Sum Up Sunday #73

This weekend went by super fast but we got a lot of things done.  I'm actually excited to sort of just sit & enjoy Sunday.  I've got a crochet project to work on, a good cup of coffee, & a cuddly dog.  I also have another plant I need to put in a pot - pretty much I can only keep alive those really vine-y plants (I don't remember what they are called!) - but now I'll have two plants in the tray/catch all/planter box by the window.  Speaking of cuddly puppy, let's take a look at him through this week:
Yesterday I got my craft on & make a really pretty fall wreath for our door.  I went into Hobby Lobby to look at their selection of spray paint & came out with supplies to make a wreath.  All of their fall stuff was 40% off & when I looked at their wreaths, which were also 40% off, I still didn't want to pay $75 for one!  So I grabbed up all the fall things I liked then sat on the floor at home & made one - for around $30.  I think it came out really nicely.  Instead of using all individual springs of leaves I bought a giant garland like thing, maybe you call them like swags? Do you know what I'm talking about?  So anyway, I finished that.
Then we sanded & painted some mirrors for the living room.  But we left them over night to dry outside & it started raining.  I didn't even check the weather report....so I need to take a look at them & see if they are ruined!  Oh well, if we have to start over we will.

Finally, to sum up the projects for Saturday I melted down an old candle to make a new one out of a vessel I threw in one of my first pottery classes.  It's sort of conical shaped but not really good for anything - too deep to be a catch all bowl, too wide to hold pens - it's just sort of there.  So I didn't want to waste the wax of this candle (there was so much left over!) so I melted it down, grabbed a wick from a tapered candle from the thrift store & now I have another candle.  I like this vessel so much I think I'll just keep making my own candles in it.  It came out kind of poorly because I didn't do it properly & I didn't wait for all the wax to melt and the pretty purple & yellow wax melted together to create this sort of murky brown color - but anyway, it's a candle!!

So a lot of things got done this weekend - along with cleaning the bathroom, our room, the living room, & the office area.  Laundry is still left but it will get done!

xoxo, Moe

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  1. Can we hang out? Everything in this post are things I love to do lol

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