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Way back when I first started the Make it Monday series on this blog it was a post about the things I would try to make that week.  It has since evolved into a post featuring my own DIY work and creations.  Today is a little bit of a throw back but it is 100% still in the holiday spirit - we are in the final stretch reaching up until Halloween!

I started work on my October Daily challenge which led me into a whole new world of crafting.  Since starting that (and admittedly slacking on it...whoops) I've fallen in love with some not so holiday specific crafts juiced up 100% for the holiday!

(Bettlejuice! Bettlejuice! Bettlejuice!)
The first are mini albums.  My own mini album is above but if you search the #OctoberDailyChallenge hash tag on Instagram you'll find a ton of these bad boys.  This little journal/mini album is perfect for my documenting needs right now - especially for a little challenge.  You can find the tutorial I did on a small journal like this using the Cinch here.
The second thing I am 100% dying over are bag flips.  How stinking awesome are these!  This is something I am very new to hearing of...but wouldn't these make the greatest planner swap bags at meetups?? Or even something cut just to send to a friend!  I am trying to figure out a way to incorporate these into a make & take for a December planner meet up (spoilers!).  The tutorial I love is from Serena Bee (ps follow her instagram if you want to be overloaded with inspiration.  But the bagflip above is from Lorrie of Lorrie's Story blog.  These are mad with lunch bags - or any sort of bag, you can even use a die cut to make one - where the end is flipped up to make a second pocket.  I really need to jump on makings some of these.  You can find inspiration for these on Instagram by searching for #bagflip though some entries are people misspelling 'back flip'.

I just can't get enough of all the crafty inspiration behind October Daily.  I admit that I've been slacking but the ideas are so creative.  The bag flip thing really has me thinking about making planner pockets!

Its the final countdown guys, are you ready?

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