Make it Monday // DIY Mini Journal using the Cinch

Guys - I'm participating in 30 Lists.  You may remember that I've tried this like two times in the past and failed horribly at it.  I've been working on my own listing journal and that has taught me a lot about this process - intention and priority are two of the words that journal has taught me - and I plan on finishing my 516 listing journal this coming weekend since it will be a 3 day weekend!
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But today's DIY is about creating a small journal using the Cinch tool.  This tool is one of my favorite high end craft tools and it gets very little use in all honestly.  So I thought I'd break it out for this little listing journal since I needed to whip one up in a hurry.  Let's get into it.

supplies :: Cinch tool, pliers, cinch 1" binding, at least 30 4x6 grid journal cards, 2 4x6 journal cards for cover, laminating sheets, laminator, scissors, assorted 3x4 decorative journal cards, assorted 6x6 paper pads, corner rounder, assorted washi tape, paper trimmer, library pockets (optional)
First, choose the 6x6 papers to use for this project.  I chose about 20 patterns to use from quite a few paper packs.  My inspiration for this journal came from two bright neon library pocket envelopes I had in my stash.  I'm pretty sure they came from the Dollar Tree in the teacher section at one time, but I'm not 100% sure.  The bright neon pink and electric green inspired the colors I chose from various paper packs.  The paper packs I used for this project are Amy Tangerine Sketchbook, Heidi Swapp Favorite Things, an American Crafts paper pad, and Pink Paislee Citrus Bliss.  Next, choose the coordinating 3x4 cards you'd like to use - the kits I used that went well with my color scheme were the Heidi Swapp Favorite Things and the Project Life Sunshine Edition packs.  
Using the paper timmer, trim the 6x6 papers down to 4x6 size. Round the corners with the corner rounder.  This is one of my favorite punches because it has multiple options depending on the corner radius you need for a project.  The sharpest radius is the one that matches the Project Life radius the closest.
Because these paper pads aren't double sided, the washi tape will create a 'double sided' look to the journal pages.  Place the tape along the side of the 4x6 grid card (it is easier to make a straight line this way), align the two journal cards wrong sides together, fold the washi tape over on to the patterned paper.  Repeat for as many 4x6 patterned papers you have.  You don't have to have 30 of them, it is better if you have just slightly fewer.  20 - 25 patterned papers should be good.
Using your Cinch tool punch the pages in the alignment you'd like.  I use the info printed on the Cinch as guidelines (kinda like how pirates use rules....just as guidelines) for punching holes.  But I also just make it up as I go.  To repeat the spacing I did - pull out the first two knobs as well as 10 - 12.  Leave the guide pushed all the way in & punch all the 4x6 cards excluding the front covers.  Once the front covers are laminated, pull out the guide just a tad (one click) and punch the two covers.  To punch the 3x4 cards push in all knobs 1 - 7, and pull out all knobs 8-12.  Bring the guide back to its original position and punch all 3x4 cards.

Assemble the cards on the coil, back and front covers right sides together (back cover on the coil first) then add your inserts the way you'd like.  Use the back end of the Cinch to close the coil.  You can see detailed instructions in this post.
And now you're done!  I love this little guy - a great way to use up scraps and create a cohesive look.  I've found the way to create something I really like is to form it around an inspiration piece and come at the project with intention.  Some projects can be created all willy nilly but some projects need to be planned.  I really wanted this project to be super simple so the only other elements I'll add into this listing book are the scraps from this project, a black pen, and highlighters.  I do plan on stamping the list numbers - I'm not going by date because I know I won't finish it like that! - using some ink and stamps I have already.  If all the work is done, all I have to do is write.  And I wanted all elements to fit in a small pencil bag!

Do you do any journaling?  Have you tried any list challenges?

xoxo, Moe


Free Sticker Friday // Cricut Ready Happy Mail Stickers

Time for another edition of Free Sticker Friday - this time I've got some Cricut Ready stickers for you!  I've been loving making these stickers for you all each week. I have especially been having fun making them for the Cricut Explore!  The Cricut Explore isn't the most popular machine for cutting stickers in the planner community but it is definitely possible.
this post contains affiliate links, please read my full disclosure here.

These little neon envelopes are great to mark happy mail days, snail mail going out, or even (the dreaded) bills.  To use these simply save the PNG file, upload to Cricut Design Space, add to your canvas, and size the width to 5.5 inches.  (Keep the proportions locked so that the height automatically resizes.)  Then click on go!  I use the vinyl setting on my Cricut Explore to kiss cut these, but you may also try using the Washi Tape setting.
If you'd like to find some more Cricut Ready stickers, click here.  You can also find some Cricut Explore tutorials on my YouTube channel, here.  One more link - find Cricut Explore DIY's on the blog here!

As with all printables on my blog, this is for personal use only.  Please do not sell the design as is or use the design to make anything to sell. Do not sell the printed stickers made with this design.  Do not disseminate these in mass quantities or share this file.  If you would like to share this link with friends, please link or Pin this blog post and not the file.  Thank you for playing nice!


xoxo, Moe 


Currently Watching // Netflix & More

I have been a streaming video only person for about 5 years now.  That means I've not had cable, only Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video and the like for the last 5 years.  We do actually have a cable subscription since the package we got made for faster internet...but the cable box is currently in the closet of the spare room.  So all I watch - besides YouTube - are streaming services, etc.  So this is what I'm currently watching.
So this has been talked about for a long time now.  We finished this show about a week or so ago...maybe a little longer.  I do have to say this is an amazing show.  It is super creepy, much more creepy than I thought it would be.  You may be expecting a big long conspiracy thing for this one....but I don't have it!  While I really, really enjoyed the show and think it totally has the creep factor and the WTF factor going on...I am fully satisfied with the cliff hanger ending.  I guess I didn't go as deep as I could have while watching this because I don't have the same questions that everyone else has.  I guess I took it for a complete story with intended unexplained things and I am satisfied with that.  I have been watching a lot of crazy stuff on YouTube with alternate theories, etc.  But I just thought it was a good story....and would have probably made a really awesome book.  I think if it was a book, I would have gone deeper.
Netflix only has a GA collection and that just doesn't do it for me so I've been streaming the episodes I can from the Travel Channel website.  I just like ghosty things, guys.  Give me any ghosty show and I'll watch it!  This one is sort of more freaky because the narration by the main guy Zak is half way scary with creepy reenactments and half way hilarious with all the rhetorical questions he asks.  For the most part I put this show on in the background as background noise (creepy background noise) while I'm sitting alone at my desk with my back facing the rest of the room.  Freaky as hell sometimes!
This is a miniseries on Netflix that apparently aired on CBC in Canada and Syfy in the US about a 100 year space mission for 600 volunteers to colonize a planet since the end of the earth is eminent durring the Cold War.  I have to say I've only watched one episode....Zach has watched quite a few.  He tells me I have to get through the first episode and it gets better.  I'm not 100% sold on it because it gets kind of confusing - the space ship (spoilers, its not what you think!  Thanks Zach!) is still stuck in the 60's but the time line is happening now. So you get these confusing parallel times where it is, for example, 2015 but on the space ship their stuck in the fashion & culture of the 60's but the here and now is the here and now.  Another thing I really can't get passed - in this show and a lot of shows - is the glorification of that time.  This is based in 1963 which is not the greatest time for quite a few groups of people.  And since very recently I just can't get behind the glorification of these times.  Anyway...I'm looking forward to watching more, hopefully.

So those are the three things I'm streaming right now, besides my love of watching all the YouTube videos.  I am looking for new series' too so give me your suggestions!

What are you streaming?

xoxo, Moe