Make it Monday // Recycled Birchbox Box #2 - Chalkboard Storage Box

Last week I showed you how I recycled an empty Birchbox box into a distressed storage box.  This week I wanted to share with you another fun idea using chalkboard paint on the box!  Again, this is a storage box but this one is more than pretty - it's practical!  You can write right on the box exactly what's in it! Super easy to see what you have if inside!
Supplies: chalkboard paint (this is what I used), paintbrush, 24hours+ in time

I've never used chalkboard paint before but I think I'm in love!  I want to paint everything in chalkboard paint now.  But you do need a lot of time for this project since the paint has to cure for 24 hours & you have to wait an hour between coats.  For such a small project, that's a lot of time!
This DIY is also super simple - paint the lid of your box (or both the lid & the bottom if you wish) in an even coat of the chalkboard paint.  Set it aside & wait an hour before applying the next coat.  Now wait 24 hours for the chalkboard paint to cure.  That's plenty of time to gather all the other things you want to paint in chalkboard paint!  (I didn't realize you could still read the Birchbox logo until after I'd finished conditioning the lid!)

After it's cured for 24 hours, find a piece of chalk & condition your chalkboard surface by rubbing the chalk all over the chalkboard surface.  Wipe it off & you're good to go!  So neat right?  Spoilers - next week's Make it Monday uses chalkboard paint too!!

This matches my bedroom decor much better than the white & teal box from last week.  I still don't know where to put it!

What are you going to cover in chalkboard paint next?

xoxo, Moe

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  1. So cute! I bought an old desk at a garage sale for $5 and I plan to paint the top with chalkboard paint... this makes me really excited.

    - April


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