April 2015 Journaling Cards

These by far have to be my favorite set of journaling cards.  They are travel themed & vintage inspired.  I was inspired a little bit by air mail and a little bit by vintage flower overlays.
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With Zach gone for work I was really inspired by what travel can teach us.  We've done this long distance relationship thing before but I never thought we'd have to do it again, which hit me really hard.  I think, like we did before, we'll learn a lot more about each other.  It has been so crazy to look back on life and realize where we once were and where we've come.  I know with this little experience in our life together we'll discover the same thing in the years to come.  That is why I left a lot of room for journaling on these cards.
As always I created these journaling cards in PicMonkey.  This design tool never ceases to inspire me.  Each time I design something new I feel like I learn a new technique or a new style of doing something.  Their overlays are amazing and the fonts are pretty rad.  This month I used my own fonts which is a free option (here are my top fave dingbat fonts to use in PicMonkey) to create the compass design and the United States 4x6 card.  The fonts I used were Bergamot Ornaments and StateFace.  PicMonkey has tons of stuff for free but if you update to Royale $4.99/mo or $33/year you get sooooo much more!

***link is updated now!!***

If you'e like to download these to print, click here.  As always please play nice - don't disseminate these as your own, don't sell them, and please pin this post for others to see.

Anything new happening to you in April?

xoxo, Moe

ps. Here are more journaling cards for you!  I also just listed some pretty patchwork cards in my shop.  If you want some PicMonkey tutorials, click here.


The Way We Love Our Pets

A few weeks ago my family dog passed away.  His name was Rudy and my parents got him my freshman year of college.  He was like a little furry, four legged brother to me and I am still very upset by his death.  He took me to college, cuddled with me on holidays, and always loved talking to me on Skype.  To some people this may seem weird but to our family Rudy was everything, he was as much a part of the family as a blood relative.  He went everywhere with my dad - rode on his shoulders in Lowe's and in the car, hung out a baseball practice, etc.  He had tons of neighborhood doggie friends.  He was a great cuddler and a good listener.  I'm sure we've all told him secrets that only he knows.
(photo taken by my dad, he was such a photogenic dog!)

To some, this seems weird.  Others don't grieve for their pets the way we do.  We didn't have a pet for so long and it seemed like once we got Rudy there was no other pet in the world.  It is really weird to have a thing that you care for that loves you unconditionally.  He loves you when you're sad, when you're happy, when you're frustrated.  He loves you when you don't even think he does.  To a pet you are their whole world and it saddens me to know he will no longer be a part of ours.
After he died I began to think about grief.  I realized it was a really selfish sort of thing....you're sad because you've lost something important but then you start to think 'How am I supposed to' do this or do that.  'How am I supposed to move on?'  Grieving is weird and it is even more weird when you're grieving for a pet.  But honestly, when something so tiny depends on you so much and then all of a sudden they aren't there.....its super hard to understand.
Anyway, I'm missing little baby Roodle a whole heck of a lot.  My cousin sells a line called Origami Owl.  It is a jewelry line of customizable lockets that you can fill with charms, inscription plates, etc.  The line is really pretty and I made a memory locket in memory of Baby Roo.  Some times the way we love our pets is intense and to the ends of the earth.

We all loved you Baby Roo.

xoxo, Moe


Beauty Review // Favorite Spring Make Up from the Drug Store

The snow has melted, finally, and I am so ready to bust out the make up for Spring.  I did a bit of a transition into the bright, springtime colors in my March Make Up Basket but can't wait to put together a fun spring look for my channel as well.  I'm was going through my make up to decide on what I should include in my April basket and decided to put together a really pretty collection of spring time make up in case you're in the mood to do some drug store shopping now that the weather is warmer:
For me, spring is all about the bright lip and cheek colors so I like to keep the eyes neutral.  I feel like all fall and winter long we were doing the deeper eye colors - smokey eyes, cranberries, deep reds, etc - and right now I want to lighten it up a bit with some neutral shades.  I am all over the matte look for springtime eyes so I love the Physicians Formula Matte Eye Shadow Quads (review here) because of the range of matte shades.  However, if you're looking to add some shimmer the Sonia Kashuk Eye on Neutral Shimmer palette has a great variety.  This palette has the deeper shades....if you need them.  The shade are pigmented and smooth but do kick up a bit of powder.  I love the lighter shades for a pop of shimmer in the center of the lid.
Now we're getting into the fun stuff - the cheek products.  Milani released these Rose Powder Blushes in a Limited Edition set last summer and I think the summer before that too - but these babies are permanent now.  These are two great colors Tea Rose (open on the top) is a really nice neutral-ish pink.  If you're scared of pink I would suggest this one because it's not going to be too bright pink even thought it looks scary.  I also love it because it has that slight tint of periwinkle which has to be one of my favorite colors to see in cosmetics!  The next blush is Coral Cove and this would look amazing on deeper skin tones.  It is definitely that pop of orange!  Each of these blushes is matte and really silky.  The rose relief won't go away too fast either....I have one from the original collection two years ago and it still has the rose design.

