Make it Monday // Digitize your Handwriting with your iPhone

Hand lettering has become all the rage recently.  I've seen it all over instagram, in my facebook groups, and it is huge in the planner community.  There are even fonts designed to mimic this gorgeous calligraphy.  If you've been practicing your handwriting I've got a great tutorial for you today.  How great would it be to have your own handwriting as beautiful digital image to work with? 
Today I'll show you how to digitize your handwriting to create a beautiful PNG overlay to work with when you're creating Instagram photos, photos for your memory keeping, or general inspiration for you.
supplies // iPhone, Superimpose app, iScanner app, Negative Me app, PicsArt app, brush marker, white paper, decent lighting.
First practice writing out the word or phrase you want to digitize.  I used my One Little Word for the year which is Mindful.  I did not have a black brush tip marker so I used dark purple.  It is best to use black or a color as dark as possible for this tutorial.  If not, you risk not creating a black and white image.  You can make a black and white copy of your phrase if needed, the follow the steps below.

Next, open the iScanner app.  Find a room in your home with bright light that will cast few shadows.  You may have to step outside for this, you may have to focus a lamp on your space, but be sure not to cast a shadow over the phrase to be digitized.
Use the iScanner app to photograph the word or phrase. Once the image is processed, align the blue rectangle around the phrase to digitize.  When prompted, choose chose the filter that creates the most solid fill to the letters.  I find the right most filter on the bottom row gives the most solid fill.  If needed, choose a shade from the menu at the top to achieve the darkest fill.  Click the check mark and you'll be prompted to save the image to the app.  From the next page select the arrow in the bottom left and save the image to the camera roll.
I find the best way to use this overlay is as a white overlay over a photo.  To create the text in white, open the Negative Me app (you may be prompted that the app will slow down your phone, it is a pretty old app that has not been updated!).  Choose the photo saved from the iScanner app.  This app will invert the colors - black to white, etc.  Tap the save button in the upper right hand corner - an ad will pop up but simply tap No to save the image to the camera roll.
To use the overlay, open a photo in the PicsArt app.  This app requires a sign in and to create a profile but you can set your photos to private.  From the bottom menu choose Add Photo.  Chose the image of the phrase where the text is white from the camera roll.  Position the phrase over the photo, scaling and rotating to your preference.  From the menu at the bottom choose Blend.  Chose the Lighten blend mode to create the overlay.  Tap Apply, move the slider next to only me so that it is pink, tap Save and Share.  This will set your photo to private, share to your profile, and save to the camera roll.
I plan on making quite a few of these not only to use on Instagram but to use in my Vision Planner to focus on my word for the year.  You could also use the overlay created here along with this PicMonkey tutorial to add glitter to your handwriting!

Be sure to check out my YouTube channel to be notified when I upload the video about my Vision Planner!

How do you use your handwriting in your craft projects?  

xoxo, Moe


Why it is OK to just, Not

Does the title of this blog post make sense?  There's been something on my mind recently .... and it's that i'm just Not.  I'm just Not doing anything.  I'm being lazy, I'm falling out of my routines, I'm just Not.  I'm just Not feeling like myself.
(if you want to not use this in your own journal, planner or scrapbook you can download a 3x4 image here and a white PNG overlay here.)

I want to say that it is ok to just Not.  The only thing pushing you is you and maybe you need a break from it all.  It gets exhausting working towards goals and sometimes you get caught up in the getting there that the journey gets annoying, defeating, or lost.  

I think that is where I am right now.

My word of the year for 2017 is Mindful.  And I want to be more aware of my journey....not just reaching the destination.

So it is is ok to just, Not at certain times.  Just stop.  Stop working, stop striving, stop pushing and evaluate where you are.  Where are you in your journey?  Are you spinning wheels?  Are you stuck and not moving forward?  Enjoy where you are now before pushing yourself forward.  Sometimes it takes a little bit of reflection and intention to get start to move forward again.

In 2016 I focused on the word forward.  I just wanted to move confidently in the direction of my dreams (pretty sure I saw that quote on Pinterest) but I think as we got closer and closer to 2017 I stalled out.  That was evidenced by the lack of YouTube videos and blog posts.  I wasn't focused, I wasn't aware, I didn't have intent.

That is what mindful for me in 2017 is - awareness and intent.  To be comfortable where I am and to move forward with intention.

So, if you need to know...sometimes it is ok to just, Not.

Enjoy your Wednesday!

xoxo, Moe

ps. for the month of January not only am I working on the One Little Word prompt from Ali Edwards I'm also doing January Reset from Allie Scraps in planner form.  I'm going to be sharing more on the blog and in a YouTube video shortly!


Trend Tuesday // New Planner Goodies from Webster's Pages

The other day I was looking for some inspiration for a new journal I want to try in my traveler's notebook (for real this time, not disc bound like my listing journal) and I found myself on the Blitsy website browsing some Webster's Pages items.  Before I new it I'd found some brand new things that caught my eye and knew they were perfect for a few projects I have in the works.
First, remember the Joanne's exclusive mint floral planner & traveler's notebook? Man I was on the hunt for that thing like nobody's business!  I never found it in my own store but low and behold here it is - both of them - in the Blitsy store!  I picked up the Mint Floral A5 planner from a lovely person I met through Instagram, but unfortunately that one came with a damaged ring.  So then when I saw the A5 again on Zullily I picked up there fearing it was a fluke, that I'd never see it again.  And here they are on the Blitsy site.  I couldn't believe it.  So the Mint Floral Traveler's Notebook is what I'm going to be using this year to journal about my One Little Word (which I'll have a post about here shortly!)
Secondly, you gotta have something to go into the traveler's notebook, right?  They have a bunch of new, cute designs for their notebook inserts (this set & this set).  There are two to a pack - one lined and one grid, both with pink lines.  I love the matte, rubberized texture of the outside of the journals.  The cover is thick and sturdy and the paper is also thick.  I have already worked with mine and the pages hold up to stamping and using a glue stick.  They are pretty nice quality notebooks!

Finally, Webster's Pages has come out with a variety of photo pocket inserts for planners!  You can find both an A5 planner and personal size in a variety of designs.  This is perfect for memory keeping or everyday inspiration in you planners.  I picked up the A5 size to use in my vision planner and can't wait to use them.  They fit standard pocket card sizes - 3x4 & 2x2 - and slip right into your planner binder.  This will work with any A5 or personal size six ring binder, not just the Webster's Pages ones.

If you've been a follower for a while you may remember my first review of the Color Crush brand of planners.  Let me tell you that this brand has changed so much, and for the better, since that review.  This is a brand of planner that I will continue to purchase.  I think they are on trend and innovative. 

In fact, watch this video from Scrapbook.com to see some more amazing things to be released from this brand!  There should be new planner colors coming out too this year.  I can't wait!

Another thing I can't wait for is CHA where a ton of new scrapbook and planner stuff should be announced!  We've got MAMBI, Heidi Swapp, Webster's Pages.....I know I've probably missed a few brands.  OH! Have you seen the new planner aisle at your Micheal's stores?  The planner stuff isn't just thrown on and end cap or center aisle display...it has its own aisle!  How awesome is that?

What new planner accessories have you found?  What are you most excited about this year?  

xoxo, Moe