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If you've been around the block or two with this whole blogging thing you'll know that things change all the time.  I mean we had the Instagram algorithm switch, adpocalypses over on YouTube, and the switch (quite a while ago) to vertical images on blogs because Pinterest favored them.  So what is new now?
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Well it may not be new, new.....but video is taking over.  We've got video on Instagram (read more about what to post when you've got nothing to post here) and on Facebook.  And the verdict is video is better because it engages us longer.  Who doesn't scroll through the next video on Facebook or tap on the videos on the explore page of Instagram?

I was contacted by the makers of Photomarks, Bits & Coffee, to review a cool collage app that combines photo & video to create square content to share on your Instagram, Faceook, or other social media feeds.  Let's talk about this cool app.

What is it?

Photo Video Collage or PVC pro is an  collage app that allows you to "Create beautiful and engaging photo & video collages with your memories and favorite music, built for sharing on Instagram, and Facebook!  PhotoVideoCollage brings collages to a whole new level. Not only can you add photos but also entire videos and mix the soundtracks with your favorite iTunes song!"
Information taken from the app store here.

This app takes collage much farther by combining photo, video, text, and sound to create unique content optimized for sharing.  The price of this app is $1.99 USD so it's pretty reasonable but there is a free version here, too!

What it does

PVC pro gives you the ability to create quality videos for your social feeds with just a few taps.  Choose a layout, tap a box, add a photo or video.  It is that simple.  You can create branded content by using images created in a text overlay app - my favorite is Phonto but PhotoMarks is made by the same creator as PVC Pro - or use your own styled images.
Drag & drop to rearrange the elements of the layout and add music from iTunes.  If you have copyright free music, this would work perfect to share & monetize.  You can add a text title as well.

There are 70+ square layouts, background colors & texture overlays, the ability to export a new video to Instagram, Facebook, email, or your camera roll. 
This app is another great powerhouse tool to make content while you're out & about!

How it helps you

As an on the go blogger, I do most of my content creation on the go and on my phone.  I film not only YouTube videos but short & sweet videos for my various feeds.  The optimal video is also square or - I can't believe we've come to this - vertical.  I'm not saying it's right, I'm just saying it's happening.
This app can help you create interesting and optimized videos - especially if you have multiple things to share.  One way I use this app is to add a vertical video into the collage plus two other graphics with supplemental information.  I find these fit better into your Facebook page or groups but are not that aesthetically pleasing when used on your Instagram feed.  But you can always pop these into your stories.

Overall, I think this app is very useful.  I've created a few videos with this app (check one here on the 516 Facebook Page) and have to say I will keep it around!  I do wish that there was an option to go horizontal or vertical.  A vertical layout would be fun to use in your stories.  I think this app is great as a companion app in your blogging arsenal. 

Download PVC pro today to get your video making on!  Want more amazing apps to try? Read more app reviews here.

What apps do you use in your blogging arsenal? 

xoxo, Moe

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