Essential Oils to Support your Beginning Yoga Flow

One of my favorite self care activities is yoga.  I've mentioned yoga on the blog recently because it is really been a a zen/chill session for me all while being active & connecting into my body.  The latter is something that is super important to me right now in my health & wellness routine - I need activities that honor my body.  Self care has been something that I've really been trying to focus on and both yoga & essential oils meet right there!
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Essential oils are perfect for your personal practice, especially since you'll be able to customize a routine that fits your flow.  If you're new to essential oils & their emotional properties, this post will go over how these aromatic compounds can support your yoga flow!

Why Use Essential Oils in Yoga?

Emotional & Physical Support

Yoga is a way to connect in with yourself and really tap into & listen to your body.  With yoga we are really able to communicate with and gently push our physical bodies in ways that are supportive and nurturing.  Essential oils can help us communicate with and gently push our emotional bodies in those same ways.  Essential oils set the mood & connect us to emotion.

Since our sense of smell is super powerful when it comes to associating feelings, using essential oils to help us foster certain desired feelings can help us shift our thinking while we're experiencing the zen of yoga.    These scents can also help support our current emotions - if you're feeling very empowered right now and want to do a yoga sequence that challenges you, you can try something like a citrus blend of Bergamot, Grapefruit, and Cypress.  These oils work with your Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras to support your sense of power & love for yourself.

Physical support can also be achieved with essential oils.  Starting with a minty oil will energize and open the air ways*.  Clear and open airways will help you focus on your breathing.  Peppermint & wintergreen are found in the Deep Blue blend that is perfect for soothing sore muscles if you've stretched a little too far.

When to Use Essential Oils

In Home Practice

The best place to use essential oils is in your at home practice.  You may find a class that is specifically offered combining yoga and aromatherapy, but it is always best to keep a neutral scent when in a community class.  While Essential Oils are commonly accepted as to be less irritating that synthetic fragrances, you may find someone that just doesn't prefer the scent of Grapefruit!

Of course if you do find a class that is receptive to the use of essential oils to enhance everyone's yoga experience, make sure if you're applying oils to your skin that pure unadulterated oils are used.  This is why I prefer to use doTERRA oils in my wellness practices.  I don't have to worry about weird stuff entering my skin as the oil is absorbed.

How to Use Essential Oils During Yoga

There are a couple of ways you can use essential oils during your yoga flow - aromatically through a diffuser, topically by direct application, or layer the two


The easiest way to use essential oils is through a diffuser in your space.  This way you can get the aromatic benefits of a specific oil or a certain blend.  You'll be able to focus on your flow & won't need to stop your flow to apply oils.  Sometimes this is the best, especially if you have a core desired feeling or a goal for your yoga flow that you know one constant scent can help you with.


If you're looking to add in a few different oils and blends for different emotional & physical support, it might be easier to create (or purchase!) some prediluted roller bottles.  Roller bottles will work seamlessly into your flow if you take the caps off and prepare the layout before hand.  Think about where you're body will be and in what motion you will be that will help with application.  You can also apply the oils prior to starting your flow so as not to disrupt your whole routine.  Be careful that you let the oils absorb completely to prevent slipping on your mat.  Check out this post on the benefits of using oils topically.


Combining the two can be the most supportive in your practice.  You'll be filling the space with a supportive aroma and directly benefiting from the essential oils as you apply them locally.  You'll also be focusing on mindfulness as you intentionally use each oil.

Which Essential Oils to Use

My top 5 essential oils for a beginner yoga flow are Peppermint, Bergamot, Grapefruit, Cypress, & Balance.  

Since yoga involves many parts of your body interconnecting and working with each other, each of these oils assists you in listening to your body & your emotions to create a complete flow.  Personally, the Heart, Solar Plexus, and Root chakras are the chakras I like to connect through my practice.  These chakras give me the support and care that I like in my yoga flow.  My core desired feelings when I do yoga in the morning are feeling grounded, feeling honored, and feeling empowered...these oils are awesome for all of these feelings. 

Heart Centered Oils

Peppermint & Cypress work together with the heart chakra to create a sense of self love & support.  Peppermint is known as the Oil of a Bouyant Heart and the scent uplifts and expands the chest.  Not only does it offer respiratory support*, but the expansion of the chest can help you connect in with your heart.  Cypress is considered the Oil of Motion & Flow.  It can help you release some past or pent up emotion & is really great for yoga to encourage you to be flexible - both physically & emotionally.  This is a great self-love/self-care oil as it encourages us to release what doesn't serve and move into more flowing state.

Empowering Citrus Oils

Bergamot & Grapefruit work great with the Solar Plexus.  Applying them to the back of the neck (while not where the Solar Plexus is located) assists in energizing & uplifting.  You'll be able to inhale the aroma easily since you're applying the oils to the upper body.  Bergomot is considered the Oil of Self Acceptance.  It's citrus aroma aid us in feeling uplifted and empowered. It helps to release feelings of self doubt and limiting beliefs.  Grapefruit is a great oil to pair with Bergomot as Grapefruit is the Oil of Honoring the Body.  Working with Grapfruit during a yoga routine will support your ability to listen to your body.  It's bright, uplifting aroma encourages us to treat our bodies well.

Grounding Tree & Root Oils

The final oil is Balance which is a blend of tree oils perfect for the Root chakra.  Tree oil remind us to live in the moment & to root into where we are.  They reminds us to bloom where we are planted.  Since trees have no concern for what has been since they've grown through it, or what will be since they haven't reached that height yet, this oil reminds us to focus on our inner strength.  Tapping into this strength will help you be balanced and powerful in poses that challenge balance.

If you've been looking for a way to connect in & honor your body, Yoga can be a great way to do this.  Bringing in that emotional connection can take your practice even further.  I'd also suggest taking sometime to work with each oil individually - whether through a mediation or through your daily life - to see how each oil affects you.  Forming a personal connection to the energies & aroma of each oil will greatly enhance the emotional support you can receive from these powerful plant essences.

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If you don't feel connected to any of the oils I've mentioned, connect in with your own intuition and discover which chakras work with your yoga flow.  Perhaps you'd like more of a floral scent to open the Third eye & connect into opening yourself.  Or maybe you'd like spicier oils for your Sacral Chakra.  It's you're flow...customize it to your emotional needs!

What essential oils do you use in your yoga flow?

xoxo, Moe

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