Beauty Review // Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation + Concealer

If you didn't know, Wet n Wild is one of my all time favorite brands from the drugstore.  Nearly every time there is a limited edition product from this brand I scoop it up.  I've curbed my makeup spending significantly over the last year or so - but honestly that is because I've found other interests!  None the less, Wet n Wild's new Photo Focus line has caught my eye.
Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation Review
I've had these products for quite a while and have to say I really do love this product.  You can't beat a great foundation under $10!

From the Website
Your skin, only better. Our new high-performing, skin-perfecting foundation underwent major road testing under seven different photo lighting conditions to deliver flawless camera-ready makeup every time. Specially made with a matte, light-diffusing complex to give your skin #nofilter perfection.

High-performing, breakthrough formula
Featuring light-adjusting complex to help prevent white cast in photos
Tested under 7 light conditions with and without the use of flash

taken from the Wet n Wild website here.

First Impressions & Application
When I first opened the bottle I was a little surprised by the little spatula type deal that is attached to the cap.  At first it reminded me of the way the Maybelline Dream Wonder Fluid Touch foundation bottle is made.  The product is a little thicker than the Dream Wonder foundation, from what I remember.  Using the spatula was not the first instinct I had, for sanitary reasons, so I poured the  product onto a make up palette.  The consistency of this foundation isn't too thick, though thicker than the Dream Wonder foundation and the Fit Me foundation by Maybeline.

I applied this with my Real Techniques Beauty Sponge and love this application.  The sponge does soak up quite a bit more of this foundation that I expected.  I'd say it soaks it up a little bit more than something like a Revlon Color Stay or even the Wet n Wild Coverall foundation.  The Photo Focus foundation seems to apply similarly to the Dream Wonder - it applies thinly, feels like there may be a little bit of oil (not in a bad way!) in the product.  The foundation applies easily and blends seamlessly.  I was impressed with the coverage which is medium, yet buildable.  It also doesn't apply too cakey.
Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation Review
The concealer is nothing to write home about, pretty average at best.  It applies evenly, has a light to medium coverage (good for brightening), and is really creamy so it blends well.  My first impression is that it is average but I prefer the Coverall Concealer from Wet n Wild.  

I also want to mention a lot of people said that the foundation smelled like paint.  It was the very first thing they noticed when working with the product.  When I first started wearing the foundation I did not notice the strong scent.  However, it did become noticeable over time!  

Wear Time
I work a typical 8 hour work day.  I would say that this foundation, with powder (my favorite powder here), lasts up to 9-10 hours.  It actually beats the heat too.  I wore this foundation for this photo shoot and it stood up to the heat and a few outfit changes!  It even looked great for dinner afterwards.

This foundation has become my go to for long wearing, easy application.  Not to mention the price is amazing!  With oily skin, it seems only the higher priced drug store products have a good chance of staying on me.  I don't notice that this breaks down or separates.
Wet n Wild Photo Focus Concealer Review
As for the concealer - again, pretty average.  Lasted a good while, even through the heat.  All concealers crease on me at some point.  This one was just as good as any other.  The thickness of the product didn't feel heavy or move around on me.

Overall Impressions and Recommendations
If you have oil skin, I 100% recommend this product.  It does have a little bit of a weird, paint like smell so if you're sensitive to smells application may be hard for you.  Since it wears pretty well and the price is super affordable, I plan to go back to the foundation in the future!
Wet n Wild Photo Focus Foundation Swatches
As for color range, the website says the shades go pretty deep but not too light.  There are 20 shades in all from porcelain to mahogany.   I'm actually surprised by the depth of the color range as I did not find shades too deep out in the stores.  I did check various Walgreen's - there is one by my work that carries very deep shades of all foundations - and still didn't see the darkest shades.  But if you can find these guys out in the wild, $6 for a foundation is affordable enough to grab two and mix your perfect shade.  This is exactly what I do.  It also mixes well with the Maybelline Fit Me Matte foundation.

All in all, I give this foundation a thumbs up.  Good coverage, long lasting, affordable, + a wide range of shades is all impressive.  As for the concealer - you probably have another one that is your favorite but this one is not too bad.  Nothing to get super excited about.

Have you found any drugstore favorites recently?  Anything super exciting?

xoxo, Moe


Make it Monday // Mini Happy Planner Cover with Cricut Explore

Summer is nearly here!! Who's excited for the Summer solstice?  This girl is! I seriously can not wait to spend more mornings, days, & evenings on my porch.  Plus I can't wait for cool dips in the water & delicious summer time drinks.  (Lemonade is my favorite so you know I've got two of my favorite recipes here.)
DIY Mini Happy Planner Cover
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If you're a creative planner girl, I'm sure you love to style your planners for different seasons, holidays, and themes.  Styling my planner as my mood or as the seasons change is a relaxing an creative process for me.  Gathering up some of my die cuts, scrapbook paper, paper clips, and Project Life supplies and creating a cohesive vignette is a simple way to burn some creative energy!  Until now, I've only had the Mini Happy Planner covers that are already in existence.  But using InkScape and my Cricut Explore I've now got 3 summer themed planner covers - and I want to share them with you!

