Trend Tuesday // A Day with Lindsay & Sarah

So I don't think I've ever done a post related to bathing suits on my body on this blog. Usually I just show some nice bathing suits on other plus size bodies and call it done.  But today I really wanted to put myself out there.  I really like these suits and I really like these cover ups.
LuLaroe Beach Cover
You all know my obsession with LuLaRoe right now so I wanted to share with you how to wear two styles that are sort of reserved for winter weather - the Sarah and the Lindsay.  Depending on the fabric, these guys can been great beach cover ups.
Plus Size Bathing SuiteLuLaRoe Sarah Cardigan Beach Cover Up
Solid one piece bathing suit + patterned Sarah
I love this bathing suit!! This has been my go to style of suit for a long, long time.  I love the silhouette and the ruching.  If you're a bit reserved on the beach a solid color may make you feel more comfortable rather than a pattern.  I know that companies want to sell plus size ladies black bathing suits in the summer to be figure flattering.  While I find that to be 100% a personal opinion (and the only opinion that matters is the one of the person actually wearing the bathing suit), I also recommend getting out of your comfort zone by choosing a brighter, solid color.  Which is why I love this coral color.  I've had two of this style suits both in the same color.

Pair the solid suit with a patterned Sarah cardigan for more coverage.  I personally like patterns and find that it adds something fun to a solid suit.  The Sarah adds much more coverage to the suit and is also warmer if the beach day turns into a beach night.
Plus Size LuLaRoeLuLaRoe Lindsay Beach Cover Up
Solid one piece + patterned Lindsay
Again, a solid one piece in a fun color is very cute while still covering you where you want to be covered.  I also like the halter style of this suit - it is very retro looking.  The cut and ruching give a vintage silhouette.

Pairing the one piece with a shorter Lindsay gives a little less coverage but I love this look because I find that sometimes the Sarah may get in the way.  The Lindsay is still long in the back and will cover your booty but not as long as the Sara.  If the day is super windy......you may get all caught up in your Sarah!
LuLaRoe Beach WearPlus Size Bikini
Patterned Bikini + Solid Sarah
Now we're going to get into pattern mixing!!  I love this super structured push up bikini.  I am not sure where I got it from (maybe Wal-Mart?) but this is similar.  Wearing a bikini is something I haven't done since I was probably super young.  BUT - I find this super liberating and super cute.

Again the Sarah cardigan gives this swim suit a ton more coverage while still looking cute.  I think this helps with acclimating myself to actually wearing a bikini!  If you're wearing a solid bikini, try a patterned Sarah.  I like this solid color with the pattern to not be so overwhelming - especially with the length of the Sarah.
Plus Size Swimwear
Plus Size Swimsuit
Floral Bikini + Geometric Patterned Lindsay
This is my favorite look because it really gets into pattern mixing.  The floral bikini top looks great with the geometric pattern of this Lindsay.  A great way to pair patters is in this floral + linear fashion.

As mentioned above, the Lindsay is long enough to cover your booty, but just short enough to be super cute!  I love that this look seems to fall of the shoulder and look effortless.  The Sarah is more structured - staying up on your shoulders - while the Lindsay is loose - the sleeves are flowy and more casual.

The whole point of this post is not only to show you two ways to wear the Lindsay & the Sarah during the summer but to also show you how to wear two bathing suit styles with confidence!  Please know that you can wear whatever you like as long as you are comfortable and having fun. 

While these two pieces weren't provided by Cinnamon of LuLaRoe Cinnamon Little VIP, I recommend joining her group to shop!  Find the VIP group here and follow along on Instagram.  You can read all of my LuLaRoe related posts here.

What will you be wearing beach or pool side this Summer?

xoxo, Moe


  1. I loooove the second bikini! Looking so fine! 😍💕

    Heidi 🍓 | Heidi's Planner | Instagram

  2. Hello,

    I am Gabriela and I just want to say "OMG. I am soooo proud of you!"
    Seriously, I am very embarrassed with my body, hence I never wear a swimming suit, but your pictures really inspired me. Tomorrow I will go to the swimming pool and I will not care about all the eyes looking at me. Thank you.


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