Three Side Hustles for Talkative Bloggers

In addition to the 5 zillion other things I like to do....I like to talk.  I like to listen to myself talk, I like to talk to people, I like to talk to myself, I like to talk when I shouldn't (like at work, not at the movies).  Getting in trouble for talking when there were substitutes in school was like my number one offense.  I just like to talk.  So blogging doesn't always do it for me in the way of expressing myself.  Sometimes I just wanna talk.  
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A few years ago I started my YouTube channel and I love uploading videos because I can express myself in a different way.  Most of the time my videos are only a few takes, editing is minimal (unless its a long ass plan with me where I'm flipping through every single sticker I own!)  I feel like I don't have to edit or curate as much.  And the planning is different from planning a blog post.  I don't do as in depth videos as some...but I still think they are informative.

If you like to talk - or want to talk more - here are 3 side hustles for you

Start a YouTube Channel

If you don't already have a YouTube presence, I highly recommend it.  Diversifying your content is enough reason to start!  YouTube is a go-to for a lot of people searching for a lot of things.  So if you have a steady YouTuber presence you'll drive traffic (and income) to your channel but also that traffic will trickle over to your blog.  It is super simple to get started! I use my iPhone, iMovie app + Windows Movie Maker when needed.  Voice overs are done with my iPhone headphones straight into the iMovie app or if I'm doing a screen cast I use my new (super affordable) mic.  Most of the time I'm editing my vids on my lunch break at work.  If I have to, I do a voice over in my car!  Believe me the iPhone headphone mic is perfect.  I've got two videos on how I film for YouTube - this one is an intro to how I film on my phone and this one is my whole set up for filming plan with me videos.  I recently updated my lights to super professional studio lights too.  (They are really affordable on Amazon!)

What I'm trying to say is that it is easy and very affordable to start a YouTube channel.  Consider what you could offer as an extension of your blog/brand or even think about something totally new & exclusive to YouTube for your followers.  The best thing about YouTube is that it sort of promotes itself if you use the right titles and tags.  You can make money by playing ads before your videos & directing others to you site.

Start a Podcast

There are tons of ways to get a podcast out there.  Any medium that will host audio files (or you could film it & upload to YouTube, too) will work.  I just discovered this app called Anchor that you can record an audio file with and share it!  I'm seriously thinking of starting a podcast mainly because I like the idea of talking to myself!  But a podcast is a great way to interview people or host guests with out you all in the same room.  Sometimes I think this is more professional than a group video conference or chat.  You can get a better, more even quality with audio than you can with conference style calls.  So, since I love the way that my iPhone picks up and records sound from my iPhone headphones...I'm assuming recording a podcast can be just as easy as recording a video, you just don't need any lamps or tripods!

If you don't get your podcast on a big platform like iTunes, you will have to do your own promoting.  Anchor does seem to have a social aspect to it but it also seems small in comparison.  However, if you already have a base of followers on social media & your blog you can totally cross promote.  Put a link in your posts or add a call to action somewhere on your blog or website.  Other social media platforms - like Facebook - are a great way to share your podcasts.  You may find it harder to monetize this platform as sponsored casts might not be feasible when you're just starting out.  However, affiliate sales can be a great way to monetize.  I find if I'm talking about what I love & I can link it, that equals some affiliate traffic.  You can also direct listeners to your site, newsletter, freebies, etc in order to gain them as followers & thus more likely to shop your links or products.

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Host a Webinar

Webinars are the new black.  And they are the new way to reach followers!  Webinars are popular because people like to learn.  You can plan a certain class or even re purpose blog content into a new class. Screen casting from your computer is not that hard & it can be free! I use a free software called Open Broadcast Software.  It is compatible with casting to YouTube or to Facebook so you can stream to either platform.  Facebook would be a way to create an exclusive event in a private or closed group but a live webinar on YouTube would be a great way to introduce an established audience to exclusive content you might start offering.  There are other webinar softwares out there but I haven't really researched any for free.  

Webinars are a great thing to monetize especially if you have something super great to offer - how to double your Instagram following, how to do more with Pinterest, etc.  They are great if you're getting into coaching or teaching and want to offer an exclusive community for followers to participate in.

As a seasoned blogger, diversifying your content can help you branch out & earn more.  You may even find a platform your obsessed with!  Remember the old saying 'Don't put all of your eggs in one basket'?  I've got a free ebook on how to revamp your blog while you're at it too.  I have been blogging for nearly 10 years...but there are quite a few things that have slipped through the cracks!  This ebook will help you gain back your blogging mojo if your a veteran & inspire you to keep up the momentum as a new blogger!  Sign up below to grab it!

If you like to talk & you like to plan, these three ways to get your gab on are perfect.  I'm excited to branch out into the last two of these guys.  Podcasts just seem so fun!  More of a conversation, stream of conscious style connecting with followers.  I think it is a great way to connect - I listen to them to sort of get in the head of my favorite bloggers, makers, and creators.  You can also learn a lot from them!

If you've got something more to say, I hope that you start one of these three media outlets.  Do let me know if you do!  I wanna listen!

In what ways do you share new content?  Have you started a new venture?

xoxo, Moe


  1. Being new to blogging you gave me some great tips. Thank you!!!

  2. What an informative way of branching ones brand. I love to talk also.

  3. Wonderful tips! Thanks! I've been meaning to get into video more or podcasting so this was really helpful to me.


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