Wednesday Decor // Jewelry & Night Stand Organization

Our bedroom is unbelievably small.  It's very, very small and I have a growing make up collection so there's shrinking room on my vanity for my jewelry.  A lot of my nightstand was being used as space for junk - both drawers were junk drawers!  So I decided to sit down, clean them out, and put them to good use - to organize my jewelry.
The first thing I moved over a while ago was this three tiered jewelry stand I picked up at Joanne's (I believe).  It's a soft velvet texture and is great for both bracelets and necklaces.  If the necklace is too long, I doubled it up & wrapped it around two of the tiers.  I don't really wear jewelry much - answering the phones and being very active at my job really limits the jewelry I wear!  But it's nice to have it all on display when I need it.  I actually have more bangles but I am notorious for taking them off & putting them in my purse.  So I'm pretty sure the remainder of them are in a bag somewhere.

Since I don't really wear too much jewelry I've been getting into watches.  For some reason they just seem a bit more classy & practical to wear for work.  I've been collecting a few but needed a way to store them.  Luckily I snatched up these divider things on sale at Meijer!  I'm sure you could find them in the closet section of a place like Meijer or Target, or even on Amazon.  (Hey! Here's a link for them on Amazon!)  The sections are great for earrings, watches, bracelets, etc.  Love them!  As you can see there's plenty of room for more since I picked up two of the dividers.  Oh, and the divider things comes out - so if I ever want to use it as just a plain tray, that's an option.
Then I just stuck a box on the side with hair ties, my ear plugs, & my chap stick.  A brush because I have long hair now, I have to brush it (gosh, so annoying lol).  Under the brush is a stylus for my iPad.  Then I have a few journals - my blog book, a Vera Bradley patterned one, & my Gnome Gnotebook.  On top of the night stand are some lotions & my alarm clock stand (from Modcloth here).  The lamp is something I've had for ages & it used to be white - then I painted it yellow - then I painted it black.  I forgot to mention that there is a night stand on each side of the bed in the same style.  I picked these up from Big Lots & almost totally missed on getting a second for Zach.  He had his own but I didn't really like the mix-matched feel.  His is now the nightstand for the spare room.  I had to snatch up the floor model of mine for him.  Phew!
The bottom drawer (not pictured!) just holds some more bits - bluetooth keyboard for my iPad, matches for our candles, a few empty Birchbox boxes for storage.  I've vowed all the junk will reside in this drawer only!  Also, in the first picture, you can probably see some yarn & half finished crochet projects in a basket under the night stand.  Yeah, that just sort of lives there I don't even know what projects are in it!  But I also keep a box of spare crochet hooks in the bottom drawer as well.

How do you organize your night stand? Where does your jewelry live?

xoxo, Moe

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  1. Being a jewelry maker, my personal stash is in a very sad state, some in a box, some hanging on my work table, some mixed up in an old jewelry box. I have no organization to my own jewelry lol! I can't really put mine in my drawer but your tier gives me an idea. :)

  2. I have a pretty large dresser to so I have a few jewelry boxes and I also made a picture frame jewelry holder that I use for earrings and necklaces.

  3. I have a couple of storage options because my collection started to grow.
    I have a velvet bracelet holder like yours for special bracelets but it is just one level,
    a cute ombre wall rack I made (see my blog post for pictures and how to make one for yourself too http://oyindoubara.wordpress.com/2013/07/05/making-an-ombre-diy-jewelry-rack/)

    a velvet earring holder for about 6-8 pairs from Marshals
    a drawer organizer with 8 compartments and I use them for everyday bracelets, earrings & rings
    a velvet belt hanger with about 14 hooks I turned into a necklace holder. (Bed Bath & Beyond http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/store/product/Real-Simple-Belt-Hanger/134645?Keyword=belt+hanger) this was one of the best buys ever because it allows me see what I have and pieces don't get forgotten or neglected :)

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