Sponsor Five Sixteenths - a little late, whoops

I totally thought I'd mentioned this already but when I went back to check, I hadn't!

Five Sixteenths is accepting sponsors for June for FREE!!
what's the catch?
you have to do what you've been doing - blog!
Send Five Sixteenths a guest post for a small ad space & a guest post + giveaway for a large ad space

Each month there will be 1 large & 3 small ads 
(except for this month because there is a giveaway on For the Love of Blogs for another large ad!)
(ps. go enter!)

here's the info

large ad space:
includes a solo intro post + guest post &/or giveaway!
Readers love free & awesome stuff from fun new bloggers & bloggers they love!

small ad space:
Includes a group intro post + providing a guest post
Five Sixteenths readers love to find new DIY's, outfit inspiration, & decor inspiration

mentioning sponsor Five Sixteenths!

PS. Don't forget to check out the link parties in the Side Bar or click here!

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