5 Daily Habits to Increase Productivity

When it comes to productivity, we often think it involves stuffing so much into each hour to squeeze out every last second.  For the most part, however, we should approach the idea of productivity in a work smarter not harder approach.  Productivity isn't about squeezing every last second out of each minute it's about intentionally using each minute, one day at a time, to move towards our goals. 
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Making the most out of your day includes taking care of yourself. so let's talk about how we can be more productive while also being mindful of our own physical and emotional needs.

Plan & prioritize

I talk a lot about the importance of morning routines here on the blog!  Starting your day off on the right foot means knowing which foot needs to hit the ground first.  Plan and prioritize what needs to happen in your day by making a list and editing it.  You may find that prep the night before helps you prioritize the next day.  You may find that making time in the morning to create your to-do list is best.  Just take 5-10 minutes to make your plan.  Your head will be on straight and you'll have guidance through the day.  You may also find diffusing something like Rosemary, Lemon, and Peppermint gives you focus & pep in the morning.  (Read more about essential oils here.)

Make Time to Move

Exercise gets you energized.  Moving and stretching wakes up your mind & body, plus all that mumbo jumbo about exercise and endorphins can help you stay on track during the day.  I find that when I get moving in the morning I'm more ready for the day - tasks are tackled easier, I'm more even tempered, and I'm more alert.  I also find when I get moving after work I've released any tension built up for the day and found a bit of a second wind.  Making time to move not only crosses exercise off your list (a win for productivity) but it also gets you energized to do more.  Just don't over extend yourself!  A light work out - most often I prefer yoga - can help you connect into yourself.  You can also use this time as a meditative space to connect in with your mind & body.

Clean Everyday

Again, we'll be marking something off the checklist but we'll also be creating a less cluttered work space.  After all, a cluttered desk is a cluttered mind...right?  If you've ever been distracted by the mess on your desk or thought you've got to do the dishes before you can get anything done, coming up with a simple cleaning routine can help ease your mind.  I clean for 30 minutes each evening and find that this gives me the peace of mind to get things done.  I'm not stressed over what I haven't done because I know I've done something and I'll get to something else tomorrow. PS. If you need any inspiration to get in a quick clean, look up clutter quotes on Pinterest....then reexamine your life, they are super deep.

Practice Gratitude

When we're happy & when we feel successful, we're more likely to get stuff done!  One thing I've been doing recently is saying thank you....out loud....to the universe (and to others as well) when something happens that I've been working towards.  I've mentioned before about creating a vision board and taking action toward bringing the things you want into your life, but what do you do when they actually happen?  You say THANK YOU and you appreciate the opportunity.  This reflection shows you your capabilities and helps you realize when saying no serves you.  You don't have to get elaborate with your gratitude practice just be mindful of when to express your thanks and say it openly & freely!

Go to Bed Earlier

You may think that cutting yourself short on time in the day means you're not getting as much done, but it is just as important to shut it down as it is to rev it up.  If you've started your day on the right foot, you want to end it there too.  Unplugging and unwinding will free up your mind of clutter so get off the computer (I'm typing this in bed right now, so do what I say...not as I do!) and do something low tech - bedtime yoga, night time stroll, read a book, sip tea on the front porch.  Self care is important and so is a good night's sleep.  Diffuse something like Lavender and DoTERRA's Breathe for a restful sleep.  If you've gone to bed earlier you can totally plan and prioritize your morning.

And with that, we've come full circle.

Productivity is one of those quality over quantity things - you get out of it what you give into it.  Create a space for you to be your best self and that will allow you to be productive.  Learn what serves you and what isn't in your best interest.  This is a constant flow of self editing as well.  Try out new routines, adjust to new surroundings, incorporate new practices....just don't give up on yourself!

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What daily practices have you noticed impacting your productivity?  Are there any systems you recommend for productivity?

xoxo, Moe

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