Winter Skin Care for Oily, yet Dry Skin

I've run into this problem where my skin is crazy.  During the winter my skin freaks out.  It is both oily & dry at the same time.  How is that possible??  Whatever bizarre parallel universe I've landed in, I've found a way to cope with it.  Here are my five favorites this winter:
Witch Hazel toner
This is great, natural alternative for a toner all year round but I love it for the winter because it doesn't strip my skin of moisture.  It evens out the PH of my skin and as a plus refined pores.  I do think this is a great toner for evening skin texture and clearing out your pores.

Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream from the Body Shop
I got a sample set of this line from the Body Shop from TJ Maxx for $10!  It was something I was dying to try but always passed over.  Now I know I'm going to pick more up!  This day cream is a nice gel formula that adds a little bit of moisture but also gives a matte finish.  The biggest thing I've encountered in this oily yet dry skin of mine is that if I don't hydrate it, it's just going to hate me more!
Nourish Organic Moisturizing Cream Face Cleanser
This is a sample I received in an ipsy bag and have really fallen in love.  The cream formula of the cleanser doesn't give me a squeaky-clean, tight feeling to my skin but rather cleanses while moisturizing.  It doesn't feel greasy at the end of it all and it really does cleanse off all the things I need it to cleanse!  I also have an eye creme from this brand and, so far, I'm sold on it.

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing lotion
A moisturizer is something I've struggled to find for a long time.  I get so nervous to put any old moisturizer on my face for fear of it being too thick, too greasy, or likely to clog my pores.  This moisturizer does the job with out making my skin oily....If you have oily skin hopefully you'll know what I mean - its like the product doesn't get absorbed and then you get oily, and it's just a mess.  I also steer clear of luminous moisturizers for this reason.  However, this Aveeno lotion moisturizes the right amount and the ingredients don't clog my pore or irritate my skin.  I lay it on thick at night to pack on the moisture but use only a small pearl size amount in the morning.
Urban Decay De-slick Make Up Setting Spray
This is another year round thing for me too.  It doesn't hurt to lock in your make up all day long with a few sprays of this.  This one is my Holy Grail but you could use the NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray from the drug store as well.  This adds just a final touch to the make up I have for the day to ensure I don't get too glowy during the day.  It can also act as a make up refresher during the day and I keep a travel bottle in my purse.

Realizing that my skin goes crazy this time of year I'm glad I was able to try some new things to keep my skin hydrated, yet matte!  Who knows what my skin will do when I head back to Virginia next week.

How do you treat your skin in the winter?  Any other products you love?

xoxo, Moe

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