December 2014 Journaling Cards

I am so excited that December is finally here.  I've put up the Christmas tree and am thinking about putting up lights outside this year but I probably won't get around to it....because I am lazy!  I have all of Zach's presents done and we just have to get some things for Zach's parents/brothers and I have to see what to bring home for my family.  I don know that I'm bringing home a whole bunch of make up to show my sister & mom.  I have somethings that I think they will like and want to see if the actually do like it because then I will feel awesome for recommending it.
Anyway, here are December's Journaling cards!  I went for a lighter color scheme rather than the standard bright green and red...it's a vintage, shabby chic Christmas.  As always I made these with the amazing online photo editor and design machine PicMonkey.  You can read all of my PicMonkey tutorials here and sign up for their Royal feature here.  I hope that the links work this time...every month I feel like I have a zillion problems!  Download the PDF here.

Remember to play nice, these cards are free for personal use and feel free to share the blog post with your friends!

xoxo, Moe

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