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I don't know if you know but we don't have cable.  I've personally been without cable for about 2 years - since graduating from college.  And when Zach & I moved to Indiana we both agreed there was really no need for cable between Netflix & Hulu.  If you're thinking of giving up cable or thinking of signing up for one (or for both, that's what I recommend) let me tell you how we use it: generally Netflix is for movies & Hulu is for TV shows.  Now, Netflix does have a lot of old seasons of shows and I recommend sitting & binge watching a few shows because it's good for the soul.  But if you want to catch a lot of the new seasons of things or you're really into network shows Hulu is your best bet.  Honestly at around $20 bucks a month total for both, I'm down.  (disclaimer - I'm not being paid to say this I'm just letting you into a little part of my sad, sad TV watching life)

So anyway, the point of this post is to share with you some fave movies/tv shows I've been watching over the past few weeks.  All of these I'm obsessed with!
This show I discovered through my old roomie Katie.  It plays into all my X Files & paranormal love.  At first it was completely unbelievable.  There wasn't enough suspension of reality for me.  But if JJ Abrams is involved, I'll give it a few episodes.  I think it gets better (and weirder) towards the end of the first season.  I didn't even know the show was still on until I saw new episodes were added to Netflix the other day!  My favorite characters are the Observers.  
Super 8
Speaking of JJ Abrams, this is an amazing movie written & directed by JJ Abrams.  I love the crazy plot & if I hadn't have said 'yeah, I guess we can watch that' I would have never fallen in love.  From the little description on Netflix it seems like nothing extraordinary - but if you're into JJ Abrams & LOST, I think you'll love it.  I think it's neat that the main characters are a group of middle schoolers making a movie.  Spoilers - it's sort of Signs meets LOST meets Coming of Age Movie (like the Goonies on serious steroids!) - have I intrigued you yet?  Watch it!
We actually finished watching this one a while ago - only one season on Netflix.  I don't even remember hearing about this show existing but it's really great.  A small town sheriff solves crimes all while haunted by a terrible/weird past that we only get glimpses of.  I think my favorite part of the show is that we don't really get to know the main character - we think we know him but then something else comes to light.  If you like small town crime dramas with a twist, this is for you.  You can blow through the season in no time.
Pompeii: The Last Day
This one is also one we finished a while ago as well but I still think about it every now & then.  It's actually a really interesting documentary on the last day of the city of Pompeii.  They talk about new things you may not know & share a new discovery - two groups of bodies in an underground cellar who's bones are preserved.  There's even one skeleton dubbed the green lady.  If you're into documentaries & getting your knowledge one this one is for you.

Zach & I love finding new, interesting shows, movies, & documentaries.  Sometimes you can get lost in the amount of options available on Netflix!

What are some of your most recently watched shows?  Gimme suggestions!

xoxo, Moe

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  1. i totally need to watch that pompeii documentary - thanks so much for sharing!


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