Sum Up Sundays: New Toy + Challenge

Hello, hello!
I don't believe I've mentioned but -

I've gotten a new toy!

My dad gave me one of his old DSLRs so now I can cross that off of my 20 before 24 list as well!
(I also got a tripod!!) 

In order to learn how to use it to share with you some outfit posts 
- which is what I've always wanted to do -
I plan on doing a photography project for the blog!

I've taken a photography class before (let's be honest, I do have an art degree) but it's been so long that I need a refresher!
This project will help out a lot with figuring out how to use the camera properly!

Right now I have no idea what in the heck I am doing...I am just pressing buttons

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1 comment:

  1. Good luck with your list!

    Ive just discovered your blog! It is very sweet ^_^

    I have lots of reading to do!




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