Sum Up Sunday #79

It is pretty late on a Sunday afternoon to be posting but one needs to go up soooo......here it is.  I'm back from Korea!  If you follow me on Instagram you may have only seen food pictures.  Seriously, thats all I really took pictures of.  I wish I'd gotten a zillion photos but the truth is I was just having fun seeing the city with Zach.  I do have some video that I will try to upload but I'm not so great at the vlog thing it seems.....I do want to try to get better, so there might be some weekly vlogs added to the YouTube channel.  maybe
When Zach is home, I become the second best person in the house.  She just loves him so much.  Also, how sweet is this picture?? The light is amazing!

We left Korea at 10:30 am on Friday, local Korean time. We flew 12 ish hours to arrive in Detroit at 10:20 am, eastern time.  Guys, my Friday was a whole 12 hours longer than your Friday....and I feel very special about it.  I have to say that was the best decision Zach made for the trip.  That meant we had a lot of time to catch back up to the local time here.  I do have to say I am not looking forward to going to work tomorrow.  I kinda just want to stay home and make stickers, blog, and do YouTube!
Speaking of stickers - I had a bit of time in Korea to work on the shop.  When we weren't exhausted from walking all around the city in the heat, I found a bit of time to bop around.  I also woke up extremely early every day because of the time change.  I have put quite a few new releases in the shop if you're interested (click here).  I've got a few seasonal kits - a fall Pumpkin Spice inspired kit, a Halloween inspired kit, and gearing up for Christmas (because why not?) I've got a Christmas inspired kit.

I've also listed some other themed decorating kits with a bit of functionality.  Annnnddd there is more to come, in fact after this little post I have a few more I want to get ready to print and cut.  Oh, I also ordered a Fluoro A5 and I can not wait for it to get here.  Like I need another planner!  Seriously.

On the blogging front you may have noticed that I'm just not really here.  I think around this time every year I take a little break.  In fact there are many breaks I take in the year and I don't really thing that's bad.  I do plan on having some crazy posts for you in the future.....so I do hope you'll stick around.

As for other life things I've been looking back through my memories on Facebook and I do think that is a clever feature.  I think it was 8 years ago this passed week that I'd moved into my dorm for the first time.  So crazy.  Honestly, it is so weird to think that time passes us like that.  With this feature on Facebook I can see every post that I made or others made on my wall or tagged me with on that day.  It's pretty cool to look back and see how the day has changed over the years and see if I've done the same thing all over again.

Pretty much I'm just busy living life...so you might want to follow me on Instagram because I post all the time there (sorta)

Happy Sunday! Hope you're week stars out wonderful!


Sum Up Sunday #78

Pretty late in the day for a Sum Up Sunday post isn't it????  Well I'm still throwing it up here!

This past week, three years ago, I moved up to Michigan.  I can not believe it's been three years already...it totally seems longer but also seems like it hasn't been that long at all.  It's crazy the all the things we've been through in 3 years.  I would find posts to link but I don't even know where to start!  But seriously time flies or really doesn't...its all perspective!
This week's mail also contained the Maybeline Super Stay Better Skin Foundation for me to try out for three weeks.  I wore it all last week...and have to say I don't really want to continue wearing it.  The only way I've gotten it to look halfway decent on my skin is to mix it with other foundations and in like a 60% the other foundation kind of ratio.  It goes on too patchy for me, wears off patchy, and has like ify coverage.  I can't even apply it on my cheeks...it doesn't show up.  It wears away in no time in my Tzone and it accentuates my oil.  I'm pretty sad about that.  For my August makeup basket though I have like 97349871834 foundations to try it with.  
My Etsy shop has been getting a fair amount of views and sales...I am so happy.  I am going to Korea near the middle of the month so if you'd like to save 20% use the code HEYKOREA20 for 20% off  a $3+ order.  Click here to shop!  Also two orders are going out on Monday, hooray!
I've been watching Netflix all freaking week - I finished Ghost Adventures and started in on R L Stine's The Haunting Hour.  Ghost Adventures made me look behind me every two seconds and The Haunting Hour is getting me all nostalgic for Are You Afraid of the Dark.  It's no Midnight Society but it's giving me the preteen-summer-camp-heeby-jeebies and I love it - but some episodes are super creepy and i don't really think that children should watch it!  I'm getting creeped out!!  I used to get so excited over watching Are You Afraid of the Dark during the summer.  I even remember when the movie came out. Pretty sure my giga pet died once while I was watching AYAOTD.
All day Saturday I spent making myself a day on one page style planner.  I've planned in it for the first time this week and I think I should have at least put in a weekly spread too.  It's making me rethink my Flouro set up (video here) because I don't use part of it really any more.  I'm loving the day on one page because I don't get overwhelmed.  I think I'm just going to re-set up my filofax...because she really is my baby.  I don't need my blog/etsy/youtube section any more, I really need to get a grip on my finances section, and I guess I just need to rethink the whole thing!  I've got a blog post coming up this month on my planner journey and the like so keep an eye out for that.  Oh, and my sister got a planner.  I made here some custom stickers this weekend and they will be mailed off tomorrow.  She doesn't want wait to star setting it up.  I hope she comes over to the dark side.  I'll be adding some that I made for her to the shop soon too.

