The Benefits of Using Essential Oils Topically

There are several ways to use essential oils that will benefit your over all emotional well being.  Most often you hear about using essential oils aromatically, like in diffuser blends or in diffuser jewelry.  I'd say the second most common way to use essential oils is topically - meaning apply the oil directly to your skin.  Aromatic & topical use are the two ways I use essential oils the most.
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There are several reasons to use essential oils topically over using them aromatically or internally.  It may simply be because topically is more convenient for your situation.  I apply oils to my skin throughout my work day.  Most of the time I am not using them to treat anything like a cut or a bug bite, but I'm using them for the emotional support they offer.  Currently, I do have a diffuser in my office but right now I use that for respiratory support of my desk mate!  You may also choose to apply an oil topically to relieve a digestive issue* while you're out and about or as a hand sanitizer if there's no sink around.  Topical application often tends to be the most convenient but the physical & emotion benefits are none the less powerful.

Applying Essential Oils Topically


When you get into this method there are several safety issues that should be addressed to ensure proper use of oils on the skin.  DoTERRA provides a Touch line of essential oils that are prediluted with fractionated coconut oil & prepackaged in 15 ml roller bottles for you.  So if you're applying it to your skin you'll already be good to go.

These prediluted rollers are designed for adult skin.  If you're using oils on extremely sensitive skin, mature skin, young children, or infants you'll need to follow a heavier dilution guide.  Essential oils are highly concentrated and while some can be applies NEAT (or directly to the skin) it is always best to err on the side of caution & begin with dilution.

A quick way to dilute any oil fast is to fill a roller bottle with only fractionated coconut oil, apply that to the skin, then swipe a Touch roller over or apply a drop of undiluted oil.  Be sure to check the doTERRA dilution guide for more information.


While some essential oils can be taken internally and the suggested dosage is listed on the bottle, there are several factors to take into account when it comes to applying oils topically.  Since we've already talked about dilution, applying a diluted oil is a lower dosage than applying an undiluted oil directly to the skin.  Here is a helpful dosage chart.  Bear in mind that your skin sensitivity may be another consideration for dosage.  Oils are highly concentrated and tend to act fast so you may only need one or two applications to find them effective.


Since essential oils are highly concentrated plant essences, you'll want to avoid sensitive areas - like eyes, broken skin, etc - even if the oil is diluted.  If you do get an oil in your eye you'll want to dilute with fractionated coconut oil & not water.  FCO is a carrier oil that will help move the oil across your body.  They are fatty and tend to attach to the essential oils helping the scent last longer so applying coconut oil to will help dilute the oil in case you've gotten it in your eye.

Why Apply Oils Topically?

Topical application may be the most convenient way to use essential oils but it can also be the most beneficial way if you're needing direct skin support.  Our skin is the barrier to our internal body but it also one of our largest organs.  Anything you place on the skin can directly affect your internal body as the compound is carried through to the blood stream.  That is one reason why we need to be careful with what we apply to our skin.  Here are three ways I use essential oils daily :

To Treat the Skin

For the most part I use essential oils in my skin care routine.  Melaluca is known to be clarifying and thus helps to treat breakouts.  Frankincense not only smells amazing but when applied to the skin reduces imperfections as it helps with cellular regeneration*.  DoTERRA even has quite a few skin care lines for various skin types & concerns.  But more over you can use essential oils to naturally sooth burns, reduce the puffiness & irritation of bug bites, and to help mend cuts & scrapes*.  Topical application in this case is the most effective way to have the essential oils directly impact the skin and surrounding areas.

To Act as a Natural Perfume

The emotional support essential oils offer can be enhanced by wearing the oils as natural perfumes.  If you're like me and want to feel motivated, awake, or emotionally supported through out the day then using the Touch roller bottles (or making your own) is a great way to combine the aromatic effects of essential oils with their topical benefits.  Plus the scent of a diluted oil will last a lot longer, it won't evaporate as quickly.

To Support the Body

Essential oils can support functions that may need a little help*.  DigestZen is designed to support the digestive system so it's great for nausea or an upset tummy.*  Applying this oil topically to the stomach can help with these issues.  Deep Blue oil can be used in a soothing massage to relieve muscle soreness.  Add it into any lotion or use the oil in an epsom salt bath.  My favorite essential oil blend to use topically is PastTense to calm and relieve tension at the end of a long day but it also helps me when I have severe headaches.  Essential oils can be used to support healthy functions!

When you apply essential oils topically you are getting their benefits localized but your also able to enjoy the aromatic qualities as well.  I personally carry a little bag with me everywhere I go with all the oils I may need to use in a day.  The best thing about doTERRA is that they package up the Top 10 oils in a great enrollment kit!  These 5 ml bottles are perfect to carry around with you. Plus pop in a little FCO roller bottle to your bag & you'll be ready to dilute in no time!

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