Wednesday Decor // Spare Bedroom Construction

I was looking through some photos on my computer & found some old (old, ooolllddd) pictures of our construction on the spare room down stairs.  We worked on the whole down stairs in one swoop but for some reason the spare bedroom didn't ever make it to the blog.  It's almost, maybe, sorta done so I thought I'd just share these pictures of our spare room bare bones & in progress!  Just to give you some reference if you check out this post we're in the part of the map labeled Spare Room - also these are bad iPhone photos!
From the outside, the spare room had a weird window separating it from the garage.  The garage wasn't a fully finished room, just a garage...so I'm not sure why there would be a window anyway.  There are boards on the walls to act as studs to attach the drywall to & we ended up just boarding up the window inside the wall.  Surprise for someone who finds that I guess.
When you entered the room, there was only one door on this side of the wall.  That door lead to a bathroom/utility room.  There wasn't a closet & that set up wasn't really great for a functional spare room.  So we added walls and doors.  The white door leads to the utility room & under the stairs.  The next space over now has a door leading to the world's smallest closet.  And to the left of that (and in the picture below) is a door to the bathroom.  We moved the original wall on that side about a foot or so into the room to accommodate a sink in the bathroom.
A better view of the bathroom.  You can see where the original tile ends - thats where we took the wall from & moved it into the room.  We took the sink - which originally was at the back of where the closet is when that was all one bathroom/utility room - and put it in front of the toilette.  The bathroom was drywalled and we left the original standing shower.
From left to right - bathroom, closet, utility room, entrance to the room
 Finally the doors installed make this room look like a nightmare out of Monsters Inc.  Four doors in this spare room!  Terrifying right??  Now, of course, we have it all carpeted, drywalled, and painted (except for one door!) and it's coming together.  The bathroom is nearly complete & the spare room keeps collecting random junk...how do I stop this??  I can't believe I didn't share with you an in depth look at the progress of this room.  Hopefully later in the Summer I can give you a tour of the fully finished spare room!

xoxo, Moe 

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Weekly Make Up Basket #2

It was super fun this last week to create a weekly make up basket to rotate somethings in my collection.  I definitely found some things I love in last weeks make up basket - look for a review on the ELF Personal Blend Foundation & the ELF Essential Lipsticks.  I also fell back in love with the Almay Trio & realized that the Wet n Wild Walking the Red Carpet palette isn't that terrible (still not great, but not too terrible!)  This week I did a lot of thinking when I chose things & next week I won't.  I'm going to grab & go.  Pretty much my make up is organized by categories so I'm going to just grab two or three things from each drawer.  So here we go, this weeks basket:
Lot's of eye stuff this week (lots of everything this week).  The first is a palette from Black Radiance in Downtown Browns.  I believe that both Wet n Wild & Black Radiance are owned by they same company.  I do like a lot of Black Radiance eyeshadow but have yet to try their other products.  Their lipsticks always seem so tempting.  Next, I depoted nearly all of my Wet n Wild eyeshadows & these are a few in an Elf custom compact.  The three on the right are from the Comfort Zone palette, the purple-ish one on the left is from the Silent Treatment trio, & the top one is from the limited edition trio in Enlisting for Beauty.  Final eyeshadow is a clearanced Gilded Bronze single from L'Oreal.  Going to try to use some of my Wet n Wild Shimmer Eyeshadow Primer this week too.
I've been loving the shimmery blushes in my collection & last week's basket got me back into them.  This week I'm going to go back to the Balm's Hot Mama blush (reminds me of NARS Orgasm, am I the only one?), trying the NYC Color Wheel Mosaic Face Powder in 001 Spring Petals (I believe this is/was limited edition from their new Spring line but it doesn't say limited edition), and the Physicians Formula Happy Booster in Natural.  Originally I bought the Happy Booster in Natural thinking it was a highlight someone was talking about but it's actually a true pink color with a little bit of a sheen.
Even though I'm doing shimmery blush if ever I stray from those this week, I want to use my favorite Wet n Wilde Shimmer Palette is Rose Champagne Glow.  I also want to get some use out of the ELF Baked Highlight in Moonlight Pearl.  This was in a products I regret buying video I have yet to upload!  Now I'm thinking I won't do that because I'm trying to give some products another chance!
Two things that are solely face related, or like base face related - a concealer & a primer.  The concealer is from the Revlon PhotoReady line.  I got this attached to a compact make up from Big Lots for $5.  I bought a ton of them in all the shades!  This is the shade medium deep and I want to try some cream contouring again this week.  The primer is a sample from BirchBox and it's from Grand Central Beauty.  It says it's supposed to work as a filler & primer, especially under eyes.  Not sure what that really means but I'm going to give it a shot.  I think I'm going to cancel my BirchBox subscription actually.
Three lip products this month - a crayon type lip color from Be a Bombshell in Shameless.  It's a bright mauve color that leans more natural if you catch my drift.  It's not too bright but not too dark.  It's a good spring color.  Two lip glosses - Revlon Super Lustrous in Super Natural & a small Elf one from the Ursula palette in the 2013 Halloween collections.  Pretty much just want to use that little one up.  They are so small you'd think they'd use up quickly!
So that's it for this week!  I am loving that I'm finding things to do reviews on by rotating my stash regularly.  If you ever see something you want to know more about let me know because I'd love to do a review.

Have a good week!

xoxo, Moe

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Boost Your Blog // Two Simple Things to Prepare your Blog for the Week

Blogging is something that I try to be really good at (be a good blogger, post everyday, interact with others) and something I try to remind myself that I am doing for myself.  My blog started out as a way for me to document my life and, by nature, to share my experiences with others.  I'm always torn between promoting my blog & just sitting back and connecting with it on a personal level.  Because of this I'm also always trying to make it easier for myself to blog and to go out to do things to blog about.  It's a hard balance.  I love blogging but I also love living.  So when I feel like I have nothing to blog...I stay silent for a while, enjoy my time.  Then I'll hop right back on it again. 
Bonus Tip - Enlist a helper, you can see that Em is very helpful when it comes to blogging.

Anyway, in order to make it easier for me to not worry about my blog during the week I've come up with two things I do on Sundays (usually my blog day) to prepare by blog for the week.  I set it up & forget it - here's how:

Schedule Posts - I love the schedule feature of blogger.  I can sit down, write 5 posts, and then schedule them to go up when I want to.  Usually I'll sit down on Sunday & execute any posts that have been rolling around in my head all week.  Sunday is my organize get the blog ready for the week day.  I find I put less pressure on myself if I can brainstorm all week then execute.  Sometimes I'll work on projects for the blog during the week but there's less pressure because I'm not going to blog it right away.  Other times ideas need time to develop so I'll write the body to a post then come back to it later.  Scheduling posts means that I'm not writing/blogging everyday & have time to just enjoy.

Scheduling Tweets - I like to sit down at the beginning of the month & go through some of my old posts to find posts I'd like to repromote.  Maybe it was a really great post or maybe it's relevant to right now - and I'll use TweetDeck to schedule an archive post to tweet each weekday of the month.  This way I'm promoting my blog twice in a day - one tweet goes out when my blog post goes live usually early in the day (use Networked Blogs for this!) and one tweet goes out later in the day with the archive post.

These two things let me seem as if I'm active all week, get all my ideas out there, & still leave me time to actually live the life I want to blog about!  This is one of my creative spaces & I like to keep it no pressure & free!

How do you prepare your blog for the week?  Are you a Scheduler?

xoxo, Moe

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