Fan Fridays: New Job & Pineapples

I just got done with
no I don't work in a bakery

I've officially been in my new hometown for 24 hours.  
How awesome!
I came into town with a suitcase, pillow, & some canned goods from my old apartment
& set up camp in my friends house.

How. Awesome.
Because I work in hospitality & customer service is very important to me
I thought I might end up getting a pineapple tattoo.
maybe not..but wouldn't that be cool?

I really love pineapples
My old room mate was the one that told me that pineapples mean hospitaltiy
I painted her a picture of pineapple rings
I really like the customer service & hospitality 
grilled pineapples are the bomb
= Pineapple tattoo :)

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  1. ahhhhhh your braind seems to work like mine :) love it :)


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