Free Sticker Friday // Christmas Countdown Stickers

It is the most wonderful time of the year!! I am so happy that it is nearing Christmas time!  I have yet to put my tree up and that is so unlike me.  But I'm working on it!
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I've been loving the hand drawn look of stickers lately so I thought I'd continue it with these stickers.  These little countdown stickers will fit perfectly in the bottom bar of your ECLP.  The measure 1.3 inches wide so they can be centered at the bottom of the columns!


This download includes a PNG file ready to cut with your Cricut Explore (just size the width to 5.5 inches in Design Space), a Silhouette file to cut with your Silhouette Cameo or Portrait, and a PDF if you'd like to cut these by hand (I've heard god things about this tool though!)
As always, the free printables on the blog are for personal use only.  Do not sell the design or finished product.  Do not claim these as your own.  Do not share the final product or the link.  If you would like to share this file with friend, please Pin or share the blog post link and not the file.  Thank you for playing nice!

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Have a Merry Christmas!

xoxo, Moe


3 Things I've Learned as a NEW Origami Owl Designer

If you've been hiding under a rock (knock, knock, knock!) you may not know that I've recently embarked on a new adventure - I've launched a business with Origami Owl!  I unboxed my starter kit in this video and since then I've hosted my own Launch Party and am working on hosting a few more Jewelry Bars.  I've only been at this for about a month but I wanted to share with you three things I've learned from starting this business. 
I was 100% nervous, if we're being honest, to start this journey.  And if you ask my mentor she'll tell you I'd talked about it for probably over a year.  It wasn't until the 'Join O2 fo $2' campaign came out that I really took the leap.  She was expecting me to join for $2, but I said to myself 'what the heck?' and went for the Starter Kit!  Since I've been working on the back end to develop how I want to run my business I thought I'd share with you what I've learned so far.

You never know until you try something new
Making sure this is the right decision for you is important.  Is this company reliable?  Do you have experience with the product?  Do you feel positively about the product?  Will this company fit in with your lifestyle and goals?  If you answer yes to all of those questions then you're probably on the right track.  That is how I knew trying something new like this would be a fun experience.

I have loved Origami Owl jewelry since my cousin (and mentor) started selling the line way, way back.  I'd always thought it would be a fun adventure...but I just wasn't sure.  And you really never know until you try.  I joined O2 not just because I love the jewelry but because I wanted to try something new.  I've never been really great about approaching people - I would say I'm outgoing, but I'm also shy - so I knew Origami Owl would challenge me.  It also gave me a chance to extend my love of memory keeping and story telling to a tangible object - the one of a kind keepsake that is a Living Locket

Being Customer Oriented is Important
I didn't label this section Customer Service because I wanted to focus on the bigger picture.  Being Customer Oriented is much more than being nice and being responsive, it is being helpful, empathetic, and resourceful.  I launched my O2 business right at the beginning of the Holiday Reveal.  That meant not only was I diving into a really busy season but right into the problem that things would begin to sell out.  One of the first problems I ran into is a potential customer messaging me that a lot of the Holiday items had sold out.  Because I wanted to offer her as many options as possible I mentioned the expected restock date and gave her an alternative.  Fortunately Origami Owl also stocked premade 'gifts to go' so some items she was looking for were still available in a premade gift.  I suggested if she liked a certain face or charm to check out the gifts section and find the locket that closely matches the idea she had in mind and add to it from there.  Suggesting an alternative still kept her interest and showed that I am receptive to her needs.

Being customer oriented is a positive mindset to always find a solution not just make a sale!

Show your Personality
Direct Sales teams often have like minded people but they all aren't 100% the same.  Take a second to figure out how you will offer the product differently.  What makes you the person someone will come to for the product?  This is important because you don't want everything you do to be a sales pitch. This is social selling but you don't want to be so pushy that you push your potential customers or your friends and family away.  Showing your personality makes an object into an experience!

