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When it comes to self development & spirituality, I can't recommend using oracle and/or tarot cards enough.  Paired with some quiet time, mediation, and just self care in general, these decks can be a powerful way to connect with our higher selves so that we can understand who we are and move forward with a more positive outlook.  For me, tarot & oracle cards aren't something that can predict the future.  Personally, I believe that those who use cards in that way have another (totally separate) gift and the cards are a physical way of representing it.  But no matter what you believe, using tarot & oracle cards should be a vital part of your spiritual practice or self development journey!
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I first started using tarot cards in March of 2018.  I found them to be a great tool for guidance & for inspiration.  These cards can help us with mantras, give guidance on choices, and most often they can spell out what we already know...but are maybe too naive or too reluctant to see.  

Types of Decks

There are quite a few decks that I turn too and I often will use more than one deck in a reading.  I love oracle cards just as much as tarot cards and I find pairing the two means I'll get a more interesting and sometimes more inspiring message.  There are three types of decks that I use:
  1. Tarot deck - your traditional 78 card tarot deck.  I usually use a Rider-Waite-Smith inspired deck as the imagery is easier to read for me.
  2. Oracle deck - These range in their style but they are normally considered anything that is not a traditional tarot deck.  There can be angel decks, moon phase decks, ascended masters decks, crystal decks, etc.
  3. Affirmation deck - I'm not sure if this is a subcategory of cards, but this is what I like to call decks that have text centered around a mantra or affirmation.  So the face of the card will have text making the meaning very clear.

My Current Favorite Decks

The After Tarot

type of deck : tarot

The After Tarot is really the only tarot deck I use now.  I do have the Miss Cleo Tarot deck - surprisingly good I have to say - but The After Tarot has imagery that makes the cards much easier to understand.  The whole premise of this deck is to show what happens just after the traditional image in a Rider-Waite-Smith deck.
The imagery is still consistent with a RWS deck but takes it that step further and for me that makes the cards easier to understand.  The message is about action or reaction and gives a deeper meaning to the traditional images.

There is an expanded book that accompanies this deck, however I find it quite useless!! I prefer to build the meanings/interpretations on this deck from a traditional RWS perspective so it may be helpful to have a little white book from a traditional deck.

Spirit de la Lune

type of deck: oracle

The Spirit de la Lune deck was one of the first oracle style decks I purchased.  Since I really wanted to connect more into the moon and learn more about the phases, this deck stood out to me. This deck has 56 cards including moon phases, full moondalas, and zodiac moondalas (a moondalal is just the circular illustrated artwork on multiple cards).  Each card has printed words - the zodiac, the moon phase, the full moon, and the one-word meaning of the card - though I do not consider this an affirmation deck.
This deck is perfect for working with action as well as the moon phases can tell us what we may need to incorporate into our lives, which is why I think it is the perfect oracle deck.  The guidebook is full of information as well.  Not only do you get detailed info on each card, but there are spreads, crystal suggestions, and self care actions as well.  If you're even looking to learn about the moon the guidebook is full of information.

Connected Chakras

type of deck: affirmation

This deck is a deck I designed in 2017 that started as a throat chakra project.  I'd only intended to make a set of cards for the throat chakra and then the whole deck came together.  This is an affirmation deck as it is intended to give or inspire mantras for meditation.  I created this deck when I didn't really feel into my own power and I wanted to tap into my chakras to get aligned.
With 42 cards in this deck, the Connected Chakras deck features are six affirmations for each of the seven chakras.  There is no guidebook for this deck, but two cards provide info on how to use it.  This deck is intended to be a supplementary deck to your collection though it can be used alone.

My favorite way to use this deck is to pull a card with a tarot card and another oracle card.  I find that the Connected Chakras deck and the After Tarot work wonderful together.  The Connected Chakras deck will either be my mantra for the week/day/etc or add to a mantra I feel coming through that is supported by the other cards in the reading.

Universe has your Back 

type of deck: affirmation

This deck I wasn't too fond of at first.  But when I use this deck in conjunction with other decks (like the Connected Chakras deck) I feel like I get a more complete reading.  This is another deck that either provides me with or builds an affirmation for me.
The Universe has you Back deck features watercolor artwork is also very interesting and speaks to my creative side.  I love the hand written look of the text as well.  It just really speaks to my creativity.

Again, there is no guidebook with this deck though there is a supporting self development book by Gabby Bernstein by the same name.

My Quality Time Self Care Activity Deck

type of deck: oracle

Another creative deck, the My Quality Time Self Care Activity Deck from DeJa Drewit is one that I love to use weekly.  This can show me what I might want to do in order to focus on self care for the week.  Paired with other decks - especially an affirmation deck - I can begin to see where I might need to focus.
This deck is hand drawn with watercolor accents. The illustrations are ethereal, inspiring, and realistic....they all focus on you.  I am always so inspired by this deck.

Sacred Wild Soul

type of deck: affirmation

One of the first affirmation decks I purchased was from the Sacred Wild Soul website.  There are actually two decks that I'm lumping into this one category - the Sacred Soul Searching deck and the Sacred Wild Soul deck - and both are amazing.  They are the same size so you can combine the two decks if you want.
The imagery of this deck is watercolor illustrations combined with photographs.  Each card features a word or phrase along with an explanation, action, or question.  This is another deck that helps to build affirmations for my week or day.  The care and attention to detail make this deck one of my absolute favorites!

These are the decks I turn to the most.  I usually do a combination of a few decks in a reading because I feel drawn to them all.  Even using just one of these decks is super powerful & inspiring.  If you want to learn more about reading tarot, check out this post for a free Tarot Study Guide.  You can also read more tarot related posts here.

xoxo, Moe

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  1. This was interesting to read. Thanks for sharing. I have been working on my cards more lately and this inspires me to get a few more decks.


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