October 2014 Ipsy Bag

It's that time of month again! I get so excited when I get my tracking email for my Ipsy bag every month. I love getting new, fun make up & beauty products in the mail every month. Here is this month's bag:

The Bag
This bag is like a quilted, patent leather style fabric. The bright teal color doesn't really scream fall to me but the theme of this bag is Beauty Candy so the quilted style of the bag and the color is quite fun to go with the theme. Unlike many of the other bags I've recieved this one is actually lined, which is very nice. Gives it a bit more substance.

Skyn Iceland Glacial Clansing Cloths, Ecru New York Acacia Protien BB Cream for Hair, NYC Big Bold Curl Mascara, Starlooks Gloss in Guilty Pleasure, Figs and Rouge Hand Cream.
Redeemed with Points - Milani Bella Eyes eyeshadow set.

I have to say I wasn't too pleased with this months samples. First off, getting a full sized drug store mascara isn't really want I wanted to get, nor what I expected to get. This NYC mascara is $4.99 at CVS and actually readily accessible by me. I usually expect to get products that are new or interesting that I might not be able to get my hands on everyday. The teeny, tiny Starlooks lipgloss sample is just rediculous. Now, the actual formula is rather nice and I might just throw it in my purse but the size is crazy tiny. Again, not what I expected from my Ipsy bag. The facial towlettes are always handy and it's nice to have a spare package. The hand cream will probably go in my bag as well and it's really smooth and hydrating. A nice sized sample in my opinion. Another decent sized sample is the Ecru New York BB Cream for your hair. I like that it is color safe as I just dyed my hair but still need some hydration.

I am so very glad that I had points to redeem this go round because the only thing I was really excited about was getting the new Malani Bella Eyes eyshadows. The set of three colors Bella Ivory, Bella Gold, and Bella Espresso (review coming soon!) were available so I snatched up the set because I didn't know if these eyeshadows were really worth it. I am so very thankful for every one that signs up for Ipsy with my link - these points allow me to try things I wouldn't neccessarily try to review for you all!!

This is probably one of two or three total bags I haven't been 100% pleased with but sometimes that is the luck of the draw. If you'd like to sign up for Ipsy, please click here.

xoxo, Moe


Beauty Review // Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid Touch Foundation

Today's review is on a new(ish) foundation to the drugstore: the Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid Touch foundation. Honestly I was going to skip over this foundation because the reveiws and videos I saw online didn't really wow me. But when it was on sale the other day at Meijer, I decided to go ahead and pick it up. Although I have a zillion foundations, I needed to pick up something lighter in shade as we move into winter. Currently I'm combining my Summer foundations with the lightest foundation I have - the L'Oreal Infallible 16 hour foundation. But a girl's gotta have options, right? So I grabbed it up.
From the Website
Breakthrough texture fuses with skin to create a finish so imppecable, yet undetectable. Medium to Full coverage. Exclusive dropper
taken from the Maybelline website here.
First Impression & Application
The foundation comes in a tear dropped shaped, glass bottle. Prices range but I find the cheapest place to find foundations, or make up in general, are big stores like Target, Walmart, and Meijer. While they don't always have the best sales you'll get the best full price option from these stores. I found mine at Meijer on sale but listed as a full price of $8.99 (get a $4 coupon here!). For that price you get .67 fl oz which is significantly less than the 1 fl oz in other foundations all around - high end and drugstore standard is usually around 1 fl oz.
To dispense the product there is a tear drop shaped dropper attached to the inside of the top of the cap. The dropper is shaped this way with a point at the end and it's supposed to drop the foudation on to you fingers, etc with out contaminating the product. Even though this foundation is quite liquidy, it's not liquidy enough to freely drop from the dropper in any significant quintity. If it were able to do that I believe you'd get it everywhere! So I took the little dropper and rubbed in on the back of my hand.

The consistency of this foundation is very, very runny. It reminds me of the Physician's Formula Spotless foundation in that it can go everywhere it's so runny. However the Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid Foundation comes in much more shades.

