Free Sticker Friday // Essential Oil Bottle Stickers

Raise your hand if you're into essential oils. I know I am now into essential oils like its going out of style.  When I started working towards Mindful as my word of the year something I really wanted to incorporate into my routine was meditation.  Meditation involves a lot of things but I read that one way to help with focus is to use essential oils to tune yourself in.  Different smells have different associations and they can have certain effects on your mood.  Even if you believe this is all mumbo jumbo, but you like nice smelling things it is worth talking with one of your friends (you know you have them) that sells essential oils.  They are knowledgeable and if all you come out of it with is some nice smelling air....I think you've one.
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So I've been using my essential oils like everyday!  Blends after blends after blends!  I currently have a wholesale account with Doterra and each month I have a recurring order that I need to remember.  So far I haven't ended up with the same things twice & that is because at the last second I remember to switch it up!  These bottles are perfect for marking blends, orders, or even oils that worked for you in a certain mood.  I see a little tracker at the bottom of your weekly page marking which oils used and which moods you were in...hmmmmmm.
Included in this download is a PNG file to cut with your Cricut Explore, Silhouette file to cut with your Silhouette Portrait or Cameo, as well as a PDF to cut by hand (though I hear this tool is really nice too).  Remember to size the PNG to 5.5 x 8 inches in Cricut Design Space!

As with all printables here on the blog, these guys are for personal use only.  Do not claim any part of this work as your own.  Do not disseminate in mass quantities, do not print and distribute these files.  Do not sell the digital or printed version at all. Thank you for playing nice!
I do hope that you enjoy working with essential oils.  You can find some of my favorite blends in this post and even learn to make your own diffuser necklace!  I hope you're having a wonderful and relaxing week...cheers to the weekend!

xoxo, Moe


My Mindful Morning Routine

Mornings for me have become the time of day I nurture my relationship with myself.  I spend time in my sacred place, I meditate, and I get to know me.  Working with my word of the year - mindful - I've realized that it is up to me to see the good or the bad in everything.  I started meditating in the morning - hell, I started meditating in general - to get a hold on my emotions.  With living my life and the stress of my job, it started to seem as if things were just happening to me - emotions, feelings, my reactions.  If stress hit me all I could do was breakdown and cry.  It kept coming in waves.  As soon as I'd catch my breath another exhausting emotion would overtake me.  I would beat myself up for these perceived emotional failures for days on end until after some turn of events my load would lighten.  I'd have one good day.  Then it would happen again, another storm to force myself through.  Mindfulness has helped me realize that by letting go of the things I can not control, I can regain control of myself.
One of my quotes this year is to live less out of habit and more out of intent.  I want to be the one choosing to feel a certain way when a certain thing happens.  I want to gain more control over my emotions and thus having more control over how I live my life.  Making mindfulness a habit & a state to enter when needed is my goal.  The only way to develop a habit or a skill is to implement it and practice it.  Since I knew that I wanted to center myself before work in order to react appropriately to shit happening, mornings became the perfect time to implement this self-care, mindfulness routine.  Here's a look into my mornings:

Wake up early
Each day I try to wake up around 5:30 am.  Some days are later than others, but I've realized once I overcome that hurdle of actually pushing myself out of bed this early rising makes me prepared for the day.  Not just because I'm spending time with myself but because I'm awake, alert, and mentally ready to get shit going.  Waking up early means I'm not rushing around trying to fit too much in.  I need to get better about not hitting that snooze button though - I'm working on it.
Do tasks with intention
When I wake up I immediately go into the bathroom.  I brush my teeth & wash my face.  Doing things with intention means I'm focused on these tasks.  I am aware of the toothbrush in my hand, how the bristles feel against my gums, the minty fresh taste of the toothpaste.  I also try to move with rhythm.  I find this helps me to be aware.  My time spent in the bathroom is one even tempered movement with concentration on each action.  

After I leave the bathroom, I quickly flip on the coffee maker then slide out of the door to take Sweetie out for the morning.  This is the best part because I get to really greet the day.  Doing tasks with intention is about refocusing your mind.  Mindfulness is about being aware and every task is a chance to focus your mind on that task and stop the jibber-jabber from your brain.  So focusing on that first breath of air out in the open, feeling the chill on my skin, feeling Sweetie gently tug as we trod across the grass, then asphalt to reach our front lawn.

After we come in and I pour a bowl of food for Sweetie, I head downstairs to my altar.  I've mentioned my altar before and it is simply the place I go to meditate.  It is a scared me space.  It is not an altar to any deity or god, it is an altar to the person I'd like to be.  Here I light my candles with intention, I light incense or diffuse essential oils (my three current favorite blends here), I clear my head again, and I do my daily tarot one, two, or three card pull.
After I pull my cards and interpret them, I will often pull an affirmation card to either inspire me for the day or to use as a mantra for meditation.  I sit on my pillow in front of my sacred space, clear my mind and focus on the mantra.  If I don't use the affirmation card as a mantra I simply clear my mind and focus on my breath.  For me, focusing on my breath means I imagine sitting by a giant lake in the woods.  When I inhale the water is still.  When I exhale ripples form across the still water.  It is this that helps me keep an even mind.  If my mind wanders, I simply imagine this lake again to bring the focus back to my breath.  Meditation isn't necessarily about escape it is about learning to move into this stillness with ease.  If I have about 10 minutes to spare I listen to this 10 Minute Chakra Meditation and focus on each of my chakras as the music progresses.