This is a print then cut project so you'll need to upload the cover of your choice to Cricut Design Space and size the height to 7.5 inches.  Select Go, and print the cover on to your chosen printer paper.  I use 32lb paper because it's a little bit sturdier but not as thick as cardstock.
Cricut Explore Mini Happy Planner Cover
Open the corresponding back file on your computer and print this image on the back of the cover page.  Be sure you're using the highest print quality for a vibrant print!  If you're unsure how to print back to front on your printer, you may want to do a google search for your specific printer.  For my printer, I place the printed page face up and the second image is printed on the reverse side.
Mini Happy Planner Cover DIY
Next, laminate the printed page similarly to this tutorial, lining up and cutting out notches so that the registration marks aren't covered by the lamination.  I've found that cutting far, far, far from the registration marks gives the most success!
Mini Happy Planner Cricut Explore Project
Place the laminated page onto the Cricut mat.  Set the dial to Poster Board + then cut the project following the prompts on your computer screen.  You may find that one pass under this setting is not enough, simply press the flashing Cricut button again after the first cut is completed.  This will run the mat through the cutting process again to ensure the cover is completely cut from the page.  I've found that 3 passes is just right.  You can create a custom material setting - but I'm lazy!
DIY Dashboard with Cricut Explore
The best part about having the corresponding back pattern is that the cover looks great from both angles!  And you can use it as a dashboard for sticky notes or just look at how professional your creation is!


Remember, all files downloaded from the blog are for personal use only.  Do not distribute the files or the finished product.  Do not claim any part of this file as your own.  Do not print and disseminate in mass quantities.  If you'd like to share this project with others, please link to or Pin this post.  As always, thank you for playing nice.
DIY Mini Happy Planner Cvoer
Now pop your cover onto your Mini Happy Planner!  I love the variety of Deluxe Covers for the Mini Happy Planners (there is a HOLOGRAPHIC! one for the classic size, did you know?!?!?!?!) and have found that the personal size Disc Agenda Covers from Love Doki fit the Mini Happy Planner perfectly!  My favorite is the constellations one!
Mini Happy Planner Cover Printable
When you make this project please, please tag me in your photos on Instagram.  You can also join my Cricut Ready Stickers group on Facebook for printable stickers and project shares!

Do you change your planner accessories seasonally?  What do you use to style your planners?

xoxo, Moe


4 Tips for Deeply Connecting to the Tarot Cards Meanings

If you haven't noticed - either from the blog or from my Instagram - I've started to learn to read Tarot cards.  This has been a great journalling, mediation, and self improvement tool for me.  I highly recommend a little Tarot exploration if you're looking for some meaning in your life or you want to connect with your higher self.  In my quest for mindfulness this year, reading Tarot has helped me be more self aware and has helped me become more spiritual.
Free Tarot Study Guide
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Learning to read Tarot can be developed like any skill.  Study & practice is only part of the journey.  Equally as important is your personal relationship with the cards and the personal meanings that resonate with you.  There is a delicate balance between these two parts, and I don't think you can do one with out the other.  I've created a study guide, found at the end of this post, to break the deck down for you so that grasping the common meanings is easier.  But interacting with the Tarot will build that deep, intuitive connection.  Here are some tips for working with the cards in order to understand what they have to reveal:

Learn with a Pictorial Deck
I've found the best decks to learn with are decks where every card is illustrated in detail.  If you use a deck based off of the Tarot De Marseilles you'll find that only the Major Arcana cards are fully illustrated which might make it hard to connect with the meanings of the cards.  For example - the Sun has a grand illustration while the 4 of wands is simply four sticks.  The latter part of that example doesn't illustrate the celebration, harmony, and victory that the 4 of wands represents.  It is easier to see that interpretation when the card is fully illustrated.
Tarot Decks to learn with
There are three decks I love for the imagery - the Original Rider Waite deck, the Wild Unknown Tarot, and the After Tarot.  The other deck pictured here is the Luminous Spirit Tarot deck.  Since there are commonly assigned meanings to each card, each card is illustrated reflecting that meaning.  This is visual stimulation to help associate meanings and eventually you will be able to see the images in your minds eye.  This can help if you're reading with a different deck or a non-illustrated deck (or even playing cards!) as you can pull from your memory bank.  But the best part about these illustrations is that you can begin to create personal connections with the cards and have the images resonate with you in a personal way.

