August 2014 Favorites

It's that time again - monthly favorites!  I don't think I'm going to be bringing back up my YouTube channel consistently anytime soon so I still want to keep on with monthly favorites here on the blog.  There was a lot I fell in love with this month:

My favorite cosmetics this month were all over the place!  I'm really digging the new Lorac Pro 2 palette and I just saw on Instagram that there is supposed to be a Mega Palette release in I think November. From what I saw it looks like the size of both of the Pro palettes together - like 4 rows of shadows!  I've still been digging the Wet n Wild Cover All concealer (review here) for highlighting.  I've used up most of the shade fair and even picked up a back up from Kmart.  The new Revlon blush in Naughty Nude has been a go to this month because of its neutral shade.  It's just the right amount of flush.  For eyes the new for Fall 2014 Wet n Wild 5 pan palette (soon to be reviewed!) in Smoke and Melrose has been a go to.  I love the rose gold shades.  For contouring I've been using this L'Oreal True Match Powder in a deeper shade along with a large, flat paddle brush to chisel out my cheekbones.  I haven't been contouring everyday, but when I do I find it really defines my face and the darker face powder is matte so there's worry of any sort of glitter/shimmer because that's not supposed to be in face powders!  (Though...if you look closely at the Maybelline Fit Me Powder there's glitter in there!)  When I need to blend out my contour I use this pink brush from this collection I bought on Amazon about a year ago.  Let me tell you, these brushes have held up wonderfully!

I've also gotten into Project Life and have been loving some scrapbooking supplies.  Mainly the tape runner...how did I ever adhere things with out one?  Seriously! The one in the photo is a permanent bond but I have - and lost - a repositionable one.  I'm also really digging these Precision Pens for both journaling in my albums and planning in my new Raspberry Saffiano Filofax.  I would include that in this round up but I haven't really used it yet.  I'm waiting to bust into it for September.  But in this round up I did include some purple washi tape....I've really been back in love with my favorite color this month.  Give me purple everything!  Another thing I want more of (is it weird to own 2 PL core kits of the same type?) is the Project Life Sunshine Edition Core kit!  Gah, I just love the colors and patterns!  And it goes perfect with the Project Life Midnight Edition Core Kit that I grabbed up on clearance.  Black and white with pops of color is my life right now.  I also want the 12x12 papers, dividers, and digital downloads that go with the Sunshine Edition.  Next up on my wish list is the Seafoam Edition which seems to bee on sale on Amazon right now!

Some other random faves are everyday necessities.  I've currently got 3 cases of La Croix in my kitchen and am loving the Grapefruit flavor.  Sparkling water is something I've liked for a long time but this summer is the first time I tried La Croix.  I can't seem to find the peach flavor which a lot of people have recommended though.  My Sweet Mint EOS lip balm has been at my side at my desk all week too.  Another first for the Summer!  Finally who doesn't love gold paper clips?  I think they look great in my purple planner!

Favorite blogs this month all revolve around Project Life & design - Caylee Grey, In a Creative Bubble, Big City Quiet, & Papered Hearts.

Hope your August was fun and here's to a fun September!  

xoxo, Moe


App Review // Write365

Welcome to the second installment of the App Review series here on the blog!  This week is going to be a review of an app called Write365 created by a wonderful & inspiring blogger - Kam from Campfire Chic.  Campfire Chic is a blog I go to when I want productivity inspiration.  Kam works 9-5 in an office yet has time to be the most awesome person I've never met.  And while doodling around on her blog that apparently I've forgotten about, I found that she released an app - this app, Write 365.  So, of course I downloaded it.  And today I want to share with you how simplistically awesome it is.
What it is
A simple, distraction free tool to help writers overcome writer's block.  Open the app, click Get Inspired to find your next blog topic or creative writing challenge.  Write356 was built with bloggers, scrapbookers, and jounalers in mind.  Option to email the topic to yourself for later creative writing.
taken from the app store description here.
What it does
It is a distraction free, simple app that gives you a prompt when you request it.  This app is a no frills way to get inspired.  The by thumbing through hundreds of writing prompts.  If you find a good one, don't let it pass! Email it to yourself to start on later.

How it helps you
If you're a blogger, scrapbooker, or jounaler who just needs a little push, this simple app can nudge you in the right direction.  If your someone just starting out in journalling and find it hard to find fun prompts easily - this is the app for you.  I have always wanted to create fun journaling projects but rarely find the inspiration.  The no-nonsense interface gives you a prompt and lets you roll with it.

If you've lost your groove and need it back, Write365 is so simple to push you back on track.

If you want more productivity ideas, you should totally check out Kam's blog here.  Download the Write365 app here.

Found any other journaling prompts?  Let me know!

xoxo, Moe


Trend Tuesday // Black & White Love

For the longest time now I've been digging the simplicity of Black & White.  I'm loving it in my planner and the little pops of color added by neons and other colors just really make it awesome for me.  So here is a wonderful little collection of black & white for your Tuesday enjoyment:
view the set on Polyvore here

Isn't this little collection just the best?  I think the best thing about black & white is that the pattern stands out from the contrast.  I love that you can really be inspired by the forms and the patterns with out all the color in the way.  When I was in school I always thought it was weird when I'd hear a professor say something like start your design in black & white.  I always felt like I couldn't figure what I wanted if I started in black & white - but now I kinda like it.

xoxo, Moe