Make it Monday // How to Make Cold Brew Coffee in a French Press

About a 2 weeks ago I picked up some coffee concentrate from the grocery store.  I'd heard about this crazy concoction from my BFF when we were in Florida (she doesn't even like coffee!!) and finally decided to pick some up.  Apparently you can dilute this magical juice with water, milk, etc and have a delicious cup of coffee.
Cold Brew Coffee At Home
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Let me tell you - I love this stuff!  Since picking that bottle up I've had a cup of cold brew coffee each morning with just milk.  I've cut my intake of sugar and that processed non-dairy creamer stuff by doing this.  Though I can't say the impact of that yet, the cup of coffee isn't too bitter and I can stand to drink it with out the pump of sweetness.  Never thought I'd be able to do that.

So, because I've found a new love & because I have a French press that is collecting dust next to my coffee bar I thought I'd try my hand at making my own cold brew coffee concentrate.
How to Make Cold Brew Coffee in a French Press
supplies :: french press, coarse ground coffee, room temp water, 14-16 hours, mason jar (optional), fine sieve (optional)

Personally I used the coffee grounds I'd had on hand but a lot of the blogs I read suggested coarse ground coffee for a sweeter flavor.  It seems that the grinding process heats up the coffee beans and the finer you grind, the more heat is generated.  Science, it makes sense.  And that heat is what creates the more bitter taste.  So take that as a suggestion.  I do plan on getting a coffee grinder for myself.
Cold Brew Coffee At Home
Cold Brew Coffee At Home
Add 1 cup of the coffee grounds to the French press and top with water.  Leave about an inch at the top so that you can add the lid and plunger with out causing overflow.  Cover the press and set aside for 14-16 hours.
Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate
Once the concoction has steeped for 14-16 hours, add the lid and press the plunger down to push the grounds to the bottom of the container.  My french press has a fine mesh over the spout as well but you may need a sieve here to remove the rest of the grounds.  Either pour the magical goodness into a separate container like a mason jar to store it for later or pour into a temporary container, clean the french press, and transfer the unicorn blood back into it.

Store in the fridge for about a week because you'll drink it all in that time frame.  No need to worry about it going bad, you're gonna down it in no time!
DIY Cold Brew Coffee
Cold Brew Coffee At HOme
I dilute the coffee concentrate with milk and drink it cold.  I have tried to dilute it with water - both drinking it cold and hot - and personally I don't like it.  I'd need a little bit of sweetness to drink it that way.  Milk - we drink Skim milk but this would be great with almond or soy milk - is the way I choose to take my coffee.  I don't measure out the ratios but about a shot of coffee in a mug topped with milk seems to work just fine.

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I can't wait to try different coffee recipes with this coffee concentrate.  I see a gourmet coffee shop right on my kitchen counter in the future!

How do you take your coffee?  Are you down for some cold brew?  Let me know below or in the Five Sixteenths Blog | Live Creatively Facebook group here.

xoxo, Moe

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