Make it Monday // 8 Planner DIYs for Back to School

It is time to go back to school!!! Many probably have already started, some are starting in the next few weeks, and some may start after Labor Day...either way, it's time to get some learning on.  When I was younger, our elementary, middle, & high schools didn't go back until after Labor Day.  We went back to college around this time each year though.  Move in day was always my favorite and least favorite time.  You get to see your friends....but you have to move all of your stuff!
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Then you've got that first week or two where you're not quite into doing homework yet and you've still got a bit of the summer brain going.  Man, those were the days.

I have zero kids..so no one I know is really going back to school.  But I still thought it'd be a perfect time to share some planner DIY's to get in you in the school spirit.  The projects use a lot of my favorite tools, two being PicMonkey and the Cricut Explore.  I hope that you have a ball making somethings to get you organized & off to the right start!

Print Your Own Sticky Notes

This is super helpful if you have quite a few repeating tasks but you need to move them around in your planner.  It's also great if you just like to customize and create things!  I love making my own sticky notes!

Stylish Class Schedule with PicMonkey

Go back to school in style!  This DIY is inspired by the Target Dollar Spot weekly notepads.  You can punch this into any planner.  It is designed for a personal size but you can add it to any planner you choose.  Since the original post though, Pic Monkey has added in a grid option.  That means aligning your designs is easier than ever.

Stamped Habit Tracker

If you love the look of stamps but really can't be bothered to whip them out every week, you can create your own weekly habit tracker.  It can even be customized with other stamps.  Learn how to save money on planner stamps here + find my planner stamping playlist on YouTube here.

DIY Planner Stamp Hack

Speaking of planner stamps - if you don't want to dish out the dough for expensive photo-polymer stamps you can DIY your own with some small alpha stamps and washi tape.  These are easy to store and affordable to make!

Custom Clip in Tabs for the Happy Planner

Have something you really don't want to punch but would like to add it to your Happy Planner?  Or maybe you don't have a Happy Planner punch yet...make your own custom clip in tabs with scrapbook paper & your Cricut Explore.

Design a Planner Dashboard with the Rhonna Designs App

The Rhonna Designs app is one of my favorite apps to play with.  It is constantly updated with new overlays, sayings, and textures to help you create the digital design of your dreams.  Use some planner girl inspired images to create a fun planner dashboard.  Customize with your name and you're the real winner here.

Happy Planner Bookmarks + Cricut Cut File

Creating clip in tabs for your planner using the Cricut isn't the only DIY I've got for you - make some awesome bookmarks too.  Mark your place in style and even store your washi where it won't be in the way.  Check out all the Cricut Explore DIYs here.

DIY Shaped Paper Clips

Keeping your papers in order doesn't have to be boring.  Use some pliers and craft wire to make your own shaped clips.  Sometimes they come out perfect and sometimes they give you a laugh!

I hope that you're having fun going back to school and it's not too stressful for you.  DIYing your own supplies is half the fun of the new year.  Gives your stuff a personalized look and you feel like you've got a little bit of home right where you want it.

Have you or anyone in your family started school yet?  What have you DIYed for your school year?

xoxo, Moe

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  1. I like how you taped the letters together. That is genius. As many times as I have stamped things it never crossed my mind to tape the stamps together.


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