Wednesday Decor // 5 Monthly Habits I'd Like to Start

I've fallen off the cleaning routine train in the past week and this week I'm determined to get back on it!  Because I've had cleaning on the brain I've been thinking about things that I really need to get going on every month.  This is all house/personal related stuff in regards to inside the home.  Here is a true fact - I am no good with outside home maintenance.  I'm just not.  I don't know where to begin, I don't know what to do, I don't want to do it.  So mainly the grass is just mowed and maybe the flower beds are weeded (but honestly probably not).  But all of that is for another post....hopefully.
There are a few things I know I need to do more than the blue moon that I do them.  The first step to that is making a list and acknowledging that these things need to be done, right?  Here they are:

Clean out the fridge
I hate the fridge being full of old stuff.  I am also a horrible leftover eater - meaning sometimes I don't eat all the leftovers.  I just can not eat the same thing 4 days in a row.  I can't.  Plus, being by myself means if I cook a full meal, there are leftovers.  I've started trying to cook things that I will eat all week....so far that has sort of worked out.  Anyway,  I'd like to clean out the fridge, wipe it down, throw things away, once a month.

Clean out my purse
As I'm sitting here, I know that my purse is a wreck.  I did have this purse organizer I used for a little while in my old purse so I'm thinking I may need to bust that guy out again.  Mostly I use little bags (like ipsy bags) to organize all the mess in my purse.  Right now one of those bags has fallen completely open and there are receipts in the bottom, maybe I'll find some treasure in the bottom.  Who knows.

Clean the washer
Our front loading washer tends to hold water in all it's little crevasses so I need to clean it out so it doesn't stink up the clothes.  I need to do a little bit of research on this too.  I did clean our old top loading washer when we moved in and that was pretty interesting.......

Monthly declutter
I'd really like to go through the house monthly and get rid of somethings.  I'm thinking of starting a bin in the utility room or something where I can just throw things I want to get rid of.  Currently I have a few bags of clothes and boxes of things that I need to take to the thrift store (they should really have an exchange thing going on - I'd be all over that....but then I'd have more crap!).  I've been waiting for it not to be so cold to really get rid of it.  I do want to start thinking about things to get rid of each month.

Cleaning the forgotten places
Ugh......have you ever looked up an was like WTF is that? when you see your fan?  Our kitchen fan is the grossest because of all the grease and what not that settles up there.  Our stairs also gather a lot of hair from the dog.  I should probably vacuum those when I clean the downstairs but I often forget because you don't see them until you turn the corner.  So I'll put everything away, turn the corner and then bam! pet hair stairs.  I also need to do a quick zip around the washer and free standing bureau in our laundry room.  That gathers dust bunnies like no ones business!

These are 5 things I need to mark off in my planner - I'm thinking in my home/routine section - so I can track their completion.  Here's hoping I get back on my cleaning routine.  My life would be so much easier!

What are some monthly tasks you complete?  How do you fit it all in?????? 

xoxo, Moe


  1. Cleaning the fridge, for real! I will throw out old food obviously, but I hate even saying it but we only bleach cleaned it when we first moved in, and then I finally cleaned it again before Lachlan was born during a "nesting" phase lol. ewwww!

  2. Definitely the fridge and freezer. Also spraying down the inside of the stove with Easy Off.


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