three ways to meal plan in your planner

Meal planning is something I've been doing recently to make sure that I'm not only on budget but that I am eating well.  I can't tell you how many times I've just poured myself a bowl of cereal because it was convenient and I was lazy.  So meal planning (and my instant pot) have helped me to be accountable in two areas of my goals this year - budgeting better & eating better!

I don't like to make my planning process overly complicated with extra planners and the like just for meal planning.  I also don't write out breakfast or lunch in my planner because I usually eat the same thing everyday.  Breakfast is spinach, eggs, and a little bit of cheese and lunch is usually leftovers or a chicken sandwich with snap peas.....see, easy peasy.  Meal planning is also a task that is done every two weeks to coincide with each pay period.  I also make sure to buy ingredients that will last the two weeks and plan meals according to freshness.  That way I don't  have a head of cauliflower rotting in the crisper drawer that I forgot about!

Housing everything in one planner is the way I go and there are a couple of ways I've used stickers & inserts to track them.  I just added these ombre weekly stickers to the Five Sixteenths Etsy shop so I thought I'd highlight three awesome ways to meal plan simply in your planner:

Weekly Ombre Sticker

This is one of my favorite stickers.  I used to use it to track my daily tarot pulls (I need to get back into that!) but they make the perfect meal planning stickers.  These stickers are compact enough not to take up too much room on your weekly spread and totally functional.  I also use the frixion pens in my planner just in case something changes.....because usually it does!

Week on One Page Insert

My Mini Happy Planner is the perfect size for all the things!  It also fits personal size inserts rather nicely.  So most weeks I will put a week on one page personal size insert right into the weekly spread.  These in the shop have a week on one side and then a weekly habit list and to do list on the back so you're getting double duty on the productivity!  Since I get my groceries delivered through Shipt, I don't really need a grocery list in my planner.  I add everything to my Shipt cart as I'm meal planning then check out.  The groceries show up at my door and everyone is happy!

Stamp (or Write) it Out

Planner stamps are another great option to add meals into your planner.  If you get in the mood one day just stamp all your pages with a 'dinner' or other menu planning stamp and you won't have to worry about matching stickers!  These two stamps are from The Happy Planner stamp set called Meal Planning.  I found them on Blitsy so be sure to sign up here to save some money on planning supplies!!  I love that stamps create simplicity in your planner and can make it look like the page was pre-printed with your own custom sections.

So there you have it!  Three easy ways to meal plan right in your planner.  I am actually waiting on groceries to be delivered as I type this.  Shipt is so dang convenient.  I really do not like going to the grocery store....it just is not fun and I've got a ton of things that I'd rather be doing.

How do you keep it simple in your planner?  Any meal planning tips?

xoxo, Moe

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