Tempted Tuesday: Moroccan Lanterns. Mercury Glass. Mason Jars.

Today at work I was thinking more about decorating our back patio for the summer.
Since we will be moving-in in July & thats near the end of 'fun summer time' I was thinking more about year round decor & decor I could maybe bring inside to use year round.
- I was thinking about mercury glass, lanterns, & candles -

I want to keep with a Moroccan theme 
I am tempted to buy but I can totally DIY!

I'd really love to combine glass paint or tinted mod podge (add food coloring, so I've heard)
+ the mercury glass trick
to make some interesting lanters for outside that can also be brought in & used during the cooler months.

- These would totally work through out the year -
I am thinking how cool it would look for fall &
how sparkly it would look into the holidays

-  Link Love -
DIY Mercury Glass - here & here
Tint your Mod Podge & paint - here & here

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  1. I have a fairly bazaar style in my living room and I remember when i was about 14 my parents let me redecorate my bedroom however i wanted it - and i went full on moroccan bazaar. Red walls... a sky painted on the ceiling, saris everywhere and I found these moroccan tea glasses in a home store for £1 each.. I gave them to charity when I went to college and im ragin i did! I can only find them for £3 a pop now and thats quite a lot for a little glass. So i LOVE these tutorial links!


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