First off, let me mention that I have oily skin. We're getting into the cooler days here so it's not too bad in the Fall/Winter but I still am looking for a foundation that will combat the oil or at least keep me looking matte for longer. As a person that works all day long I'm looking for a foundation that won't go anywhere, won't slide around, and will keep me looking fresh all day. I feel like I've only said my skin type a few times here when I do reviews and it's pretty helpful to know what skin type a reviewer has!

I applied this foundation to primed skin (I used Rimmel 002 Primer & Boots Matifying primer) using an angle top kabuki face brush (my favorite is in this set on Amazon...so affordable!). Like I mentioned above I used the dropper to lay some product out on the back of my hand then I dipped my brush in and buffed it into my skin. I was afraid that it would be very streaky because of the texture and consistency of the foundation but it actually blended in quite nicely. I found that the cleaner your brush, the smoother the application to the face. For some days I also used the Real Techniques sponge to apply this foundation. I did not find that the sponge soaked up the foundation at all. I was able to achieve the fullest coverage - up to about medium - with sponge application.

I was super surprised about the coverage! If you've read or watched any reviews where someone says that there is coverage with this product but your natural skin shows through....it is true. Try to imagine with me now - When I applied this foundation I was in awe at how it blurred the imperfections in my skin but really kept it looking natural. I would say the coverage on this is sheer to medium, however I built it up to medium because of the imperfections on my skin. It looks as though I have less imperfections on my face than I actually do. It looks natural but my imperfections are blurred. The texture once applied to the face isn't quite a liquid to powder finish, but it is unique. It feels soft and smooth on the skin with out feeling sticky and with out looking powdery. As always I powdered my face after applying this foundation - I used the NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat Powder Foundation.
Wear Time
On my oily skin I do think it lasts pretty well through out the day. At around the 3 hour mark it still looks flawless, I did notice a subtle dewiness (or oil if you want to be specific) but it wasn't too bad. At this point it didn't looked like my foundation was slipping and sliding it just looked radiant. Once around the 5 hour mark I noticed more oil showing through in my T-Zone and not in a pretty way. I blotted using the all so expensive face tissue and the foundation wasn't disturbed. It went back to looking pretty good. At this time the only bit of wear was creasing around the nose. 

At the 8 hour mark it wasn't looking too bad, not the greatest but still not bad. It looked like I'd worn foundation for 8 hours - it was still hanging on and maybe with a little touch up I could transition into something to go out to dinner in with out completely redoing my make up. I noticed some imperfections showing through but I could tell that overall the foundation was still there all over my face. If you blot this foundation it actually bounces back pretty well. Very little to absolutely none of the product transfers so you're only picking up the oil when you blot and not picking up your coverage. I also found that the matifying primer from Boots was the most successful at keeping the foundation looking good the longest. Additionally my blush stayed on my cheeks all day long which is a big one for me.
I was swatching Wet n Wild lipsticks before this...can you see the stain they left behind??

Overall Impression & Recommendations
Overall, I'm definitely impressed with this foundation! If you have oily skin with very few imperfections and it's in the cooler months you might get a lot of wear from this foundation. Although the light weight feel of the foundation would be perfect in the summer, I would be hesitant to use this in the heat as it might melt, slip & slide, and just overall not look very pretty. If you do get oily, don't worry about transferring your coverage when you blot off the oil. The coverage does stay and I would say it's because the liquid really sets into the skin.

This foundation doesn't sink into my pores and really does even out my skin tone. The problems I have that I like to correct on my face are scarring and some redness. This foundation definitely cancels those problems out. I would consider this a foundation to wear on a good skin day. If you have active blemishes, cystic acne, darker scarring, or the like, this foundation probably wouldn't work for you. It is not high in coverage enough to distract from those problems - this is just personal preference! I know I prefer to have a fuller coverage foundation to cover redness and acne when I have a bad skin day because the fuller coverage covers everything and gives an even canvas.

The color range of this foundation isn't great - it's no Revlon Color Stay - as there are only 12 shades. Additionally the color of the bottle sort of reflects the color of the product meaning that the bottle is actually colored but you can see the product through the glass.

All in all if you have dry to moderately oily skin you might like this foundation. If you have great skin or are having a good skin day and want something very light, you might like this foundation. I would be interested to see how this foundation performs on my mom because I am thinking she might like it.

