Three Ways to Build your Essential Oil Collection with Doterra

Using essential oils has become a daily routine in my life.  I carry a little bag around with me to work, I keep some in the bathroom, I keep some on my desk, and I have roller bottles out the wazoo.  I just can't get enough!  I use these oils for cleaning, for skincare, and for emotional balance.  I use them to freshen the air, to relax sore muscles, to uplift my mood.  I use them because the are effective & because they smell nice.  I use them because they work.
As a Wellness Advocate for Doterra, if you purchase through any of these links I will make a commission.

The oils I use are from doTERRA and I personally believe that these are the best oils out there for quality, purity, & potency because they come from around the world.  DoTERRA has formed amazing relationships with local farmers where certain plants are indigenous which means we're getting healthy and happy energies when we're sourcing from these plants.  Not only are the plants growing where they thrive the best, but communities are thriving too.  I love that the co-impact sourcing not only means I'm getting oil from a happy plant but I'm helping to build happy communities all around the world

DoTERRA also puts their oils through a battery of tests - 7 to be exact - to ensure that they are bottling the best oilsThese tests ensure there are no additives, no heavy metals, and nothing weird packed into the bottleCertified Pure Therapeutic Grade or CPTG means that the oils doTERRA offers are of the highest standard - no funny business here!

Build Your Collection Three Ways

So how can you grow your essential oil collection with quality oils?  There are a few ways to get started using doTERRA essential oils that will save you the most money:

Enrollment kit

If you purchase an enrollment kit you'll already be ahead of the game.  You'll get a collection of oils, supplements, and other products depending on the kit you choose plus you'll get an amazing welcome pack from doTERRA all about using the oils safely.  If you choose an enrollment kit, you'll have a collection right there to start with and you're wholesale membership fee will be waived.  There is no monthly order requirement but you'll be able to save 25% on all future orders for one year.
Each oil from DoTERRA has at least 10 uses (most have a ton more) so you'll be able to mix, match, & pair oils for all types of uses.  The most popular kits are the Home Essentials kit and the Family Essentials + beadlets kit.  These come with the top 10 oils in either 15ml or 5ml bottles.  You'll be able to start diffusing, to create your own cleaning supplies, to boost your mood, & to improve physical wellness right away!  This is like an instant collection to dive you right into the world of essential oils.  (Scroll to the bottom to see how to join & save!)

Wholesale Customer + Custom Order

If there isn't an enrollment kit that suits your needs you can join as a wholesale member ($35 membership fee) and then create you own custom order to get started with only the oils you're interested in.  This means you can start down a custom path with just the oils you want.

One great way to get started is to purchase household cleaning supplies.  Throw in the On Guard Cleaner Concentrate, the On Guard Laundry Detergent, the Beginners Trio with Lavender, Peppermint, & Lemon then add a bottle of Purify and you'll have a DIY cleaning kit for your whole house!

Another way to create a custom order is with your emotional needs in mind.  Create a custom order with the Spa Kit + Travel Kit or even the Emotional Aromatherapy Touch kit.  You'll be able to focus on emotional wellness with out all the other fluff.

Creating a custom order means you're only purchasing what you want.  You can even just add single oils...no pressure here!  Plus you'll save 25% on your next orders for that year.  Again, there's no pressure to place a monthly order! (Scroll to the bottom to see how to join & save!)

LRP monthly order

The final way to grow your DoTERRA collection is through an LRP order.  Enrollment in the Loyalty Reward Program means that you will place a monthly order - but you get to choose for what and for how much - and that you'll amass points to use towards free oils.  You can enroll in the LRP program any time when you're a wholesale customer or wellness advocate.  You can also cancel at any time.

The best part about this monthly order is that you can purchase only the things you need.  Over time you can get up to 30% back in points depending on how long you've been enrolled.  An order of 50PV gets you the points and an order of at least 1PV allows you to keep those points.  So there is no pressure to place the same order every month!  If you'd like to start slow & purchase a few oils, then the next month purchase only one, you're totally free to do that!  YOU get to determine your price point.  Its like a customized subscription service!

This is one of the best ways to experience all DoTERRA has to offer on your budget.  Plus you'll be earning points you can use later towards free product.  And any month you want the Free Product of the Month just place a 125PV order!

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Experiencing quality essential oils doesn't have to be out-of-budget expensive and it can be as customizable as you'd like.  Each of these options saves you money in the long run giving you the opportunity to build your collection easily, efficiently, and affordably!  Since you only need a few drops for effectiveness, building your collection slowly will pay off.  Patience is a virtue!

How to Join

  1. Click here to visit my doTERRA website. Select Join & Save in the upper part of the screen. 
  2. Enter your country on the next page & select continue
  3. Fill out your information & choose whether you'd like to be a Wholesale Customer or a Wellness Advocate. You should also see 4042730 as the referral information. Click continue.
  4. Select your starter kit.
  5. Choose any other products you'd like to add
  6. Review your order, enter your shipping & payment information. Select Process Order
  7. Email me at moe.howard@fivesixteenthsblog.com to let me know you've ordered! I'll get your exclusive team freebies ready to ship & add you to the Feel the Inhale team group. Plus we can schedule your one on one consultation to go over your wellness goals!
  8. Get ready to fall in love with oily goodness!
If you'd like to learn more about enrollment shoot me a message and if you're ready to get started click here & scroll down to follow the instructions!

xoxo, Moe

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