Three Ways to Save Money While Building your Make Up Collection

I'd consider make up to be one of my many, many hobbies.  For me personally it's the thrill of the hunt (finding limited edition products or being the first to find something new on the shelves), the thrill of saving at the check out counter, and the thrill of the comparison.  Make up is really something I collect - of course I use it too - but it's fun to have a lot of things at your disposal when you want to play around.  It's also great to be able to find some amazing things for a great price, here are my 3 tips for saving money while building a collection:
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Clip your coupons and hunt for deals

The place I like to shop for drugstore make up is CVS mainly because of their coupon program.  I've written a post on it here but mainly you can join their beauty club and for every $50 spent you get $5 Extra Bucks to spend in the store.  Additionally, they have in store coupons that print when you scan your rewards card.  And you can stack a CVS coupon with a Manufacturer's Coupon with your Extra Bucks to get the most bang for your buck.  I shop at CVS for everyday things - cereal, tooth paste, anything really - to build up my extra bucks to buy beauty products.  This is a great way to try things you're interested in but don't really want to shell out cash for.  They also have really great sales every week.  The only thing I can complain about is the selection of some brands is very poor.  For example my CVS doesn't have a great selection of Wet n Wild.

Follow your favorite brands on social media & keep an eye out on places like HauteLook.  You can find amazing (& sometimes secret) sales but keeping up with the brands you love.  HauteLook also runs sales on some of my favorite brands - like the Balm - quite often.

Know the Best Drugstore Brands

When it comes to affordability there are a few brands that are on the top.  Wet n Wild & Eyes Lips Face (ELF) are the tops for me.  They are easily accessible, start off at a really low price point, and the quality pretty much rocks.  CVS often has buy one get one free on Wet n Wild and even if it's just BOGO 50% off, you're still getting a steal.  The Eyes Lips Face website is constantly running sales (really get on their 50% off everything sales) but they are also available at local retailers.  Here's the breakdown:  If you want an affordable foundation that lasts all day the Wet n Wild Photo Focus foundation rocks.  Wet n Wild has the best eyeshadows & lipsticks.  Plus, they are constantly releasing amazing limited edition items which can fulfill you're need to hunt.  Eyes Lips Face is probably found in your local Target or Walmart and sometimes at Walgreens.  In recent years the brand has expanded to be more readily available and their product lines have only increased in quality.  In this line the blushes are a good range for what is available in store.  There are also a few blush & highlighting palettes that really impress me.  You don't have to place an order online to get a good grasp of the brand, however there are far more things online than in stores.  Their brushes are amazing and if you're just starting out your brush collection picking a few of their Studio Line Brushes will really build your collection fast.  (Here is a video on the essential Elf brushes that you have to have!)

Shop the Holiday Sets

If you want to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to high end, or prestige brand, make up be sure to shop the limited edition holiday sets.  You may be spending $45 but you might be getting a $100+ value.  First, save you're money...then weight the odds.  Whenever I want to try a brand or try something new from a brand, I look at these sets.  You'll often be getting a steal and getting a good sampling of that brand.  Additionally you're often getting smaller sizes of products in these sets so you're not tied to something you might not like.  You'll either work through it quickly or not feel as bad passing it to a friend because you didn't pay full price for a certain item.

If you're worried about bulky packaging you can also depot the things you like into Z Palettes to maximize you're storage space.  Brands like Elf and Physicians Formula also do holiday sets at the Drug Store and often you'll get more bang for your buck that way.  My personal philosophy when it comes to holiday sets is to shop for what you want.  Because these things are so, so popular I like to snatch up the things that I would be really sad if I couldn't find after the holidays.  Then, after the holidays, I'll go shopping to find any leftover sets that might be on discount.

You can really save a ton of money building your collection if you're patient and you build your collection one or two pieces at a time.  It's easy to do this if you coupon, coupon, coupon.  I stop into CVS quite often to see what deals I can get with my Extra Bucks and MFG coupons and that way I'm only spending a few bucks at a time but building a collection of things to try!

What are some of your money saving tips when it comes to make up?

xoxo, Moe

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