Fan Fridays: New Age Moe-roccan

You like that? Not funny?
I've been loving my new job working at Pier 1 & I didn't realize how much I love that place until I started working there.

It really is a feast for the senses
things smell nice, things look nice,
there is a great cohesive color pallet going on
even between all the styles.

And it really is a customer service work out!  Hopefully I'll get the hang of it.

In order to provide you all with some original posts, I'll share some stuff I've collected over the week of browsing the internet.

Right now I am focusing on some inspiration boards for the new apartment. We have a tiny but perfect sized back yard (if that makes sense).  There is a tree with nice leaves right in the middle that gives perfect shade over the whole thing. Perfect for a little table & chairs, a grill, & some back yard decor.  There is a small patio + some grass + fence. Perfect for entertaining & for letting the dog out to go pee & not having to stand there with him.

I'd love to have our back yard styled sort of New Age Moroccan

images from here

I can't wait to host a little house warming party & to share pictures with you!

ps.  I am planning on sharing some more inspiration over the next few weeks....until I move & can start showing some better/more original content :)

Happy Saturday!

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