Make it Monday // Printable Episode Tracker Insert

I've been watching a lot of stupid TV recently - like every night for the past few weeks I've settled in with my History Channel app to watch Ancient Aliens.  The good thing about watching something on Netflix or an app on your Apple TV is that the program keeps track of your progress.  When you're watching a current TV show - like Game of Thrones - you may need some tracking.  For example I have zero idea what episode I was on when I stopped watching Game of Thrones...I honestly think I'm like 2 seasons behind!
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So I decided to pop over to my favorite little design program, PicMonkey, and whip up a fun episode tracker.  This is great for any current shows your watching or to mark what episode you're on when it comes to Netflix in case you find yourself using someone else's Netflix while on vacation!  I've done a few DIY's like this before - monogrammed notes pages, Christmas countdown, Halloween notes pages, school class schedule planner inserts - and I used the same technique for this tutorial.
First, head over to PicMonkey.com.  Under the Design tab, open up a new 4x6 canvas.  Crop this canvas using the iPhone 5 proportions.  Uncheck the scale photo box in order to maximize the print quality.
Overlay the text you would like - in this case the title Episode Tracker.  Make sure that you're kepeing the text and images over to one side of the canvas.  This will leave room for the holes to be punched later.  One of the things I love about PicMonkey is the array of fonts they offer.  I also love that I can use my own fonts, but this fonts I used here are part of the free selections.  I'm subscribed to Royale - which offers a greater selection of every aspect of PicMonkey - but the free version works great for simple designs as well.

The font for the main text of the design is Geo Sans Light.  This font is clean and simple.  It looks great in a block of text.  Use that font to create your episode guide.

Next, overlay some rectangles in a gray color.  Right click and select send to back.  Copy and paste the text boxes and rectangles down the length of the insert. 

Once the insert is complete, save your work but do not close PicMonkey!  You'll want to then click on each element and using the arrow keys move each element over to the other side of the page.  This will give you the opposite page to punch the holes on the opposite side.  Save this image
Now you'll want to open your images in a word processor - you can use Word, Pages, or even Open Office (like I'm using) to insert the images into.  (Here is a video to follow along.)  Insert both images, align the right page to the right of the document using the arrange and align feature of the program you're using.  Align the left page on the left side of the document using the same process.  Be sure that each insert is lined up at the top or the bottom so that double sided printing works with the document.  You may also need to add a border around the image so that it is easy to print.  This should be under border settings.

Then print!  Once you're fully satisfied, close out your PicMonkey screens and save your document for future printing.  If you're not down to make your own, you can download this one here.  Remember all things on the blog (unless otherwise stated) are for personal use only.  If you'd like to share, please link to this blog post.

What are you currently watching?  Anything good to catch up on?

xoxo, Moe


  1. Wooow I had the idea but I could not execute as gorgeous as you did really love it thank you very much
    It would be nice if you could check out my blog http://dodocharms.blogspot.com

  2. Wooow I had the idea but I could not execute as gorgeous as you did really love it thank you very much
    It would be nice if you could check out my blog http://dodocharms.blogspot.com

  3. What a great layout. I've been tracking out tv shows on a plain piece of grid paper on a clipboard I keep on the coffee table. I need to include not just the episode # (2:02, 3:05, etc) but also the title because we watch On Demand and sometimes forget the last episode we've seen and the name rings a bell better than the number

  4. I have been tiny bit familiar of this your broadcast provided bright clear concept...



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