Fan Fridays: I Can Hear the Bells!

No, this isn't a post about Hairspray the musical
(though this reminds me, I need to buy some hairspray....)

This is a Wedding Inspiration post!
My best friend's wedding draws closer & as we unpack our new home 
(me, her &+1 for the groom!)
I've realized that we have two very different tastes.  

While I do love the things she picks out, I have realized that she is a very muted & earth tone, matchy-matchy type of person where as I love to mix pattern & color.
I feel our home will need to be a healthy mix of the two....I know it will look awesome in the end.

But her wedding is totally different from an idea I have for mine
(which is in no way in the making right now)
Her wedding has inspired me to look at wedding things!

Inspiration from handmade weddings, 500 Days of Summer, spring picnics, 
Summer Gardens, Vintage sheets, print & pattern, and other lovely things!

What would your perfect wedding look like?
Have you already thrown your perfect wedding?
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