Three Inspiring Blog Planning Notebooks

Blog planning is something that I find so fun to do.  The one reason why I love it is because it is so fluid.  Depending on the attitude you have towards your blog, you can plan away and stick to the plan or plan away and then move things around.  I'm more fluid in my planning because I know there is a thing called life that I have to live (bummer, right? Just kidding!) and sometimes things get thrown out the window.  I like to plan out the month with what I'd like to do and then if it happens great....if I live my life and something else happens, that's great too!  So here are three inspiring blog notebooks I found while searching Pinterest for some blogging inspiration.
This crazy old post from the blog A Beautiful Mess is super inspiring!

Why I Like It:
I love the creative fluidity of this notebook.  It's totally customizable because of the rings - you can move pages here and there.  This also adds to the fluidity for me.  I love the sticky note idea to sketch out an idea and move it around the notebook in the various stages of planning.  You can also color code your notes making it ever more organized.  I also l
the hand written tabs.  This takes creativity to another level.  I think in your planning you do have to be creative as well...that is where you can draw some inspiration when you're feeling uninspired.

This daily planner from Turquoise Home from her post on being an efficient blogger.

Why I Like It:
When I was unemployed a looong time ago I was working all day on my blog and my various shops.  If you're a blogger thinking of taking the plunge into full time blogging an hourly breakdown of your day can really keep you accountable.  This split page design has the hourly breakdown on the left and a to-do list on the right.  I found that the hardest part about not having a boss was having no one to be accountable to.  It was the realization that I had to be the one to set the schedule and then I also had to be the one to fulfill it.  I also like the to-do list because I often forgot to focus on social media so adding this as an important check mark means you're going to focus on it every day.

This amazing planner in a Moleskine from Andrea.  I first saw the photo above on her instagram account.  You can read about here blog planner here.

Why I Like It:
If you head over to her blog and read her post on her planner you'll get a lot more info that just this picture.  I like this blog planner because it is a place for all things blog.  She created an index so she'd be able to find everything that she puts in this notebook.  She also has the photo sizes for her photos at a quick glance at the front of the notebook.  Doing this means you'll always have your blog style guide at your finger tips.  You could also throw in any hex codes for colors and a list of fonts and standards for your blog planning.  I also like that she has a monthly calendar.  I plan my posts much like she does - map out the reoccurring posts for the month so you have a place to start.  On the opposite page is sort of like the bullet journal system (a concept I really want to get into!) with the dates and posts she's working on.  The black & white lover in me really finds inspiration in the simplicity and organization of this planner.

I am thinking of moving my blog planner out of my Filofax even though I really do love having all my planning all in one place.  I may just add some graph paper so I can do set up like Andrea's.  I've already started something like that for my YouTube channel planning.  I just love planning!

If you want to see more of my blog planning process you can read these posts: My Blog Planner (an old post from 2012!), My 2014 Blog Planner (my first ring binder type of planner), Functional Ways to Use Project Life Cards in your Planner, My Blogging Kit 2.0.

How do you blog?  Do you plan with pen and paper or just go with the flow?

xoxo, Moe

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  1. I blog and I have a list of ideas, but mostly I just try to write every day. My ideas list is for when I wake up uninspired.



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