I knew that O2 would be a good fit for my personality because I like to teach, I like to be creative, and I like to share.  I'm a planner girl, I'm a scrapbooker, and I'm a memory keeper .... Origami Owl is all about memory keeping!  I took a minute to think about how the different ways I could share Origami Owl.  I knew I could incorporate O2 in to my love of teaching by sharing personal experiences, success stories, and tips for social selling.  I knew my creativity would shine because there are so many charms to tell so many stories, any look is possible.  And I knew that memory keeping would play a huge roll because I love collecting and sharing stories.  Not to mention the whole brand is fashion forward!  Origami Owl fit into all of my passions.  That is how I knew it would an easy transition to talk about everyday.

I've learned that its not about the dollar, sometimes it is about you!  After this first month I've learned what I want to do with my O2 business and I plan on sharing my journey with you all as well.  To help you understand Direct Sales and Origami Owl!

Have you tried something out lately that taught you important lessons?  Share with me below!

xoxo, Moe


Trend Tuesday // Give the Gift of Origami Owl

I made the announcement a little bit ago - and even unboxed my starter kit on my YouTube channel - but I'm now an Origami Owl Designer!  I am so excited to share this with you.

If you're unsure about Origami Owl, it is a jewelry line featuring the Living Locket that allows you to create a custom piece with charms, plates, dangles, and more.  Create a custom look to tell your story.  One of the things I've noticed is that if you're new to O2 you may be a bit overwhelmed with all the options.  Whether you're looking for a gift for yourself (who isn't) or you want to introduce someone to Origami Owl there is a gift set to start out on the right foot.  Here are some of my favorites from the Holiday Gift guide.  Shop any of the links below for these uniqu gifts!
Happy Holidays Gift Set - Perfect for the friend or coworker who just loves Christmas!  Do they sing Christmas carols all year long?  Do they decorate their desk for the holidays?  If the answer is yes to either of these questions, they will love this traditional yet whimsical holiday look.  Features the Seasonal Exclusive Candy Cane Twist Living Locket as well as a few of the exclusive charms on a 16-18" silver cable chain. 

A Charmoji'ed Life Set - This set is my personal favorite because I am all about the emojis.  If you have a sister or girlfriend who speak emoji fluently, this gift will suit them wonderfully.  Featuring the three charmoji charms (plus they are reversible - so its really like six charms!) in a medium brushed silver Living Locket on a 16-18" heart link chain, she'll get a kick out of wearing her emotions in a trendy way.

Gold Wrap Snowflake Gift Set - This classic yet unique look is perfect for a chic friend or neighbor who loves adding something trendy to her outfits.  It captures the essence of the season with the Seasonal Exclusive Medium Silver Snowflake Window in a stunning locket on a Gold Wrap bracelet.  This will look super classy for any Christmas party or event.

Bad Day Be Gone Gold Necklace Gift Set - The Moodology line is another one of my favorites from Origami Owl.  This gift set is perfect for someone who needs to keep their mind even during and after the holidays.  Featuring a medium locket with a gold filigree design, the mood disk will diffuse a lovely scent from a 100% pure essential oil throughout the day.  The vintage design is a beautiful addition to any jewelry collection.

Black Friday Deals - This is where you don't want to miss ANYTHING!  Select styles & pieces are $10 and under.  Create super affordable looks & great gifts to introduce friends, family, and coworkers to Origami Owl.  Mix with some current locket bases and charms too to create a unique look.  The Black Friday stock is limited - so hurry, hurry, hurry!  Here are some looks to check out.

The best part of these gift sets is that each of these looks can also be customized with a dangle, engraved plate, or additional charms.  You can even change the chain or add or remove charms, etc once any of these looks is in your cart!  These are one click looks to give you a start, then let your creativity take over from there!

And, if you's like to get the inside scoop on the Origami Owl Black Friday exclusives, please join my VIP group to find out more.  You won't want to miss this...really!!

What are your favorite gifts from the gift guide?  Are you making your own wishlist now?

xoxo, Moe