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My favorite social media platform is Instagram.  I love how visual the platform is and how interactive it can be.  I also love how curated it can be...if you want it to be.  Because it's such an interactive platform, everyone knows Instagram is the place to be to attract readers, followers, and sales.  We're drawn to a consistent posting style & consistent schedule, especially from our favorite influencers.  I also find myself wanting to curate my own grid while also being organic & authentic...so sometimes I don't have something prepared to post.
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Keeping a consistent schedule doesn't have to be all planner apps and editorial calendars - we can be a little organic in our posting to give our followers an authentic experience while still being on brandFirst there are a few tips I want to give you on deciding what to post when you have nothing to post:
  1. Does it give value?  If you just want to post something because you haven't posted anything, reevaluate what you're doing.  What you post should give value to your audience and not just be filler.  We're dedicating time to curating a sub par post and taking our time away from another, perhaps more productive task just to follow the rules of engagement.  If it doesn't add value, don't post it.
  2. Does it fit the aesthetic? While we can be as organic as we like or as gird-centric as we like, the best thing we can do to keep our followers interested is to make sure our posts fit our aesthetic.  Aesthetic is a broad term and I may not be the best person to give you advice on this but........make sure what your posting fits with your page.  Edit it the same, use the same fonts as your brand, etc.  Make sure it fits on your feed.

So, with all that being said, what can we post that is authentic & on brand when we don't really have anything to share?

Current View/Stock Photo + Motivational/Real Talk

This is my favorite one (and that's why I put it first!) because often times I have something I want to say but I don't have a picture to say it with.  Usually I snap a quick shot of something I've got styled in my home, my actual current view, or an on brand stock photo then use the caption to offer something of value.  I use A Color Story to create consistent edits so that my photos all have the same feel.  A Color Story also has a feature to help you plan your feed and I use this to make sure an edited stock photo will fit in the aesthetic I've already got going.  I've listed a few stock photo resources  & tips here.

Turn a Poor Photo Black & White

Sometimes we get so caught up in the perfect Instagram life we forget that real life things do happen.  Like last minute road trips, quick runs to Target, or just front porch sits with our family.  We like to capture photos of these moments but they don't always turn out insta worthy because we're enjoying the moment and not thinking about our feed.  If you do want to share a candid shot that may not be perfectly styled - turn it black & white!  The contrast is going to help your photo look alright and fit into your grid.  Instagram has a few black & white filters, but I have a whole post on creating the perfect black & white photo right here.

Share a Quote

If you want to give something of value but you don't have a photo, share an image of a quote.  Every ninth photo on my grid is a quote on a white background in my branded text.  Use a text overlay app like Phonto, A Design Kit, or PhotoMarks to create your quotes to stick with your over all aesthetic.  I like Phonto because you can import branded text right to the app.  For example, the script text I use for my blog header is not in the Phonto app but I was able to import it so I can use it consistently.  You can also use the stories feature on Instagram to type out quotes and then save to your camera roll & upload.  PicMonkey and Canva work great for this too, and they both have a smartphone app.

Styled Product Photo

Grab a product photo from your shop and share it on your feed.  Talk about the product, why you love it, what it can do for someone, or why someone needs it.  Share something of value in the caption so that your followers feel a connection.  They may not even know you have a shop or that you sell anything!  They may just want to get in on that action!  You can also share how you're currently using something that you sell to create that authentic connection.


Since videos automatically play on our feeds and there's some action going on, videos often get more interaction from our followers.  They are longer than just the second it takes to view a photo so videos can help us capture our follower's attention.  Through video, followers are able to hear your voice and see a snapshot into your real life.  With the app A Color Story you can even edit short videos to match the edits on your feed.  That app is seriously the best app ever for bloggers.  Plus the ideas are endless when it comes to what you can showcase in a video.  You can even use a fun app like PVC Pro to create video collages.  (review coming soon!)

So when you think you've got nothing to post, you've now got five ideas to get you back on track!  You can even build these ideas into your current posting schedule if you've got space to fill.  The point of this is to show you that you can be authentic while still being on brand.

It is important that we're keeping social media a stress free place for us as infulencers and as consumers.  Personally, I don't like stressing over the perfect photo especially when I could be spending that time on quality content on another platform.  In order to be more authentic online recently I've not been stressing myself out if I'm not posting on every single platform.  I want to create content of value not just a quick post & run.  Lets create a community rather than just a conglomeration of overwhelm.

What is your Instagram strategy?  What do you post when you don't know what to post?

xoxo, Moe

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