What new foundations have you been loving from the drugstore?

xoxo, Moe


5 Things that Make Me Feel Less Insane

Sometimes in life it's the little things that make me feel accomplished..and by accomplished I mean make me feel like I have my shit together. I type this from my recliner as I look at all the shit that has piled up on my coffee table from the past three days. Really? It's only Monday? Why can't I keep this shit straight. I posted on the blog a while ago how I tidy and clean the house and I even have a cleaning schedule that makes perfect sense for me. And the truth is I really do try to stick to that schedule but a few things have gotten in my way - bad days at work where I come home and give zero fucks and just veg out in front of YouTube, but more than that right now is the fact that our house is in a state of dissary because of the remodel upstairs. Every since getting into the mind set of everything has a place it is really, really hard for me to have things find new places. Now, I'm not saying my house was perfect before, but it was tidier. Everything had a place to be and it was easier to stick to my cleaning routine because I didn't feel like I was shuffling shit just from one room to the next. There is no room for anything because other things are takikng up the room where these things go. I feel like when I clean I'm just moving shit to another pile then moving it back. But there are little things that make me feel accomplished and like I'm not totally losing my mind:

When all my curlers are in my head before 7:30pm
Weird? Yes. Neccessary? Most definately. There is like zero stuff in my life that I can control - it's true for all our lives. But I can control my hair. Right now I want my hair to be curly and to do that I need to have the curlers in for as long as possible. So coming home and immediately putting curlers in my hair is a big deal that makes me feel accomplished and in control. Do I feel less insane? Yes. Do you think I'm still insane? Probably.

When there is not shit on the coffee table
We spend the most time in the living room so a lot of things get done there..mainly my hair right now, so there are curlers everywhere....and so the coffee table get so much junk piled on it. And I really just want to take a trashbag and dump it all, but I can't. Also, since Zach likes sleeping with the TV on he uses the coffee table as a night stand so there's a lot of stuff on it now. If I can get this one thing cleared off and the living room vaccuumed then I stop freaking out. Until I walk into the next room.

When I can follow my morning routine to a T
Please, please, please don't interrupt my routine. I have this planned down to the minute -ish. 5am alarm. Hit snooze 3 (4 tops) times, get up at 5:30 if I'm good, 5:40 if I'm bad. Pee (edit: of course I wash my hands after this...I just was them again before touching my face after doing all the dog stuff!!). Take dog out. Go upstairs, feed dog. Wash hands, brush teeth, wash face, other face things, contacts. Back downstairs chill on the bed with phone or iPad to get the waking up going on. Iced coffee? Sure, maybe, probably not acutally right now, too cold out. 6am go in the bathroom, play Colbert if it's Tuesday-Friday AM. 6:13am I should be onto my eyes. Done with make up by 6:17am hopefully. Clothes on. Curlers out. Dog in his house. Out the door between 6:30 & 6:33. If I get this done you can bet I feel accomplished - all my things are done and I'm at work on time. Obsessive? Just a little bit. If my routine is interrupted and not on my terms I tend to have a bad day. Now I'll ask again..obsessive? Oh yes, yes it is.

When the kitchen counters and sink are tidy
Just like the Coffee table its just one of those things you see. Now, I could have like 30 dishes in the sink but if the stainless steel part of the sink is clean along with the counters I lose less of my mind. I just can't stand cluttered or messy counters. I can't. And we have a lot of counter space so there is lot of room to clutter up. Nope. Get that shit outta there. As I'm typing this it really is stressing me out that I can't get into my cleaning routine because everything it so jumbled up here!! Gah! Please do not stop by my house any time soon!!

When I'm making a list of things for the blog and I end up with 5 things or 3 things
I almost ended this post with only 4 items on my list. Now that is crazy, right? I wouldn't say it's tooooooo obsessive, it doesn't bother me tooooo much. But I do think twice about publishing a list of 2 or 4 things. Just seems odd...you know?

Anyway, this post was just something for me to do while I stressed out about having a cluttered coffee table, to pay for another freaking tire before even making a payment on my car, and procrastinating taking a shower. So there you have it. Happy Monday.

Is there anything you want to share with me to make me feel less (or more) insane? Please do, we can start a club.

xoxo, Moe