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I'm not 100% sure how to review an eyeshadow primer - it has no color so there are no swatches of it - but I just knew I had to review this one.  First off I will spoil the review (I don't really like doing that) because I love this primer.  It seriously brings out the colors of even the cheapest shadows and makes them last super long!  I was very impressed using this primer thte other day with a drugstore Wet n Wild palette.  That palette is not the best quality that Wet n Wild can put out, but applying the shades over the primer made the colors more vibrant and increased the lasting power.
So let's just get into my thoughts on this product :

From the Website
A lightweight and waterproof formula that locks in your eye makeup and prevents shadow creasing. This silky blend dries transparent and preps your lids for a smooth and even application. Watch your favorite eye shadows intensely come to life. More importantly, it protects your eye makeup all day, so you can get back to the important things in life (cat videos, selfies, and hoarding makeup samples).
taken from the website here.
First Impression & Application
When I first applied this primer I was a little confused - it is very thick and I didn't realize that you only need a very, very tiny bit.  The first time I used this I think I used too much - it felt like a cheap cream shadow on my eyelids.  The key is to use the very least you can.
The way I apply this primer now is to take a bit about the size of the head of a pin - this is for both eyes!  I rub it between my two fore fingers to warm up the product, then gently swipe it onto my lids.  I then dab a clean finger (often my ring finger or middle finger) on my lids to pick up any excess product.  This is important because the shadows will blend easier.  This is the first primer I've used that has acted like a glue.  It doesn't really absorb into your skin but rather sits on top to create a sticky layer that holds onto the shadows.

Wear Time
This primer is great for cheapo shadows.  I used an old (yikes!) Wet n Wild eye shadow palette that didn't really have that great of a color pay off or lasting time with any other primers.  And I went into the bathroom before I left work to grab some lunch and my eye shadow was still there! It wasn't the greatest but it was still there!
In the picture above I tried to capture the color payoff of that not so great Wet n Wild palette and the lasting power of the primer.  This was a hard review to photograph!  You can see the light colors became a little more vibrant - like the pastel purple and even a little tiny bit of that pink and the cream color.  And the darker colors were the last to stick around.  That purple though is still showing up in the far right image!

I put on my make up at 6:30am and leave work around 4pm - so that is around 10 hours.  If I use a good shadow - like a Lorac palette - I find that I'm taking off my eye shadow with the rest of my make up when I get home.  That is impressive to me!
Overall Impressions & Recommendations 
I love this primer.  However, the full price is $20 for .35oz.  I got this sample in one of my last Ipsy bags and the sample size is .17oz.  I don't think I will ever go through this whole tube, honestly, so I can't tell you if I'd purchase this again or not.  I can tell you that I'm glad I tried it!  If long lasting primers are important to you I would suggest dropping the $20 on this.  The tube will last you literally forever so it is worth the money.  This is my current holy grail primer - I've had it in my last few make up baskets too!

I hope this little review was helpful - I am so very glad I have this product.  It really is a standout!

Do you have a current favorite eye shadow primer?  Any products to recommend?

xoxo, Moe

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