Do a Daily Pull + Journal, Journal, Journal
In order to gain this personal connection it is important to work with the Tarot daily (or as frequently as possible).  This is as simple as a daily card pull.  I've posted about my Mindful Morning Routine before - but each morning I set aside time for meditation & my daily pull for guidance.  Journalling is another key part to connect with the tarot cards.  So pulling a card a day and journaling the message your receive from the card will help you make that personal connection and form your own data bank of meanings.  The best way to develop a skill is to practice as often as possible!
This is where your little white books and other Tarot resources come into play - like the study guide in this post.  These resources are there to help you but you should eventually come to rely on your intuition and trust your own knowledge.  Journalling daily will give you a data bank of personal meanings.  You'll also grow through your studies, developing a deeper understanding of each card.  Pulling a 3 of Pentacles right now in your journey may have a different meaning when pulling it in 6 months.  Journalling will help with this process.  You'll have a record to look back on and reflect!

Weekly Readings
To gain a better understanding of how the cards work together it is important to work with more than one card.  You can do pairings of two cards or even bigger spreads if you like, but working with more than one card will help you create connections and see how the cards of the Tarot play together.  A weekly reading is a great way to build these connections between the cards and build a relationship with the cards.  I pull a theme card for the week, a card for the beginning, middle, & end of the week, then a card for the weekend, and a card for my lesson of the week.  Expecting these energies through your week will better prepare you for any challenges and then when you run into the anxiety of the 9 of Swords on Wednesday you can form a more personal connection to keep with you each time you draw this card in the future.  Make sure you're keeping your Tarot journal so you can reflect on the cards as you move through your studies!
Weekly Tarot Spread Luminous Spirit Tarot
Weekly readings can show you what themes are coming up for you most often.  You can also learn to relate your daily pulls with the cards of your weekly spreads.  How do the two energies play out?  What will their interactions be?  Journalling will help you build these connections.  Writing things down helps you remember information & creating meaningful connections will solidify what the cards reveal to you.

Interact with Like Minded People
If you don't have anyone local to connect with, Facebook groups are great for finding like minded people.  I find that there are tons of helpful tips, deck reviews, and card challenges.  One of my favorite posts in these groups is card pairings where the group is asked their interpretations of two cards together.  This is a great way to practice your skills but also resonate with new meanings.  You can find kindred spirits in these groups and encouragement in your journey.  There are also a ton of online Tarot Communities, but often they are locked behind paid memberships.  These can be great for more specific classes and to support an individual you respect, but you can find similar communites for free on places like Facebook. 

These groups will challenge your intuition with critical thinking, questions, and experiences.  You'll learn tips for when you're stuck and you'll be able to share your tips with others.


Learning the Tarot card meanings and developing a relationship with the cards takes times. This study guide breaks the deck down into easy to remember chunks so that you can begin to build your own associations.  You'll find the meaning of all the suits plus the meaning of the numbers in the deck.  Find keywords to associate with each card, learn to read the court cards with ease, and learn they key ways to interpret spreads.
Deeply Connect with the Tarot
This guide prints as a small 9 page booklet (print double sided using your printer's double sided print settings) & can be bound like this or with staples.  It is small enough to fit into your journal or notebook to keep the guide handy.


Contents :
- What is the Tarot? : Brief history of the deck, game, and Tarot today
- Composition of the Tarot Deck : Overview of the Major Arcana, Minor Arcana, Pips & Court cards
- The Suits : Keywords and description of each of the 4 suits
- Major Arcana + Numerology : How to relate the Major Arcana to the Pip cards with numerology & keywords for the remaining Major Arcana
- Understanding the Pips : Keywords & description for each numbered card of each suit
- Understanding the Court Cards : Brief description of each Court card and how it relates to each suit
- Questions & Spreads : Questions to ask + easy 3 card beginner spread
- Tips for Reading Cards : Key points to remember in order to create a complete reading

Plus there is a full size (8.5 x 11 inch) PDF to print or read on your iPad or tablet.  I love using my iPad mini for ebooks & PDF courses like this.
Here's an example of the relationships you can create by focusing on this study guide : The suit of Wands represent dreams & manifestations, and the number four represents stability and often stagnation.  So you you can begin to associate the 4 of wands with achievement while working towards your dreams, but also the need to push forward.  Since the four is such a low number, we have more work to do and must push forward.  You can then relate the 4 to the 4 of Cups - the suit of Cups represents emotion and the 4 of Cups may represent a stagnation or an ignoring of new opportunities.  Both of these meanings are enhanced by the imagery on the cards.  This imagery allows you to dive deeper into the meanings to connect personally to each card.
Learn Tarot Easily
I hope this little study guide helps you to connect with the cards and see the cards not as an intimidating deck, but as pieces of a whole.  The deck is much easier to understand when you break it down and work with the pieces.

How do you study the cards?  How do you form connections?

ps - polkadot planner is a Carpe Diem planner, print your own positive affirmation cards here, learn to make a diffuser necklace here, find out some of my favorite essential oil + crystal pairings here.

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xoxo, Moe