Make it Monday // DIY Self Care Bath Soak for Forgiveness

Today marks the Full Moon in this lunar cycle which means any goals and intentions we set at the New Moon should now be realized.  We're entering the time now where we are releasing the things that haven't been working for us.  The waning moon is about releasing & reflecting.
essential oil bath soak
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I'm a professional dweller.  I dwell on things for a long, long time.  Failures, negative emotions, miscommunication....I think about these things way to often, for way to long.  Around this time of the lunar cycle, where I've discovered what's working & what's not working, my emotions tend to be high.  I tend to lose my cool more often and be overwhelmed easily.  A goal of mine is to be more aware of this and when it happens, and to forgive myself more easily.

Now is a great time, if you're feeling these effects or not, to make time to forgive yourself & release negative feelings towards yourself (and others). Earlier this month on Instagram I shared the Essential Oils that were perfect to actively work with the Heart Chakra.  This is our center of love & forgiveness.  In the Five Sixteenths | Live Creatively group I talked a little bit about how the Sanskrit word for the Heart Chakra roughly translates to unstruck.  Forgiveness clears our heart center so that we are open again, fresh & new.

That is why I love the Forgiveness Blend.
DIY bath soak

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To create the Forgiveness Blend, visit the Five Sixteenths Blog | Live Creatively group to find the exact recipe in the albums or find in on the Essential Oils pin board here.   This is a blend of Cypress, Balance, & Bergamot.  Cypress aids in releasing emotion, it calms & promotes emotional growth.   This has been one of the two oils I've been using this lunar cycle. Balance is a blend of woodsy oils that remind us to stay rooted in the present moment.  And Bergamot is the Oil of Self-Acceptance.  It relieves feelings of self judgment.  All of these oils can be purchased through Doterra.
essential oil bath salts
Combine 1 cup of Himalayan Pink Salt with 1 cup Epsom salt.  Salt & Mineral baths have been used for ages to induce relaxation & ease aching muscles.  Adding the Himalayan salt in this recipe, for me is for color & texture.  However, Himalayan salt is thought to increase circulation & the added minerals increase relaxation.

This is the perfect bath to work with crystals, too - amethyst for relaxation, rose quartz for love & nurturing (perfect for this bath!), green aventurine is also a great heart chakra crystal.  If you don't have any specific crystals a nice chunk of clear quartz can help you out! 

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Essential oils have become a daily part of my life - both in practicality & in my spiritual journey.  I use my intuition + research to develop the best course of action for myself.  If you'd like an introduction to using essential oils both practically & spiritually, please sign up for the newsletter to get access to this FREE beginner's ebook.  You'll get access to a 10 page ebook that goes over the specific aromatic properties of 10 oils as well as their practical & spiritual uses.  Check out the image above.

To the salt mixture add 15 to 20 drops of the Nurturing Sleep blend.  Stir until the oils are well incorporated.  Transfer the salt soak into an air tight jar.  I find adding about 1/2 cup of the mixture into the bath is gives the best aroma & the most relaxation.
essential oils for forgiveness
To create your own bath ritual, gather some fresh towels, light some candles, close the door, and play nurturing music or try a mediation on YouTube.  It is important to give yourself time away from others, personal time is essential for self care.  While in the bath consider repeating a nurturing mantra to support yourself & let the rest go.

I forgive myself. I will continue to be kind to myself. I fully support myself. I let the rest go.

I hope that you make time for yourself whenever you are able.  Working with the lunar cycles has helped me be more aware of when I need to take time for myself and has given me a reason to make the time for myself!

How do you forgive yourself?  What self care rituals do you practice?

xoxo, Moe

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  1. I'm also a dweller... Not fun. I love your tips! Also, the Youtube meditation idea is great. I'm going to give that a shot.

    XO, Sivan | www.TheOliveBrunette.com

  2. Oh wow, I love the idea of self-=care rituals! So necessary in this chaotic world. And I think we could all do with a dose of your forgiveness blend:)


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