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In case you haven't heard there is a pretty cool brand out there called Eyes Lips Face.  In case you haven't heard they are pretty affordable, too.  In case you haven't heard I've reviewed a few Elf products already:  Personal Blend Mineral Foundation, Acne Fighting Foundation, Baked Eyeshadows.  I also have an Elf Get Ready With Me video on my channel here.  Today I have another foundation review from their line - the HD Mattifying Cream Foundation
From the Website
High-definition, oil-free, lightweight. For normal to oily skin types.  Cream to powder formula minimized lines and leaves a natural, long lasting, matte finish.
claims taken from the website here.
Porcelain on the left, Sand on the right

First Impression & Application
This foundation comes in 6 shades and even though there are few shades the range does go very deep.  Usually (I'm thinking Rimmel 25 Hour Foundation here) there are a bunch of midrange shades - none too light, none too dark.  However, I think that this shade range is a nice representative of the differences in skin tone.  The packaging is black with white writing and I think it's very sleek.  The product does come with a nice size mirror and sponge.  
I applied this foundation different ways.  I first tried out this foundation probably a year ago when I first got it...but I didn't quite like it.  I threw it in my November Makeup Basket to try again to get a better feel for it.  So I tried a few different ways to apply it - a brush, my fingers, and a sponge.  I found the best coverage I got was from using my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge.  I loved the way this foundation applied.  It truly has a matte finish, the coverage is amazing and it blends so beautifully with the sponge.  Because of the texture and blendability, I felt I put my foundation on in an instant.  It was just so easy to apply.  My skin tone was even and my flaws were covered.  I would consider this a medium to full coverage foundation.
Wear Time
Here's were we start to get a little bit sad.  I thought that because the foundation blended on so smooth and had wonderful coverage, that it would be long lasting like the claims on the website.  However I only got a solid 4-5ish hours wear out of this.  I have oily skin (like I try to mention in these reviews!) and I felt it separating and pooling in my pores.  I like my foundation to last at least through my work day of 8hrs but really I need it to last 10+ hrs.  This just did not make the cut which really, really saddened me.
Porcelain on the left, Sand on the right

Overall Impression & Recommendations
This foundation has amazing coverage, an a matte finish.  I would say that if you were just going to get some pictures taken for a few hours or even if you needed a cheap foundation to look good for maybe filming a YouTube video - that way you don't have to use your nice foundation - I would recommend this.  If you can pick it up during one of their 50% off sales that will bring the price down to $3.  Overall I do like this foundation and feel it definitely has a use.  I wouldn't wear this foundation in any long lasting capacity but if you're going out for a few hours, need pictures taken, or the like, this is a great foundation.  I sort of feel like you have to be Cinderella here and get home before the clock chimes 4 hours from application....otherwise you risk looking crazy.  I will probably continue to use this foundation for filming since it's so fast to apply.

Have you tried this foundation?  How did you like it?
xoxo, Moe

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