At the top of the image there are my two favorite powder highlights from the drug store, both from the Wet n Wild line.  On the left is the Wet n Wild Color Icon Bronzer in Reserve your Cabana.  It is s super light, champagne shimmery powder that reminds me a bit of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders.  It is smooth and soft and just applies a light pearly highlight - nothing too shimmery.  It does kick up a bit of powder though but looks gorgeous on your cheek bones.  The second is the Wet n Wild Fergie Center Stage Collection To Reflect Shimmer Palette in Rose Champagne Glow (review of all the Shimmer Palettes ever here.)  These remind me of the MAC Mineralized Skinfinishes (I have the one in Lightscapade and boy is it dreamy) and kick up a lot less powder than the Color Icon Bronzer.  The Shimmer Palettes are much more glitter - they give that wet look with a little bit of fine shimmer - while Reserve your Cabana is more of a sheen - it is more reflective than it is shimmery, there are no little glitter particles.  I definitely think that the Shimmer Palettes are more comparable to a Mac Mineralized Skin Finish and the Color Icon Bronzer in Reserve Your Cabana is more like the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders.
My absolute favorite part of spring and summer is the bright lip colors.  I will keep a neutral eye and a neutral blush but go for a POW on the lips.  On the far left is a new line from Maybelline, the Rebel Blooms collection.  This is the shade Orchid Ecstasy and it is a really pretty pinky-fushcia-purple (the image makes it look really dark, but it really more of a true purple color in the tube.  These lipsticks are rather glossy and more sheer than my favorite line from Maybelline, the Vivids line.  The Rebel Blooms collection have a lot of fun colors but I chose this one because its a great, easy way to wear a purple lip with out feeling like you can't pull it off.  I love that this collection has a translucent purple cap...purple is my favorite color!  If you're down for a full, opaque bright lip I'd suggest the Maybelline the Vivids line.  Pictured above is the shade Pink Pop.  This line has a bright orange, clear top and is really fun to look at in the store.  The shades in this line are very opaque - one swipe is full color.  They are still glossy, just more full color and really comfortable to wear.  Personally I blot off the glossiness to have a bright matte lip.  Pink Pop is a true bubblegum, Barbie pink perfect for the springtime!

The next in the image (second from the right) is the new Wet n Wild Balm Stain in Redioactive...how clever.  This is my new favorite lip color.  It is the perfect bright pink, corally, red color.  I think it is really unique to the drug store.  These Balm Stains are super long wearing.  When you first apply them they have a nice gloss to them while giving your full color.  However, they leave behind and intense stain that lasts a good chunk of the day.  The stain left behind is also full color...so don't worry!

Finally, I love to play with the LA Girl Glazed Lip Paints (other colors were in my Favorite Summer Lip Colors here.)  This one is in the shade Peony and it is the perfect light, peachy-pink color. (This one was hard to photograph too, the packaging is more of a true bright coral peach color) These are really glossy and rather runny and are best applied with a lip brush.  They are a little bit sticky but I find that these lip colors last for a few hours.  Some colors even leave behind a little bit of a stain - but this one is so light you might not be able to tell depending on your lip color.

Hooray for spring time!  I can't wait to put together my April make up basket and really get back into the swing of things on my channel.  My goal is to continue with videos every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday like I was doing at the beginning of the year.  Here's to making that happen!

What is your favorite drug store look for spring?  Anything new and excited you've added recently?

xoxo, Moe.

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