Currently (as in right now Sunday night) I'm about waist deep in the laundry I've been putting off, I have a sleeping puppy with a full belly on one of those piles, and the only part of my house that is super tidy right now is my vanity....so there's that.  But I mean really, Sweetie has gained so much weight (in a good way) and it makes me so happy.  Hopefully she's happy too!

Happy Sunday!


Three Apps To Use Along with Instagram

The title of this post should be something like three apps I use everyday or the three apps I talk to death on my blog or something like that.  The truth of the matter is 90% of the time I'm on my phone, I'm on Instagram.  I use Instagram to promote my blog & my shop and to just share parts of my life.  Even if you don't use Instagram in a professional way, these apps are perfect for making a beautiful feed.  
Phonto (free + in app purchases)
I've tooted Phonto's horn for like ages on the blog.  See a full review here.  And I'm back, again, to toot something - text presets.  If you share a lot on Instagram and are worried of your work being shared, reposted, etc with out proper credit, Phonto can help you with a watermark.  The best thing about the presets is that you can set a few and then you don't have to type out your blog address, Instagram name, or shop address.
To add the presets, click on the three lines at the bottom of the edit screen, select Settings, then tap Preset Text.  Select Add New Text and type in your preset.  To add it to your image, tap the scree to add text then use the left arrow to arrow over to the preset you'd like to use.  If you favorite a few of the zillions of fonts offered in the app then you're done with your watermark in like 2 seconds.  This is helpful for me because I tend to put all the words I overlay in all caps and sometimes I forget to double tap the shift and then I have to start over. By the way, I just realized how dumb the previous sentence sounded...but it's true!  I don't want to have to retype!  Phonto is seriously a fun and easy mini design machine for your iPhone or iPad.  (if you want another fun font over photos type app I used to love Phoster! It makes your images into faux-posters...you can add folds, etc....check it out!  You should also check out Text Mask...it's pretty cool for adding text too.  Tutorial here.)

Afterlight (.99 cents + in app purchases)
Here is another app I've boasted about before!  (See the full review here.)  This app I love because it is super easy to design your own filters.  Much like actions would work in a program like Photoshop, you can design and save you're own presets to get consistent photos across the board.  This is called fusion in the app.  I have a specific 'blog' fusion that I use on nearly all my blog photos and my Instagram photos.
It gives them that je ne sais quoi slightly filtered look that I'm in love with.  You can set as many as you'd like (I believe) and even email them to friends or to yourself to install on all your devices.  I have the 'blog' fusion filter on both my phone and iPad incase I'm on one or the other.  You can also add to the fusion later, if you wish.  I emailed myself my blog fusion filter and then added to the original one - bumped up more brightness, etc - because some photos may need a little bit more.  (If you find you'd like to do some detail work - targeted highlights/contrast/etc - try Snapseed.  If ever I find one corner of my photo is a little too dark I run it through Snapseed first.  This app is also super detailed and like a master photo-editing app for your phone.  I'm always impressed.  Oh, and VSCO Cam also is pretty impressive.  In doing research for this post I found that there are some pretty interesting tools you can use now!)

Picframe (.99 cents)
Once again, I have a horn to toot.  Here is the full review of PicFrame but if you're wondering why I choose PicFrame over the hundreds if not thousands of collage apps, here's the reason - it's the first one I downloaded.  Its a damn good collage app!  Nothing is frilly about this app.  there's your standard grid style collages.  Nothing crazy, no diagonals, no star shapes, no funny business.  It is sleek and simple.  I use it in the basic way possible and add none of the minimal extras that are in the app - filters, frame shapes, banners, etc.  I used it to make the screen shot collages above!  I keep it to collage and that's that - square collage, horizontal collage, vertical collage, just collage.  The best part is I can use a simple slider to get rid of the white lines between each image.  Its all in the design of this app for me.  (If you want a free collage app, you'll have to search yourself! I will never leave my beloved PicFrame!)

All of these apps help me keep a professional and well composed image on my Instagram page.  Not all of my pictures are perfect - and I like it that way - but when I want to take one of those pretty pictures this is where I turn!  I can protect my work, add a dreamy filter, and showcase multiple things in one image.  These three apps are my solid go to before I even touch Instagram!

What apps do you use in conjunction with Instagram?  Any others to recommend?

xoxo, Moe