Trend Tuesday // Pattern Mixing - Geometric & Floral

Guys, summer is drawing to a close!  I can't believe we're already in the middle of August.  Kids have already started going back to school, the weather is already getting colder, fall candles are hitting the shelves, craft stores are putting out their Christmas decor (that's a definite marker of the end of Summer!).

When I was younger, I had a love-hate relationship with going back to school.  I loved the new clothes, the new supplies, and the chance to see my friends like all day everyday...but I really didn't like the actual first day of school.  Of course, as the days went on I got used to the new routines and now that I'm older I really miss that excitement.  I really do miss the whole move in time of college though.  That was the best....even though I really didn't like the physical act of moving!
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My favorite summer wardrobe is a floral dress (case in point).  Many of my dresses come from LuLaRoe & Forever21.  The plus size section of Forever21 always has a great selection of floral dresses.  I'm going to link a super, super old post here so you can see how long I've been loving floral dresses.  I didn't even know that I'd been wearing floral dresses for as long as I have until I was looking through old posts to update!

Three Tips for Pattern Mixing

  1. All Patterns are Basics - floral goes with stripes, stripes goes with animal prints, animal prints go with geometric prints.
  2. Limit mixing to 2 Patterns - if you throw in too many prints, it may get overwhelming and look disheveled.  You may look like you just walked out of your laundry basket.
  3. Complimentary Colors Work Together - colors opposite each other on the color wheel work wonderfully paired together.   
The great thing about floral dresses is that you can mix & match them with patterns.  I really consider floral to be an easy basic to mix & match.  Floral goes with stripes, solids, and geometric prints easily.  In this post on plus size bathing suits I blend a few different patterns with solids & florals.  Working with pattern mixing can be tricky and you may even feel like you're doing it wrong.  Like, I'm not even sure if this outfit really works but I love it!  I usually go with my intuition when picking patterns that I think work together.

The floral here is more pastel and the geometric Monroe cardigan is more vibrant.  I think the contrast of the colors + prints makes this look work.  Plus, the main color of the Monroe is orange which complimentary to the pastel blue of the floral dress.  These colors are opposite on the color wheel.  Most of the time opposite colors look great together!

Outfit Details

Monroe // LuLaRoe (shop here)
Dress // Forever21 (similar)
Forever21 is also on Ebates! Sign up here to save $$$
Shoes // Walgreen's (similar)
So just because summer is nearly over doesn't mean I'm going to stop wearing floral dresses.  I'm gonna get my leggings and my tights as well as my winter boots and keep the floral going all year round!  You'll catch me in this floral dress in October, December, March, & June....don't you worry.

I hope you all have a great end to the Summer and wind down well into the Fall.  I'm excited for crunchy leaves and boots!  Oh, and Halloween!

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How do you mix prints?  Are you brave enough?

xoxo, Moe

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