Dorm Dec Wednesday: Tori from The Editorial - Guest Post DIY

Today we have an awesome guest post from Tori! 
She is super cool & new to the blog world.  From the looks of her blog, she's getting this blog thing all figured out!

Check out her cool DIY below!

Hi Five Sixteenths readers! I'm Tori from “The Editorial.” I'm a writer, a shopaholic, a crafter, and a lover of all things antique, monogrammed, and simple. When I saw "Dorm Dec Wednesdays" on Moe's blog I was so excited! DIY's and decor advice for college kids- I'm so there! So I asked Moe if I could be an addition to the mix- and here it is!

I'm a freshman in college and I've just recently found my voice through blogging. My blog is a place where I write about my life, my wonderful southern gent, my faith, my crafting, and other things I find along the way.

If you're like me, it's tough going shopping without picking up a new piece to go in your jewelry collection. My weakness: earrings. After finally figuring out that I couldn't just throw all my earrings in a Brighton tin under my sink a couple of months ago, I had to figure out something else. For months I was hunting for the perfect earring holder- my find: nothing. Thus, I went to the downtown antique stores. After a little {and I mean little, like almost nothing} tweaking, behold, a jewel was born...

This holder is so simple to make, seriously, 15 minutes tops! Now, I just prop that baby up against my mirror and it works as a cute, rustic, antique decoration for my powder room, as well as an awesome earring holder.

Here's the “how to”...


Frame {Depending on your earring collection, the sizes will differ}
Fiberglass Screen {Again, size of the frame will depend on how much screen you need}
Hot Glue Gun


1. Strip the frame of all glass, pictures, and backing.
2. Flip the frame {face down} and measure the back. Cut a piece of screen to the measurements.

3. Glue the screen to the back of the frame. Make sure you pull the screen tight to each side so it will hold your earrings up sturdily. Don't forget to let each side dry before moving on!

4. Stick your earrings through the holes of the screen and enjoy!

It's amazing how much appealing your earrings will look when they are displayed on this frame holder! As you can see, I kept mine pretty simple, but these can be dressed up as much as you want. Paint or stain the frames, add a pretty fabric behind the screen, or add ribbon to the top and hang it up like a real frame! These also make awesome gifts for your girlfriends and family. Add a simple tag with a message and ta-da: you have a great {pretty $$$ saving} gift!

Thanks again to Moe for letting me guest blog on Five Sixteenths blog.


Thanks so much for this post! You rock Tori!
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