fight & Cleanse Cloths
I recently found these on sale at Walgreens & thought I'd pick them up just to see how they worked.  They are average wipe thickness & moist enough but they seem to have a lather to them.  They feel soapy, if you get what I mean.  For some reason I'm scared to use these to remove my make up because I don't want the products to mix & then cause a crazy reaction on my skin.  Nor have I used these around my eyes for fear of crazy burning.  But I do use these in the morning when I'm to lazy to actually wash my face (which is like every morning recently).

I feel like these do a great job at getting my skin ready for the day & fighting any break outs.  I tend to do my break out fighting around that time of the month because amazingly (thankfully, too) it's the only time of the month I break out.  I also try to do my oil cleansing as often as I can!

Big Lot's Make Up Wipes
These are my new Holy Grail make up remover wipes.  Seriously!  They are found at Big Lot's (the only place I've seen them) and are only $2 for 60 wipes.  Honestly the best deal of all of these.  The wipes are a bit thinner than regular wipes but still very moist.  Sometimes I find I have to use two to get all of my make up off but if you use two a day that's still the equivalent of 30 wipes for $2.  Amazing deal.  I need to actually go see if I can find more of these & stock up.  I'm scared they might go away!  The $2 option has a pop top closure along with a sticky closure over the opening.  I leave the sticky closure on the opening and close the pop top so they don't dry out.  You do get 60 so thats a lot of opening & closing that could dry out your wipes.

My favorite part of these is that they smell like cucumber.  They also have aloe & other ingredients that makes my skin feel clean and just healthy.  I love using these in the morning when I'm too lazy as well.  Also, they are so cheap you can totally keep a package on your vanity to clean off hands, eyes, brushes, etc.   Love it!

So Make Up Remover Mayhem is over, what do you think? Do you like these little reviews?  I'm loving trying different products & finding what I love.  It's nice to feel like you're making a difference in your skin.  I'm so thankful that my skin is finally behaving - I'm 90% sure it's because of the brand/type of birth control I'm on because I'm clear all except for one week of the month.  Yay!

What are your favorite make up wipes? What brands have you tried?

xoxo, Moe

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