Why I use my Blog to Teach

I've been wanting to write this post for a little while.  A post on why I use my blog as a teaching tool.  The main reason I want to share this is, since joining the Planner Community, I've come to find that a lot of people don't want to share any so called secrets to sticker making.  And it was surprising to me when my willingness to teach was met with surprise.  So I thought I'd do an honest blog post on why I use my blog, my YouTube channel, etc to teach others

First of I like figuring things out and I like sharing the things I figure out.  This is the first reason I teach.  I like to share my discoveries.  I want others to know them.  One of the quotes I live by is A candle looses none of its light by lighting another.  I want others to be able to feel like they too can be creative or make something.  I want them to be able to figure out how to start and then let their creativity blossom form there.  Teaching and sharing the things that I learn is my way of spreading creativity.  If you want to know how to do something, ask and I will tell you.  I always did that while in college as well.  Often, while in the studio, people would wonder why I shared the techniques I'd learned.  I share these techniques because they are building blocks.  The techniques won't get you the gold....they way you use them and develop your own style will help you succeed.  Same with any tutorial on the blog here or any Cricut tutorial I share on YouTube.  You can make an exact replica...but does that make you creative?  No.  I try to offer up tutorials that can be interpreted and customized.  For example - why would you want the same exact sticker I made in a tutorial for myself when you could make one to better suit your needs?  There are hundreds of ways of customizing nearly all of the tutorials and DIYs on my blog.  And that is what I hope I'm sharing.

Secondly, I make money sharing these tutorials.  Want to know why I'm always using PicMonkey for digital tutorials?  I make money through affiliate links and PicMonkey is one of my top earners.  If ever you read a post that says this post contains affiliate links I'm trying to promote a product so that I make money in turn.  However, let me be very clear - the only reason PicMonkey is a top earner for me is because I love the program and I can share how it works to create something amazing.  Another affiliate program I am a part of is for the Cricut products.  Currently I use a Cricut Explore and love making tutorials about using Cricut Design Space to create stickers.  I have earned zero money from my Cricut affliate program.  I have, however, made money on my YouTube videos since my channel is monetized.  I will continue to make these videos because I find them fun, unique, and informative.

Thirdly, I use my blog and YouTube to teach because I couldn't find the type of tutorials and the type of content that I wanted to read.  I blog because I like to read (and I have a YouTube Channel because I like to watch) what I create.  Call that vain - or call me crazy - but I love my space here!  I love reading past posts not only to see what was going on in my head back then but to see how I've grown.  I also like to see how I can improve on a project and maybe share with you how to improve it as well.

100% this blog is for me - it is for me to share what I create, it is for me to make money, and it is for me to read.  But I also know that if I was once searching for something, maybe someone else is out there searching for it too.

I use my blog to teach because I want people to learn.  I want people to develop their creativity.  I want to find people like me.

Hope this post wasn't too weird....but I really wanted to put it out there.  Thanks for making it through!

xoxo, Moe 

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  1. I think it's really sad when people are so secretive about things they learn or techniques they are using. I like to share, and I'm glad you do to!


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