Get ready for the day
Once I have finished this, I round up Sweetie and we head back upstairs.  I brew my coffee, gather my lunch things, and head back to the bedroom.  It is now that I sort of rejoin normal life.  YouTube usually plays in the background while I sip my coffee and browse social media.  At about 6:20 am, if I'm a good sport, I get dressed for the day, kiss Sweetie good bye and then head out to the car.  On a good day I'm out of my driveway by 6:30 am, leaving enough time to get to work.  
I continue to practice mindfulness through out the day - changing the paper in the copier with intent, taking a few minutes to center myself, diffusing calming essential oils through my jewelry, and recognizing when emotion gets the best of me and moving through it.  Over all, working mindfulness and meditation into my morning routine has helped me overcome disappointment I've had in myself.  And when I do get emotional, I try not to let it bother me.  I try not to see it as weakness.  I embrace it as a moment that will pass.  

The biggest thing I've learned from the word Mindful is that mindfulness is a habit that replaces self-destruction (thank you Pinterest!).  Before I embraced this sense of self-acceptance, self-alignment, and self-forgiveness I was wearing myself down by blaming myself for not having control...of myself.  I can tell you right now that I didn't know mindfulness was the thing I needed in my life and I didn't know mindful would be so powerful for me when I picked as my word of the year for 2017.  I have since come to realize that these storms that I would have to exhaust myself to push through were mere rain clouds.  In one of my most recent full moon readings I pulled the Tower for what I should release.  I read that as I should release the drama - not every rain cloud is a hurricane.

Since I think I suck at summing up the importance of mindfulness in this post, please check out my Pinterest board filled with mindful quotes, mindfulness guides, and mindfulness habits.  The only way you'l get it (like the only way I got it) was to have the right quote speak to you at the right time.

If you feel slightly overwhelmed in your day to day life, perhaps a journey toward mindfulness is for you.  However, this practice is not the end all to self care.  I encourage you to seek help, if needed.  Please do not use the internet to self diagnose...not everything can be solved with even breath.  I do hope that you can find peace with your emotions and align yourself with your highest being.

Do you practice mindfulness?  Do you have a morning routine or ritual to prepare you for the day?

xoxo, Moe


Make it Monday // 8 Planner DIY's for the Cricut Explore Beginner

One of my favorite creative tools is my Cricut Explore.  I bought this guy a few years ago, and let me tell you - best investment ever!  If you oohh and ahhh over tons of lovely planner stuff but you really want to save some dough and make it yourself - invest in a digital die cutting machine.  For planner DIY's my machine of choice is the Cricut Explore.  While I do also own a Silhouette (read about my unboxing experience here) I prefer me Cricut Explore because it is a work horse.
this post contains affiliate links, please read my full disclosure here.
You can cut though tons of materials & even add custom depths, the software and interface are easy to use, plus the machine itself is a lot quieter.  And the newer Explore machines cut even faster!  The best part is no only does this guy cut through laminated scrapbook paper like butter but you can also print then cut planner stickers as well- that delicate kiss cut is key.  If you're down to learn some designing tips & trick, check out my whole YouTube playlist here.

Today's post is a round up of eight DIY's for someone who's just opened their Cricut Explore.  In a few tutorial you'll learn how to use certain Design Space features like weld, slice, and flatten.  If you're just into cutting things out, some tutorials provide the cut files for you.  Simply upload, size, & cut!  Here's the round up:

Create Planner Stickers

Using only simple shapes and Cricut Design Space, learn how to create an easy image to Print then Cut using the Cricut Explore.  Learn how to use the flatten feature and assemble your own unique images using basic shapes.  Plus here's a post on some tips & tricks for the print then cut feature.  Find the DIY here.

Planner Pocket

Do you have a planner that just doesn't have enough pockets?  (ahem - Filofax original) Make an extra pocket with this SVG cut file for your Cricut Explore.  Fits perfectly in Personal size planners - or punch it to fit any size planner!  Find the DIY here.

Washi Bobbin Storage

If you have enough washi to fill a bath tub you may find it hard to take all your favorites with you on the go.  If you don't have a Happy Planner and can't utilize the DIY above why not check out this DIY on making your own little washi bobbins.  Learn to use the weld & slice feature in Cricut Design Space.  Find the DIY here.

Printable Planner Paper Clips

In this tutorial you'll find a video on how to clean up an image for Print then Cut.  This is a super simple way to make planner clips - still one of my favorite ways!  Find the DIY here.

Sushi Bookmarks

Get ready for some summer sushi dates with this easy DIY.  You'll learn how to use the Print then Cut feature with laminated paper.  Make three different magnetic bookmarks to use through out your planner.  Keep them for yourself or make a set to gift to a friend!  Find the DIY here.

Unicorn Paper Clip

Speaking of clips - how about a beautiful unicorn paper clip!  Using card stock and glitter scrapbook paper you can whip up something magical in no time. Find the DIY here.

Happy Planner Clip in Tabs

Need to add something you your Happy Planner but don't want to punch the object itself?  With this SVG file you can cut out custom tabs from scrapbook paper, add adhesive, and snap in some precious memories.  Find the DIY here.

Happy Planner Bookmarks

Speaking of the Happy Planner if you need some day or week markers as well as some on the go washi storage - check this DIY out.  Create 3 clip in book marks to help you mark your place!  Find the DIY here.

I hope you've found a simple project to work on this week - I mean, 8 brand new things for your planner all in one week seems like a good deal!  Be sure to check back often to find new Cricut Explore DIY's.  If you want to find all Cricut Explore related posts on the blog, click here.  If you'd like to find a bunch of free printable stickers ready to be cut with your Cricut Explore, click here.  Don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more Cricut Explore tips & tricks as well.

ps.  Don't forget to join my Cricut Ready Stickers Facebook group too!  Request a join here & find even more free printables as well as tips & tricks from a learning community.

What is your favorite thing to make using your Cricut Explore?  How have you become creative using that tool?

xoxo, Moe