December 2014 Four Simple Goals

I am so very happy that I've kept up with this little project here on the blog this year.  I also plan on bringing it onto next year as well.  Shortly, well probably in January, I'm going to outline my goals for the year.  I know I do it every year and every year I forget and life moves on....but I really think that this Four Simple Goals project has kept me on track for completing goals.  I think my planner has really helped with that as well.  I can see what I'm doing and keep track of it.  Anyway, on to December's goals:

Finalize the planner inserts for the shop - That's right, I'm thinking of opening my design shop up again with planner printables and journal cards.  I have a few things designed right now but I need to finalize the designs.  I plan on listing everything in January after I'm home from visiting my family.  Right now I want to focus on finalizing the designs, sizes, packages, and prices.

Get a massage - Last year Zach got me a gift card for a massage and I've been hoarding it....for a year!  So, for my birthday, I'm going to use it to get a massage!  Now just to call and make the appointment.

Start Vlogging - I know there is such a thing as vlogmas...so maybe I will participate by doing a weekly vlog video on Sundays.  Way back in college when I got my first little flip cam, I really wanted to start vlogging...but I felt weird.  Now I just really want to try.  YouTube is fun!

Focus on App reviews - There are soooo many apps I want to review for you all but then I just put them off.  I really just need to type them out and get to them!  I am going to make a list of the apps I want to review and then just do it!  That's what my planner is for right??

There you have it...my four goals for December.  Yay!

What will you accomplish this month?

xoxo, Moe

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