I think I may be switching

To just one blog.  
Why in the heck did I need two in the first place? Who knows.
I thought I would be able to keep them both separate, but it is just becoming a hassle & I want to combine art & home & lifestyle all together.

Some of my great inspirations for the big switch are
Kaleah from Honey Bee in the City

I would always tell myself, 'well, one is for crafts/art & one is for home/lifestyle/fashion'
But the truth is, all of those are part of me & it stunk to try to separate and yet combine both.
like through twitter, facebook, etsy, etc. 

I want to be one entity.  So Cross My Hooks will still stay up....but everything will now be focused on this blog.

I just think Five Sixteenths defines my style more.  I like the design I made, the aesthetic, etc.  And I want to start to blog more about me all around.  I think I will finally have time for that! 

Now I can do Make it Mondays inspired by these things:

And less about 'how is this different than Cross My Hooks?'
I can just blog about me.

After all, there really are no rules to what you can and can't blog about.
And who says I can't do what I please!

Now that I am more settled down I will also be able to blog more focused & less 
'oh hey, here's something I like'
I can actually take time to nurture the blog & to help it grow.
I can throw in things like pics from instagram of the puppy, food, & the bbfl as we go grocery shopping.

I also don't want to juggle 3 blogs with est. 1839 being a newbie and all.
I am so excited to get back to working on that too!
My three friends, Amy, Jenni & Megan have been rocking it out with me & we are moving right along.

In the next week or so, new color scheme for the blog will be in the works since the yellow is sorta hard to read.

so anyway, that may be the change that is happening in my life.
I will still do DIY's, I will still feature artists (because that is really important to me), I will still showcase work (mine & others), but it will be about my life.......not just crafts or decor.

What do you think? Have you ever decided to let a blog go & take a different direction?
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